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Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise Review – Satoru Gojo and Yuji Itadori Lookup Figures by Megahouse

Do you prefer Gojo-sensei with his eye mask on, or would you rather look into his unmasked baby-blue eyes? With the former he appears mysterious and impenetrable, with the latter he looks so open and vulnerable. 

Itadori and Gojo Lookup figures by Megahouse

You don’t have to choose! You can have both Gojo at the same time, is Megahouse’s answer to the question. They solved the Gojo figure’s face dilemma by offering both types of his head on one body. It’s the same concept as the Nendoroid figures, but more affordable. Let’s see how things turned out!

Pre-Ordering from Suruga-ya

For pre-orders Suruga-ya had the best pricing, so when they started selling on September 29th, 2021, I made a beeline for the store right after work to pick up my order. At the time I had a dinner date with a friend, but she didn’t mind at all that I brought these cuties with me. I couldn’t wait to open the boxes and did so without a cutter (Not recommended! The marks the sticky tape leaves are nothing to laugh about!).

Here they are on a tabletop. Swipe to see them inside their boxes the day they arrived: 

I don’t think a ‘product test’ is complete without taking the figures out and about. First I took the unmasked Gojo for a weekend trip to Nagano, a tourist haven northwest of Tokyo, famous as a summer escape (think Karuizawa) as well as a winter wonderland (think Hakuba, site of the 1998 Winter Olympics).

Road Trip with the Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup Figures

It was a wonderful day of blue skies and gentle breeze. Going for a long drive was the perfect activity for house-bound people like us. By this time, my colleagues and I were all double vaxxed. Everywhere around the country infection cases were dropping, thus the government began relaxing traveling restrictions. Things were going back to normal so a friend and I decided to celebrate with a road trip.

Here is our beloved teacher at the Futaba Service Area in Yamanashi prefecture. Service areas, or SAs, are basically parking areas with gasoline stands, restaurants, large restrooms, and a shopping centre for souvenirs. 

Everything looks better with Gojo in the foreground! That’s what I thought when I set him up on top of a view deck. See that blue tip on the right-hand side? It’s the top of Mount Fuji, almost covered by completely by clouds. Thank heavens there was no strong wind at that time! Imagine falling off from this height.

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Finally we reached Nagano. Here is Six Eyes at the Suwako Service Area. He makes a pretty lake look even prettier, don’t you think?

Lookup Gojo Watching Wasabi Grow

I like wasabi on my food so I thought it would be nice to visit a farm and see how the plant is grown. The whole Daio farmland was pretty spacious and it’d take nearly an hour to stroll the area. 

(Swipe to see what I’m describing below)

Inside the museum there’s a row of glass jars containing wasabi root specimens, but for some reason they totally remind me of the special-grade cursed fetuses made and collected by Kenjaku! A bit embarrassing but since falling in love with JJK, nowadays I associate anything and everything with the manga! 

The round white granite carving, named “Sun Stone”, is located on top of a rocky lookout. I can just imagine our beloved Gojo-sensei breaking it up to see what’s inside, and then putting it back together again☺️

With blue skies and fresh air, it was lovely to sit for a while and gaze at the super clear waters coming from the Japanese northern Alps. For wasabi to taste good it seems very important to have such clean waters. 

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First pic looks like takoyaki (octopus dumplings, a very common snack in Japan) but they’re actually small scorched rice balls with shrimp, tuna and a side of freshly grated wasabi. I was surprised by how good they tasted – would love to eat them more often!

It’d be somewhat a crime to leave the place without eating their famous wasabi soft-serve ice cream. We bought two regular types – one with just wasabi and another with one-half vanilla. The wasabi ice cream had a nice green colour to it but the wasabi taste was so mild it was barely discernible. Next time I’ll have the “premium” cone which has a side of fresh wasabi. Perhaps that one will taste more wasabi-like!

