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Jujutsu Kaisen Food – Fun Themed Meals in Collaboration with COCO’s Restaurant

Coco’s is a family restaurant offering affordable set meals, and they’ve decided to collaborate with Jujutsu Kaisen! I went to a restaurant near my office with a colleague/friend of mine who’s also into anime stuff. Here’s what we found!

Oh, before I proceed, I’ll be the first to admit that my photos look awful! It was a busy day and we ended up unable to secure a window seat. So my pics look dark, sadly. For clearer pics, check out the official Coco’s x Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration website.

(English continues after Japanese)

ココスx呪術廻戦 お腹いっぱい呪力いっぱいキャンペーン」にやっと行けました!平日でしたが、お店が混んでいて窓際の席を確保できず。結果、写真が暗い、ごめんなさい。コラボ料理を一通り食べてみました。「釘崎の チリコンディップ」には可愛らしいわら人形型のトルティーヤと釘型のピックがありニヤニヤしながらペロリ!「ごっくん呪物 虎杖のパワフル包み焼きハンバーグ」はボリューム満点でジューシーなお肉で美味しかった。「伏黒の影を操る玉犬カレー」はスパイシーで、シンボルマークがちゃんと上下したデザインが好きでした。全部美味しかった!そして、関心の「五条のうまさ無限に広がる茈パフェ」ですが、見た目が面白いものの、半分以上シロップのため甘い、甘い、甘〜い!一緒に来てくれた同僚は特に甘いもの好きでもなく、ほとんど手伝ってくれず。一人で頑張って完食しましたが、私にもやはり甘すぎて苦痛でした(苦笑)多分、相当の甘党でない限り苦労するかもしれません(笑)おまけのクリアファイルは幸いで被らず!嬉しくて、持って来てくれたウエイトレスさんに感謝感謝。大好きな野薔薇ちゃんファイルに当たりませんでしたが、後日、フリマ等でポチッとこうと思います。最後に、「WEB抽選にチャレンジ」というプレゼントくじをやってみましたが、残念ながら全部外れでした!次回の2年ズキャンペーンのとき、またチャレンジしてみたいと思います。また行きたくなる楽しいキャンペーンでした!

Three-fold collab menu

Here’s the actual menu. Compared to the colourful Grand Menu, the dark blue uniforms look very plain, but thankfully the characters are given interesting expressions so we’re drawn to their bright faces. Yuji’s in particular is so sunny one can’t help but smile when looking at him! He’s doing that cute, iconic “Shall I eat it?” pose he did when he, Megumi and Nobara went on a mission under the bridge and Megumi asked him to safekeep Sukuna’s finger.

Itadori’s and Gojo’s food are available until the end of the campaign

On the left side there’s the Yuji meal and the Gojo dessert, available from the start (October 18) to the end (November 28) of the campaign. In the middle are the first two halves of the special menu, with the first-year students for the first half and the second-year ones for the latter half. 

All the file folder designs

At the back we see the giveaway plastic file folders, with a ‘secret’ design. I wonder what it’ll be? Sukuna? Or a group shot? Hmm…

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Let’s check out the food:

Itadori’s Hamburger with Sukuna’s Finger

Baked in foil. What’s inside? Let’s have a look!

The concept is really quite adorable! It’s like opening a surprise package, the way Itadori’s Sasaki-senpai and Iguchi-senpai opened a wrapped Sukuna finger, to their detriment.

Pic looks bad but the food was actually yummy!

Hefty hamburger topped by a large garlic sausage wrapped in bacon, with a side of string beans and mushroom. Cooked en papillote, the meat was juicy and well-done, the veggies surprisingly not soggy. On the side was a baked potato with butter. It was all quite delicious! I’d eat it again, for sure.

Fushiguro’s Divine Dogs Spicy Curry

Someone who hasn’t seen the anime will have no idea what this ketchup thing is about!

