Attack on Titan Fanfiction – The Queen’s Lover: Chapter 4

Fate and Hope

The birds started to sing. It was well before sunrise when Eren opened his eyes. They dozed off and then fell asleep once more after the early morning love-making. 

He stood up, looking outside the window, taking in the rolling meadows. It was pleasantly quiet, tranquil. But he knew that work started early on a farm. Soon the rooster will crow. Soon the place will come alive with the sounds of bustling people and baying of farm animals.

His eyes drifted to Historia’s sleeping form. How relaxed and peaceful she looked. He marveled at her beauty. Beautiful on the outside, without a doubt. But what he loved most of all was her inner strength. She had a resilience to her, one that never failed to amaze him. 

He padded soundlessly back to her, gently resting his head on her belly. She stirred, still asleep but entwining her fingers in his hair. Eren gazed at her face, ruminating.

It was frightening how much he cared for her. No other woman brought out this feeling of protectiveness. Was it a weakness, or a strength? 

He didn’t know. All he knew was that he was willing to destroy the whole world, rewrite history, brutally rip up the entire fabric of the universe, if that’s what it took to keep her safe. He would willingly commit the greatest crime in the history of humankind, the most unimaginable evil, if that’s what it took to protect her.

And his child inside her.

I will protect you both with my life, he swore.

“I love you, Eren,” she had told him last night, before they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

“I love you, too, Historia,” he had replied. In this lifetime and far beyond.

Rays from the rising sun streamed through the window and on the queen’s face, highlighting the long, curling blonde lashes, making them glisten like spun gold. Her cheeks were rosy, the skin on her neck and shoulders all creamy and glowing. Beneath the blanket he could see the outline of her sweet breasts, the tiny waist he loved to circle his hands around, the feminine curve of her hips, the shapely legs and perfect pink toes. For long moments he gazed at her flat tummy that would soon swell with child.

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His child.

Eren drank in her beauty and sighed. I will come back—tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, as long as it takes, my beloved queen—and make love to you again and again until we are certain you are pregnant with my child.

He ought to leave soon, but seeing her like that on the bed made him want to stay. He crawled back between the sheets and gathered her in his arms. Historia stirred, sighing in her sleep, burrowing her face into the crook of his neck.  

Was it fate the brought them together? This child of sorrow maturing into the most exquisite young woman he’d ever met, and him, a boy born in love and growing up to love so much it hurt.

Historia murmured in his arms, a smile on her lips, as if she was having a nice dream. He buried his nose in her hair and inhaled her scent. Suddenly he remembered that time at the royal palace, when they had a meeting with the Azumabito clan. Historia was ecstatic having learned about Mikasa’s aristocratic background. She was smiling, delighted at their newfound similarity. 

“You look happy,” Eren had noted. The queen replied in the affirmative, the smile on her face genuine. 

That smile, Eren recalled. It was like a ray of sunshine filtering through the dark clouds on a gloomy day. The blue in those happy eyes was like a patch of sky, a clearness that brought hope of sunny weather on a rainy, cloudy afternoon. Historia had no idea how much strength he derived from that smile. He had been drawn to her then, more than ever, swearing in his heart that he will do everything to keep that smile on her face.

Splaying a large hand over her belly, he lets himself fantasise–for just a few moments–of what it would be like to be with Historia in another time and place. How pleasant it would be to love her in days of peace, days spent indulging in a variety of sexual delights, hours filled with tenderness and intimacy. Last night and just this morning he saw her sexual passions unleashed. He loved it. Imagine a lifetime of that.

Then he let himself fantasise even further. Would their child be a he or a she, or perhaps a they? Blonde like mum or brunette like dad? Green eyes or blue, or one of each? Will they be petite like mum or tall like dad? What would it feel like, to hear the baby says the words “Daddy” for the first time? The mere thought of it brought tears to his eyes.

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Deeper into fantasyland he went. Would their child be a happy, energetic one, whip smart and full of curiosity? He imagined warm family dinners before a blazing fire in winter, of picnics held outdoors during summer and spring. Maybe the child could become friends with Jean and Mikasa’s kids, and they’d run around in the park, laughing and playing together, jumping up and down in a pile of leaves on a cool autumn day. Along with Connie’s kids, of course. And Armin’s, too, should he chose to have them. They’d be one big rambunctious group, a large, extended family full of happy children and doting parents.