The air was so clear and the skies so blue that day it was a real pleasure to just be there soaking in the sun and washing our hands with fresh spring water from the Japanese Alps and watching wasabi grow. But we were on our way to our hotel where there’d be dinner, so we didn’t have much time to walk the entire farm or eat a full meal in the restaurant. I’d love to go back again one day, though, with more time and stomach space to spare. It’s a lovely place and I think Gojo-sensei enjoyed it as well!

Lookup Gojo at a Gorgeous Port City

On October 24th I went to visit a friend living in Yokohama, a port city near Tokyo. For otaku, Yokohama is famous for being the location of the manga/anime Bungo Stray Dogs. We went for a stroll along the bay, at a very popular area called Minatomirai. This time I bought the masked Gojo Lookup with me and had a fun time taking pics of him enjoying the marine-themed atmosphere. 

Here he is at the Nippon-maru Memorial Park. Nippon-maru (‘maru’ means round, which is used as a suffix for ships) was built in 1930 as a training ship for cadets. It has since retired and is now on display at an outdoor museum. There are full-sail exhibits at least once a month (twice during the summer season) but up until now I could never get the timing right. Today, however, everything was perfect!

I don’t know why but sails on a ship look utterly romantic! It’s so easy to reminisce and be  nostalgic about the Age of Sail, remembering all the historical romances written with that period as the perfect backdrop for Dashing Pirate to fall in love with Beautiful Noblewoman and that sort of stuff!

Eating Out with Lookup Itadori

No, I haven’t been ignoring JJK’s adorable protagonist. Click here to see Yuji in a restaurant setting, looking super cute and cuddly.

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Out and About with Gojo and Itadori’s Lookup Figures

One of the things I love about the Lookup figures is that they’re small, light and easy to carry around. I’m able to just stash them in my coat pocket, and even for jackets with smaller pockets I could always separate the head from the body for carrying purposes. 

Boxes as seen from the side

Another thing I love is how easy it is to simply set them anywhere. Unlike other toys, which are in an upright position, these are sitting figures – perfect not just for tabletop photography but also for use outdoors, anywhere there’s a fence or post or flat surface. They’re small enough to carry around easily, and yet large enough to make an impact.

3D Gojo figure next to its photos on the box

The best part is the heads are fully adjustable, so much so that you can go all Exorcist and make their faces swivel around their bodies xD I’m still learning to adjust the tilt and angle of the heads so their gazes are in the right direction. Often I forget to adjust so they end up looking the same way pic after pic, but I’m getting there! xD

3D Itadori figure next to its photos on the box

Cons? The one negative thing I can come up with is the figures are so light that anything more than a pleasant breeze will threaten to topple them. Their heads are large, extremely so compared to their bodies, making them susceptible to toppling over against a strong gust of wind. But then such is the case for acrylic stands and most other small figures, so it’s a trade-off between portability and stability. 

Bottom of boxes

These Lookup figures are sturdy enough to carry around and will also withstand clumsiness – I’ve accidentally dropped Gojo’s figure but except for a bit of dirt I had to wipe off from his hair, he came out unscathed.

Complete with photo suggestions

I highly recommend these Jujutsu Kaisen Lookup figures by Megahouse. They’re meant to be carted around, so if you enjoy traveling or documenting your day-to-day both indoors and outdoors, these are simply perfect. 

Purchasing the Gojo and Itadori Lookup Figures

Most manga/anime specialty stores carry these figures, including pre-owned (but unopened) ones at very reasonable prices. If you live overseas, you can import them from Japan. See my Shopper’s Guide for store selection and worldwide shipping.

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Search phrase for Satoru Gojo’s Lookup figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 五条悟

Search phrase for Yuji Itadori’s Lookup figure:

呪術廻戦 るかっぷ 虎杖悠仁

Hope you enjoyed this review of the first (of hopefully many) Jujutsu Kaisen figures by Megahouse!

More Lookup products – see my review of the Nobara Kugisaki and Megumi Fushiguro Lookup figures.

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