Jujutsu Kaisen Mobile Battery – Portable Charger – Power Bank Satoru Gojo Model by ADATA – Product Review

In December 2021, ADATA announced an array of mobile accessories in collaboration with Jujutsu Kaisen. The lineup offered power banks, USB dongles and cables. I had meant to purchase a power bank but couldn’t make up my mind which design to get – I mean, I love all the characters! – but then who needs seven portable chargers? In the end, I went with our favourite teacher hoping that, because he has infinite cursed energy, maybe he’ll share some of it with me via a mobile battery, haha! 

Satoru Gojo power bank hugged by plushie

Let’s take a closer look:


Product Name & Model NumberYuji Itadori Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-ITADORI)
Megumi Fushiguro Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-FUSHIGURO)
Nobara Kugisaki Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-KUGISAKI)
Satoru Gojo Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-GOJO)
Suguru Geto Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-GETO)
Mahito Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-MAHITO)
Sukuna Mobile Battery 10000mAh (AP10000QCD-SUKUNA)
Capacity10,000mAh (37Wh)
Rating Capacity6,000mAh
Battery TypeLithium ion
Size (HxWxD)100 x 50 x 25mm
InputUSB-C:DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, max 18W
OutputUSB-A 1&2 : DC 5V/4.5A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, max 22.5WUSB-C : DC 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A, max 18WUSB-C + USB-A 1 + 2:DC 5V/3A, max 15W
Warranty1 year
List price3,980 JPY (tax incl)
Jujutsu Kaisen ADATA power bank specs

Will you think I’m dumb if I say I really don’t care about the specs? Well, I really don’t care about the specs (Go ahead and think whatever you want about my lack of grey matter)! So I won’t say anything techy about them since I couldn’t be bothered. The only things I care about are: Does it look good? Does it work? Do I like it?

Let’s find out!

Pretty Boy Gojo Box

Put Satoru Gojo on the cover of a box and there’s a high chance I’ll buy it xD

Left side of the box

This ADATA rollout was timed perfectly because my ageing Sony power bank was running out of juice, too old to charge at full capacity. It was time to retire it, but what to replace it with? Lo and behold, ADATA comes up with this lineup and I’m spoilt for choice!

Front of box

Satoru Gojo looks so pretty here, wearing his black eye mask, an archaic smile on his face, finger on his chin, looking all thoughtful and a bit conniving. What’s he up to this time? What kind of prank is he cooking up? 

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Back of box

I think he just wants to charge my iPhone! Let’s hope that’s all he wants to do, I mean, we don’t want blue and red sparks and exploding rocks and being trapped in strange infinite realms now, do we?

Right side

First Look at the Design

Opening the box reveals the battery, cable for charging, and a quick manual in a several languages.

Freshly opened box

The design consists of Gojo’s official personal emblem, the one with the black mask and hand sign for his cursed technique, Purple.

Back of power bank

At the back is the Jujutsu Kaisen logo in kanji characters.  

Size Comparison

Here’s the battery next to the Japanese version of the manga. At 10cm tall it’s about half the comic book height. 

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Next to a standard Japanese tankobon or paperback volume

Looking at it from the top, at 2.5cm it’s a bit thicker than the paperback volume. 

View from top

Charging and Handling

I plugged it into my notebook computer and charged it. I didn’t time how long it took to reach full capacity but my impression was that it all went quickly. A round LED indicator lets you know how much charge is left. 

A full battery gets me three 100% charges for my super old iPhone. 

LED indicator and ridged texture

As for handling, as you can see in the photo above, it has a matte feel to it thanks to diagonal ridges running across the body (except for about 1.5cm at the top). This helps with getting a good grip. I like this feature in particular since my old power bank was too smooth and slippery.

Overall Verdict

My dream power bank is something as small as this one but voice-powered, with Nakamura’s Gojo voice telling me it’s full, or needs charging, or that I should get my lazy ass out of bed and become a more productive citizen long before the sun has risen, slashing through life as if I had infinite energy and getting rid of Curses with great aplomb. 

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I’d like the colours to not be this single-hue thing but a gradient, one half red and the other half blue, with a lovely purple right in the middle. The tone is pearly and just a tad bit glittery. Whaddya think? xD

ADATA Jujutsu Kaisen power bank with a simple design

Well, since no one’s giving me that kind of mobile battery look, I’ll make do with this simple one. I love it, actually. Just having a Gojo power pack in my handbag makes me feel a bit more energetic. I’ve been carrying this battery around for a couple of weeks now and it works just fine. I’m glad I bought it. It puts a smile to my face, pretending it’s Gojo-sensei’s cursed energy running through my iPhone as it charges. 

There’s a larger version (365g) at twice the capacity of this one reviewed here, featuring a colourful group illustration of the characters. But that’s a bit too heavy for me to lug around, so this 10,000mAh version at a relatively light 175g is what I deem to be just perfect.

Power bank held by Rika-chan

Recommended for any JJK fan in need of a new portable charger!

Purchasing the Jujutsu Kaisen Mobile Battery

The entire lineup is available off the shelf in stores at Akihabara, as of this writing. But I was too lazy to go and just purchased mine at Yodobashi’s online store

They are also available via Rakuten or Yahoo! Shopping or Amazon.

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Search keyphrase (general power bank)

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Search keyphrase (ADATA power bank)

呪術廻戦 ADATA モバイルバッテリー

If you live overseas, one way to get a hold of these Japanese products is to use a proxy shopper that ships worldwide, such as From Japan. See my Shopper’s Guide for details.

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This was a thorough review of a powerbank hahah. I love how you compared its size to a manga so I can gauge just how small the powerbank is. I totally agree with your dream color for Gojo’s powerbank hahah. It would have looked x10 more gorgeous if it had a glittery gradient effect instead of just plain blue but I still love the color blue though but it would’ve been prettier if it had a gradient effect haha.

I love megumi and nobara’s color. If it weren’t for the isf, which is sadly expensive, I might’ve considered buying their powerbanks since the one I currently own is big and heavy. I also love Mahito’s color, but I do not love his character ?? mahito’s designs are always so pretty, but his character always stops me from wanting them hahah

Thank you for this blog. Have a great day! ^^


Hahaha but glittery gradient items do look good though hahah.

No worries ^^ I enjoy reading the blogs and I enjoy interacting with you ?

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