How wonderful it would be to raise a family together, watching their children grow in a household brimming with affection and laughter. 

Eren was certain Historia was going to make a great mother. Despite her painful upbringing, she had it in her to overcome the extreme trauma of it. Watching her interact with the children at the orphanage, it delighted him the way she spent not just time with the naughtily adorable smaller kids but also the moody, angry, bigger ones. In fact, she went out of her way to be a patient mentor to them, teaching them some of the emotional and social skills which a childhood of neglect left them without. 

More than anyone, Historia knew what it was like to face the bottomless, harrowing, agonizing pit of being unwanted and abandoned. And now she was doing all she can to keep other children from facing the same trauma alone.

One time he expressed his admiration for her, and she looked at him and said, “Do you remember that time you told me you liked the new, brutally frank Historia and not the old, artificially sweet Krista? I’ve never forgotten those words. When Ymir left me I thought I couldn’t bring myself to care about anything anymore. But you reached out to me. I’m here now, being who I am and becoming what I want to be, because of you.”

That ordinary conversation they had years ago remained vivid in her memory. Historia was grateful to him, and he to her. It was mutual gratitude borne out of mutual respect.

Ah, he loved her. How he loved her. She was lovely and fearless and kind and, during the rare times when she bared to you her soul, fiercely vulnerable. Something about her touched the core of his being.

All the things they could create together, the projects they could plan and build and finish together. All the inside jokes they could lob at each other, the gentle teasing, the vast resources of smiles and laughter. 

If only there was such a future for them. 

The thought of a family with Historia filled him with the deepest, wildest of joys. But the thought of leaving her and their child at the end of his titan shifter’s lifespan filled him with the deepest, most profound of sorrows. 

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With his beloved in his arms, Eren had fallen into a deep reverie. Joy mingling with grief, a happiness so brief and ephemeral it was like the blink of an eye in the infinite stretch of history. Joy was but the beginning of sorrow, wasn’t it? For the likes of him, as it were. Such was his fate. A fate he had created for himself.

He sighed, the pale morning light casting graceful masculine shadows on his knitted brows.

Stop ruminating, he reprimanded himself. Put things in perspective, he intoned within. Never let your grief of a lost future for yourself distract you from the impossible task that needs to get done, the mission you alone can fulfill. You may not live long, but your child shall. If you have the guts to carry through with your master plan, that is. Fight, Eren, fight.

He must not let the fact that he and Historia couldn’t grow old together bring him down. What truly mattered was something else.

What mattered most, what he needed to hold onto the most, was the deep understanding they felt for each other, including the understanding of the harsh truth that sometimes, in order to create good one had to do the most unspeakable of evils. Sometimes, in order to build one had to destroy. She understood that, and it helped him.

Helped him strengthen his resolve to become the Devil himself, so that Historia and their child, his angels on earth, could have a life of freedom. Not just the royal family, but also their precious chosen family: their 104th friends and Scouting Regiment colleagues. 

He and Historia would have to come up with a lie to tell the MPs about the paternity of the baby. If they find out he’s the father, they might hold Historia hostage and use her as a bargaining chip to manipulate him and control his behaviour. That was totally unacceptable. 

He’d also have to lie to his beloved friends. What he planned to do required unimaginable amounts of disinformation, deceit, cruel manipulations. 

He was going to become the epitome of evil. 

He didn’t want his precious friends to grapple with the moral quandaries such an act would bring. He didn’t want their conscience to suffer. He didn’t want them to grieve for him. Being hated was better, because it made saying goodbye easier.

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Eren had taken it upon himself to bear the burden alone. But not really. This darling woman in his arms, the queen, had chosen to bear the burden with him. It was all he needed.

He got up and dressed. Leaning over her to cup her cheek in his hand, he bent his head to brush her lips with a kiss. Very softly he closed the door behind him. 

There’s plenty of work to be done, he thought, as his mind went through the steps he needed to take to carry out his master plan all the way to its ruthless end.

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Alice underground

it’s amazing how much better this chapter reflects the real themes of attack of the Titans than the original manga. and it also reveals logically Eren’s motives for fighting and doing whatever he’s going to do. It looks and feels like a real canon. Great job!


