Attack on Titan Fanfiction – I Need to See Your Face: Chapter 1

[Warning: NSFW]

Jean glanced at the note handed to him by his aide, folded it up and winced. 

“Hi dad,

Looking forward to seeing u! Gotta write a paper on some dead soldier and chose E. Jaeger since you used to be buddies with him so can u get me info not written in official bio. Do dig through your old brain for some interesting dope.”

love ya,


PS. Jamie picked E. Smith. Pls some intriguing dope about him too!

PPS. Jamie’s not fond of what I like. What to do? Looking forward to your advice.

Ugh! Sometimes your bright ideas come back to haunt you, Jean thought bleakly as he went to bed that night. He had some business to do at the naval academy next week and whenever he was there he made sure to meet up for dinner with his son. Jamie–for the life of him he couldn’t remember the surname–was Philip’s latest boyfriend (or was it girlfriend? Hard to tell from the name). The boy seemed to go from one beau to the next. Note to self: talk to son about serial dating. As for the “not fond of what I like”, he was quite certain it would be a sex-related question. Well, that he was ready for: he knew his “always use protection” phase of advice-giving would soon be over and he’d now have to deal with more specific questions. 

As for “E. Jaeger”, Jean couldn’t help but sigh. When he and the instructors were planning the academy curriculum it was Jean’s bright idea to add a paper on one of their (deceased) own as part of the “Historical Analyses of Military Strategies and Tactics on Wars and Battles Conducted During the Century of Isolation”, one of the topics under “Strategic Studies and Maritime Operations”. At that time he felt it was the best way to familiarize recruits with their peculiar military history beyond memorizing the names of who did what when. It was impossible to anticipate at the time that his own son would be asking him for info that he was unwilling to publicly offer. Apart from what was already written in the official biographies, whatever else was there was better left unspoken. He knew Philip wasn’t asking for classified information but some spice to add to his paper. He’ll have to come up with some anecdotes. With regard to Erwin it’d be quite easy. But regarding Eren…

He hadn’t really spoken to Philip about him. All his son knew was that Eren was Mikasa’s adopted brother, and that he and Jean were comrades in the former Survey Corps. 

Against his will Jean’s thoughts drifted to Eren, to a time, years ago, when he was young and didn’t know any better. What could he say, really? How to explain that between himself and Eren everything was just…complicated? How to explain that while yes, he’d been in love with Mikasa the whole time they’ve known each other, he was also for the most part fighting his growing feelings toward a boy so dangerous and yet achingly pretty you knew you ought to look away but simply couldn’t? Like moth to a flame he was drawn to Eren Jaeger. Drawn to his beauty and his fight and his goodness and his evil and his unbreakable will.

Despite knowing he’d be robbed of sleep Jean’s thoughts drifted deep down memory lane.

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It was really all just an accident. At least, it started as one until it became a habit and here they were. What began as a typical fistfight between two adolescent boys who didn’t get along and raring to brawl ended up as a sign, an indicator of the start of something more. At first Mikasa or Armin or Reiner or Marco or someone else used to step between them to stop the slugfest, but as the years went by and they graduated from the academy even Mikasa got tired of their constant altercations and just left them alone to punch it out. 

“Why do you always pick a fight with him? If you want to hit something why don’t you join me in the training room?” she asked Eren after he got into another scrimmage with Jean. “There are punch bags there, you know.”

“You don’t get it,” was Eren’s annoyed reply. “I want whatever it is I’m hitting to hit me back.”

She eventually came to terms with the bizarre truth that both boys somehow got a kick out of pummeling each other. Yet little did she know that somewhere between being left alone and going at each other the time came when they realized something was happening between them. 

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They were alone and wrestling on the floor and hitting each as best as they could; Eren was straddling Jean and Jean was trying to strangle Eren and it occurred to them that they each had a hard on, and the more they twisted and kicked and grappled the harder their penises rubbed against each other. This was supposed to be the moment when out of sheer embarrassment one or both of them jumped up and left without looking back, and that would be the end of their endless fistfights.  