I loved the ketchup design with the divine dogs symbols, the triangle and inverted triangle ones representing both the black and white shikigami. Black colour is thanks squid ink. It sort of had a seafood flavour, overall. If you’re not into spicy foods this might be a bit too spicy! I liked it, though, and ate it with the salad-on-the-side, which gave a nice crunch to the whole thing 🙂

Kugisaki’s Straw Dolls Chilli con Carne Tortilla Chips

Too cute to eat!

This plate was so aww-shucks cute! Strawmen looked like gingerbread men, and tasted like fluffy tortilla chips. I like my chips to have a really nice crunch so these were a bit soft for me, but the spicy dip was delicious and I really enjoyed the nail-shaped veggie and sausage picks.

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Straw dolls all in a row

Another dish I’d order again, just for the cute factor!

Gojo’s Infinity Purple Parfait 

Super sweet ice cream sundae

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, you’ll love this glass! If not, you’ll be like me and suffer through this dessert. My colleague was, like me, not that much into sweet stuff so she offered little help. This Gojo ice cream sundae was really, really sweet. Top part with two kinds of ice cream (vanilla and raspberry), frozen berries and whipped cream was fine but – mixed with the bottom part which was all syrup and just a bit of chopped fruit – made for one ultra sweet concoction. 

Two kinds of ice cream. Didn’t turn it around properly – front is supposed to show the chocolate sliver on top

‘Purple’ stood for Gojo’s sorcery technique, of course, and the idea was to make this happen by mixing the red syrup on top with the blue one at the bottom. Middle part was clear jelly. While the concept was lovely, there was just too much syrup! 

Unmixed bottom part looks dark purple in the pics but that’s due to the warm artificial light. Under natural light (sunlight) it looks blue.

Oh, by the way, there’s a sliver of chocolate on top representing Gojo’s eye mask. It was so small I hardly noticed, though, and forgot to take a pic from the top.

I won’t be eating this dessert again, but in the second part of the campaign we’ll have Panda’s version, which appears to have less syrup so something to look forward to! xD

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Giveaway File Folders

Mystery file folders

When our server brought over our dishes, she came with four folders wrapped in opaque foil. Since it’s a random giveaway with blind packaging there’s no way for the customer to choose the designs. All I could do was pray she picked out different characters.

Aww! They’re all different! What a relief!

Thankfully, we got four of the available designs, yey! So grateful to the server, THANK YOU!!!

Online Draw for Special Prize

Bottom part shows the specially-designed towel prize for 300 lucky winners

After eating everything and paying up, we got a receipt with numbers to use in the raffle draw via Coco’s official app. The prize is a large towel with all the characters on it. 

Adorable Yuji looking shocked and disappointed xD The blue letters say “Zannen!” (Too bad!)

Unfortunately, we lost in all four draws! Ahhh, so sad. Guess we’ll just try again next time. I took a screenshot of the “Sorry, you lost!” page, and it has the famous Disappointed Yuji illustration on it. Sad to lose but happy to see this adorable drawing, I guess! xD

Coco’s x Jujutsu Kaisen Official Merchandise

Every Coco’s restaurant sells collab merch – acrylic stands and coasters – with the character designs same as the ones in the file folders. These are in opaque packages so you’ll need luck in picking your fave character when buying at the restaurant.

For those overseas, you can buy these (along with the giveaway file folders) from sellers at the Japanese online flea markets. 

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Check out my Shopper’s Guide on how to get worldwide shipping for these merch.

Fun JJK Collab with Coco’s

Overall, we had a fun time with this collab. The food was affordable and tasted good, the giveaways were all different designs, and while we didn’t win at the raffle draw, there’s always next time! xD

First year students’ meals are available until October 31, 2021. Second year students’ meals are from November 8 to 28. Folder giveaways change on November 1st and 15th.

See you again, my darlings!

There are also selected stores with JJK decorations. The restaurant in my vicinity didn’t have any, but check out AnimeAnime’s news article. They visited the Nakano restaurant and took pics of all the JJK decor – so adorable!

I’ll make sure to go to the second half of the campaign, and hopefully get a girl’s folder (Maki) next time around!

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