I do not speak English but I wanted to say how incredible this is, thank you and please continue, although in the end the Erehisu did not turn out to be cannon I will continue to love it please keep writing about them, thank you




OMG this was such a cute story from start to beginning ?? I really enjoyed the whole thing! I’ll definitely go back and leave more thorough reviews on all of your chapters 🙂 but I really liked the development. From the beginning to now, them being angry and realizing they both want the same things to the smut. The chemistry was on point and you did a good job at writing both chars! Erens super difficult to write after time skip bc we rarely see his POV or even know what’s going on but you did such a good job. I loved it sm. Sad to see this be the end but I hope I read more from you!


love this too! you’re a wonderful writer. the manga is so sad, i really like your stories better, lol!




awesome story, it was a very good read.


Hi! I am still new in this ship and i actually just finished watching aot. Erehisu grabbed my attention and they looked simply good together :”) you have no idea how grateful and happy i am to find this fic of yours. Thank you so much for the hard work and i hope this ship can get even more love from people cuz… is it just me or erehisu is quite underrated? Anyway, hoping to meet more erehisu shippers so i can fangirl about them without being judged lmao. Have a nice day to you!

Valentina Almario

Muchas gracias por el fanfiction, como fan de Erehisu lo disfrute bastante ?

Cookie’s Monster

This was very good and I enjoyed each chapter thoroughly 😉 I know this works in canon, but have you considered writing a smut piece when she’s pregnant and showing? Would be super hot. Thanks for writing!

Sara Granja

Great, Hana! I’ve enjoyed every word of Eren’s thoughts. I hope that damned Isayama allowed us to enjoy this couple made canon.


I came here from ao3. There aren’t many Erehisu fics, so I’m glad I found yours, especially because it’s so well-written! I wish something similar would happen in the manga haha. I’ll definitely be coming back to re-read it and to read any new ones you might post.

Last edited 3 years ago by Hikari

omg hana, it’s sunday morning and i think i’m about to cry! xD i really love how you captured eren’s feelings throughout this chapter! ??


hi hana! i didn’t answer because i had no idea what to expect from chapter 131 tbh 🙁 but less than ten minutes ago i finished reading it and omg! it was a roller coaster of emotions.
i don’t know about you, but the whole part of the destruction and the children broke my heart into a thousand pieces! and seeing eren equally devastated by the decision he made also helped to destroy my poor heart even more lol
on the other hand, that little moment between armin and annie could calm my internal pain a little haha but still it followed that atmosphere of anguish… honestly i am the same as in chapter 130, i don’t know what to expect from chapter 132! i feel that the wait will be eternal!
what do you think of this chapter? what are your expectations for the next one? kisses and hugs from argentina!


i really enjoyed reading your review! i also think that armin will lead a really big role for the end, and i’m very anxious to see how everything will end (but at the same time i don’t want because i can’t imagine my life without snk lol)

i hope you can rest on this vacation! 🙂 i have two weeks of winter break left so i’ll take all this time to procrastinate lol

and speaking of armin, to be honest, when i started watching snk two years ago i was very intrigued by their relationship (? but since isayama decided to freeze her for so long i stopped thinking about them hahaha

omg! jean and armin that’s hot lolololol

i never really thought about what he would be in bed with a woman… but he is a box of surprises so i wouldn’t be surprised if he can go from an all honeyed, sweet and romantic boy to a dom (not jean or eren level) but can make things rough lol


Maybe the child could become friends with Jean and Mikasa’s kids, and they’d run around in the park, laughing and playing together, jumping up and down in a pile of leaves on a cool autumn day. Along with Connie’s kids, of course. And Armin’s, too, should he chose to have them.

this destroys and warms my heart all at the same time 🙁 poor eren


It was frightening how much he cared for her. No other woman brought out this feeling of protectiveness. Was it a weakness, or a strength?


love how you ended this story with erens pov or did i tell you already i just love it thanks for this just what i needed erehisu foevah


He didn’t want his precious friends to grapple with the moral quandaries such an act would bring. He didn’t want their conscience to suffer. He didn’t want them to grieve for him. Being hated was better, because it made saying goodbye easier.

made me cry this one stop making me cry its a sunday night ffs


It was frightening how much he cared for her. No other woman brought out this feeling of protectiveness. Was it a weakness, or a strength?

most definitely a strength eren believe you me when i say also yeah i know its a rhetorical question xd


eren daydreaming of a happy family for himself made me cry


wow love this so much i think you got inside erens head its a great change of perspective from the previous mikasa/hizuru story

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment.x