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Traveling with the Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup Figures – Gojo, Itadori, Fushiguro and Kugisaki in Yamanashi – Part 1

My set is complete! First came the Satoru Gojo and Yuji Itadori Lookup figures, followed by the Megumi Fushiguro and Nobara Kugisaki ones. Now that the foursome is complete, it’s time to take a look at how well they go together. I think the best way to review the latest Lookup figures by Megahouse is to actually take them outdoors and photograph them here and there. That way we get a real feel as to how practical/durable/portable/Instagrammable etcetera they are. So here’s a review-cum-travelogue:

(English continued after Japanese)

紅葉と富士山を観るため山梨県へ旅した野薔薇ちゃん🗻🍁 まずは、山中湖周辺の焚火テラスパーク、そして長池親水公園で一息❤️ 富士五湖の中で最も有名なのは河口湖かもしれませんが、ここ山中湖もとても美しい😍「道の駅富士吉田」の道を挟んだ隣の富士山レーダードーム館で紅葉狩り🍁 野薔薇ちゃんは情報収集好きそうですのでこのような資料館でも馴染めます。ここのカエデ、美しすぎます😍 やはり、紅葉に似合う紅一点ですね❤️河口湖美術館での待ち合わせで「みんな、おっせええなぁ」とイラつく野薔薇ちゃん。じゅじゅメンズと合流する予定ですが、3人とも遅れています。昼になるときっと混んでしまうと思い、下見という名目で有名な「河口湖もみじ回廊」へ一人で行くことに。鮮やかなグラデーションで美しい紅葉に飲み込まれ、思わずイライラ感が吹っ飛びました。やっとみんなが到着しました!旅行好きで独立心が強い野薔薇ちゃんはおひとり様旅を十分楽しめますが、やはり仲間と一緒にいるとわいわいして一味違う賑やかな旅が実現出来ます。富士山を背景に河口湖の美しい秋の風景を見ながらあちこちぶらぶら歩くじゅじゅ高専1年組と先生。共に戦って築いた強い絆のおかげなのか、誰から見ても仲の良さが伝わり、微笑ましい光景でした。とても心地いいじゅじゅ散歩ができたのではないでしょうか。

Hello Yamanashi! Lake Yamanaka

Nobara is from Iwate Prefecture in northern Japan, which is quite far from Mt Fuji. So she decided to take a trip to Yamanashi Prefecture, where Japan’s tallest mountain can be found. It’s only a couple hours drive from Tokyo! 

Cloudy Mount Fuji

First stop, Lake Yamanaka, one of the Five Lakes of Mt Fuji. Too bad there was a huge cloud atop the mountain, but since Mt Fuji is a dormant volcano, it looks as if it’s exploding. Not bad at all!

Lake Yamanaka in autumn

Over at the Takibi Terrace Park, there’s a girl scout camping ground to the whole area as the locals made everything comfortable for a warm night around the campire, with food stalls, portable latrines, and logs all chopped up and ready.

Atop the view deck

On a view deck overlooking the lovely lake, Nobara enjoyed the view of swan-shaped boats on the dock.

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Beautiful girl with beautiful maple tree

There was a gorgeous maple tree by the gate welcoming visitors in its splendid vermilion glory.

Of the Five Lakes of Mt Fuji, Kawaguchiko gets the most attention because of its clear front-and-center views of the mountain. Yamanakako, however, is lovely in its own right! (Check out the official Yamanakako tourist website for gorgeous pics and fun activities year round.)

Beauty Pics at the Mt Fuji Radar Dome Museum

Nobara soon moves on to the Mt Fuji Radar Dome Museum, a learning facility known for its summit wind+temperature simulation room.  It’s right next to the Michi-no-Eki Fujiyoshida rest stop.

Enjoying the brilliant colours

All around the building the trees were ablaze with the colours of autumn. Nobara looked so radiant here – red is truly her colour❤️🍁🌹

Ginkgo Tree at the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art

“What’s taking them so long?” Nobara wondered out loud as she sat on a red truck underneath a golden ginkgo tree. She and the boys were supposed to meet up at the Kawaguchiko Museum of Art, but all of them texted they’d be late. 

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Model Nobara! Isn’t she lovely, isn’t she wonderful? 😀

Annoyed, she decided to go have a peek at the famous Kawaguchiko Momiji Kairo by herself, worrying that the closer it got to noon the more crowded the place would be. Momiji Kairo translates to ‘autumn leaves corridor’ but the most popular part is a canal with colourful trees on either side.

As she walked along the passageway, she couldn’t help but be charmed by the myriad trees bursting with every glorious autumnal colour imaginable. Without realising it, her annoyance disappeared, the frown on her face replaced by a smile as her eyes took in nature’s last hurrah before the onset of the cold and dreary winter.

All Together at Kawaguchiko

It just isn’t the same without your mates

The boys have arrived, finally! Nobara’s independent spirit and adventurous character allow her to relish all the perks of solo travel, but today she’s looking forward to the arrival of the gang. It’s fun traveling alone, yet in a different way it’s also fun being with your mates.

Obligatory shot of Lake Kawaguchi with Mt Fuji in the background

The four walk around Lake Kawaguchi, enjoying the autumn views with Mt Fuji in the background, jostling, teasing, laughing at each other’s antics and being an altogether jolly little group. 

Fellow travelers smiled at them, for there was a glow around the four. Not from cursed energy, but…what was it? It was something more felt than seen. I think this glow came from the warmth of their genuine friendship. Most colleagues are friends due to circumstance, but not this foursome. They were individuals who fought together, side by side, back to back,  risking their lives for each other not out of duty but by personal choice. When you’re willing to live and die for each other, it shows. That, I think, was what made them look so fabulous together❤️🧡💚💙

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The JJK Fantastic Four

That’s it for Part 1 of this Lookup travelogue. This won’t be the last of the foursome’s Yamanashi trip, however. Next up, we see them ‘solve’ a little food problem!

Purchasing the Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup Figures

Most manga/anime specialty stores carry these figures, including pre-owned (but unopened) ones at very reasonable prices. As of this writing, I’ve seen pre-owned products at nearly half the price of new ones. If you live overseas, you can import them from Japan. See my Shopper’s Guide for store selection and worldwide shipping.

Search phrase for Satoru Gojo’s Lookup Figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 五条悟

Search phrase for Yuji Itadori’s Lookup Figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 虎杖悠仁

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Search phrase for Nobara Kugisaki’s Lookup Figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 釘崎野薔薇

Search phrase for Megumi Fushiguro’s Lookup Figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 伏黒恵

Here’s the Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup search result page. AmiAmi’s global website ships worldwide. And here’s the Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup search result page, to give you a feel of the current prices.

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