That wasn’t what happened, however. Exhausted from the hitting and grappling neither of them had the energy to kick the other off. Instead they ended up collapsed against each other’s bodies, groin over groin, erection over erection. Who began what there really was no way to tell, for soon they were humping each other violently through their clothes, moaning at the extremely pleasant sensations coursing between their bodies. Jean came first, his jizz making a wet spot on the front of his breeches. Eren came soon after, groaning as he rolled off the ash blond teen and onto his back. 

Panting beside him Jean turned his head to glare at the brunet and growled, “Look at the mess you made, arsehole.”

“Huh? You mean the mess you made, dickhead!” Eren glared back menacingly. 

The next time they had a fist fight they made sure they were alone, and instead of humping which made a mess of their clothes they ended up pulling each other’s breeches down and pressing their hardened rods together for a joint handjob. 

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“Dirty horndog,” Eren snarled at him as his hands stroked their cocks to turgid perfection.

“Nasty jackass,” Jean snarled back as he tenderly caressed their balls with his fingers.

Pretty soon the snarling turned to moans as their lips smash together, and then to groans as they came in each other’s hands.

Out in public people had no idea.

“You stupid, reckless sonofabitch!” Jean criticized him in front of the others.

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“You motherfucking coward!” Eren shot back as they start punching each other. Again. While everyone around them in the mess hall just wanted to eat their meals in peace.

Armin rolled his eyes and shooed them away. “Go outside, for goodness’ sake! Shadis will catch you and you’ll be in trouble. And don’t make too much noise!”

It was exactly what they wanted to hear. They ended up in a moss-covered patch of forest sucking each other’s cocks in a sixty nine position. It could have remained like that, two hot, horny teenagers with raging hormones fighting to let out steam and then engaging in oral sex to relieve the sexual tension. Jean greatly enjoyed it and so did Eren, although neither of them would openly admit it. It could have remained like that, until the day Eren held Jean’s swollen shaft between his hands but instead of proceeding to lick off the precum he craned his head to stare at Jean and issue a challenge: “First one to come gets to be bottom!”

Try as he might to hold off his orgasm Jean came first, a long, tortured “Aaaaargh!” ripping from his throat as Eren deftly stroked and licked and sucked and swallowed. It was a no-brainer from the beginning, the winner of this “contest” that Eren made up. Between the two of them Eren was the more skilled at giving blowjobs. Jean’s previous experience had been with Marco, and since both of them had been virgins it was all about instinct and innocent exploration and making things up as they went along. Eren was different, however. He had skills, possessed good technique. It was as if he’d been coached by an older, more experienced man, as none of his moves seemed clumsy or self-taught. He seemed to know exactly what to do, unraveling Jean and turning him into putty with his mouth and fingers. 

The day came when, after their usual punch out and mutual cock sucking, Jean was obligated to bend over and offer up his ass to the wicked titan shifter. This is it, he thought grimly. This is when I’m gonna die. He was mad as hell about the situation, and honestly scared. All the times he and Marco experimented with sex Jean was always the top to Marco’s submissive bottom. Now here he was with his sworn enemy (of sorts) and he, having lost the bet, had to be bottom. Eren had tied up the blond’s hands over his head to keep him from instinctively fighting him off. Jean steeled himself for the coming onslaught, for what he imagined would be Eren’s cruelty and punishment and savage pounding meant to hurt and destroy more than to give and achieve pleasure. 

Next: Chapter 2

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*reads chapter 1 and 2*

“This is it, this is when I’m gonna die.”
Jean, sweetie. This is where ME gonna die!

Darling, how could I didn’t find THIS story?!
I’m already intrigued by how the things will evolve between those two horny idiots. I liked the fact that Eren is skilled and he’s basically the one that drives Jean into the ecstasy of being bottom. The interactions are seriously very hot! Loved it!

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