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Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise – Gashapon no Depāto Acrylic Badges

(English follows) ガシャポンのデパートに行ってきました!実は、呪術廻戦関連商品探しよりも先日テレビ東京番組「ニュースモーニングサテライト」で特集として取り上げられたガチャガチャ商品「おにぎりリング」と「ミニチュア公衆電話」が欲しくなり探しに行くと、たまたま呪術廻戦パネルを見つけて大喜び(笑)。よかったら写真をご覧ください↓

Just a quick post with pics of our beloved Jujutsu Kaisen characters insides a Gashapon no Depāto, one of a chain of capsule toy stores selling nothing but – needless to say – capsule toys. If you click on the link you’ll see how the stores look like: just miles of machines with tiny toys in them. The largest one (in the world) is in Ikebukuro in Tokyo, with over 3000 machines!

Bandai Namco, owner of the Gashapon no Depato chain as well as toy manufacturer, announced at the end of March that the Jujutsu Kaisen acrylic badge prizes will appear again starting May 1st. So far I’ve seen rubber keychains, tiny figures, posters, pinback buttons or tin badges, you name it. Each of these only appear for a few weeks and then are completely gone. Sometimes they re-issue them, though, like these badges I’m posting about today. 

Click here to have a look of the toys taken out of their capsules. They’re not toys in the traditional sense, but acrylic badges you can pin on to things. 

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One round costs JPY 400 (less than 4 USD). They’re really cute but I didn’t buy any because I really have no need for more badges xD

The die-cut panels on top of the machines, though, were a treat, a sight for sore eyes. Have a look at the pics I took the other day:

Hi Maki-chan!

Grinning that lovably naughty grin of hers, the bespectacled Maki Zen’in looks beautiful as always.

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Hi Inumaki-kun!

Here’s Toge Inumaki with his neck warmer down, showing his uniquely-tattooed mouth. Will he put a curse on you? Yes, he will, unless you buy a capsule toy! xD

Hello dear Panda!

Our precious Panda made us all cry in Chapter 147 of the manga. Poor baby! At least he looks happy here. 

Hello babies!

The Three Jujutsu Musketeers looking just fine: Yuji Itadori with a determined look on his face and showing his powerful fist; Megumi Fushiguro looking bored and completely unimpressed – really, he couldn’t care less whether you play the capsule game or not; and Nobara Kugisaki smiling very sweetly while wielding her trusty hammer and nails. I love that she loves a good fight! Play the game, I dare ya, she seems to be saying.

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Hello Gojo-sensei!

Of course, nothing will be complete without our beloved Gojo-sensei. Satoru Gojo is saying, want me? Play a round and I may or may not appear. Keep on trying until I will land in the safety of your palm. You know you want me, yes you do! We can never have enough of this adorable cocky pretty boy, and Bandai knows it, so it’s his panel they chose to be on top of the machines with the actual toys (the ones on the left and middle).

The machine poster up close.

There are only two capsule toy machines with the Jujutsu Kaisen badges in them, though, so better hurry while supplies last. These things hardly last a week – they run out of stock pretty quickly, from my experience. Dunno how popular these flat plastic badges will be, though! 

The poster cover on the machine says you have to be at least 15 years old to play, ostensibly because the Jujutsu Kaisen anime is rated R-15 for violence. Good luck imposing that rule! I’ve seen children half that age turning the lever. 

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Also, only a few Gashapon no Depato offer these toys. Here’s the official list. For those in Japan, apart from going to a physical store you can also play Gashapon online and they’ll mail you the stuff you get. 

For both the offline and online versions, it was hard to resist putting in coins and turning the lever, but I’m having my eye out on some other merch and had to force myself to look but not touch.

Hope you enjoyed this quick look at our babies inside a Gashapon no Depāto!

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always nice to see inumaki showing his mouth u shouldve played at least once gimme the badge if u dont like it lol


our wild rose looks totes cute in this poster


maki has the best wicked grin of them all


aw love the silver lettering for the names

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