The Vampire Dies in No Time – Animedia January 2022 Issue with Bonus File Folder and Poster – Magazine Review

The other day I went to my local bookstore after work to pick up a copy of Gekkan Animedia, and while I was paying at the counter, the clerk said to me, “Why don’t you subscribe? You’ll get a perfectly mint copy each month!” 

Come to think of it, I’d been buying this mag for a few months straight now. “Well, if you can guarantee there’d be a The Vampire Dies in No Time special each month…,” was what I wanted to say, but I just stammered with a “I run out of money sometimes so I can’t…” ?

Cover with bonus material

Which is true! Lately there’s been a spate of mags with JJK specials, and if I buy them all I actually *will* run out of money. The mega publisher Shueisha has really been going all out in promoting the film, using every title in its publishing empire. Each time I go to the bookstore there’s something new to drool over?! 

Back of magazine with bonus material

Anyway, in this blog post we’ll have a look at the January 2022 issue of Gekkan Animedia, which has some special features on my current fav anime, The Vampire Dies in No Time (‘Kyūketsuki Sugu Shinu’, shortened to ‘Sugu Shinu’ from here on) .

(English continued after Japanese)

先週の話ですが、クリアファイル狙いで月刊アニメディア2022年1月号を本屋さんへ買いに行ったら、この数ヶ月連続購入していたせいかお店のお姉さんに「購読すると便利ですよ〜」と声をかけられました?「毎号『すぐ死ぬ』関連の記事等が記載されると保証頂ければ」と回答したかったが、「あ、ん、ええと、時々金欠のため難しいんで」と正直に? でも、本当ですよ、最近、好きな漫画・アニメを表紙にしたり特集にしたりする雑誌があまりにも多くて困っています!ほどほどによ!冬ボーナスぶっ飛んじゃうゾ?

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Cover Boys

Aww, look at Tanjiro and Tengen on the cover. I really love Tengen’s outfit – all those pretty jewels! I think he’s the best dressed of all the hashira in KnY.

January 2022 issue of Gekkan Animedia

Draluc and Ronald File Folder

Aaand, what I bought the mag for really: our comedic duo wearing dark suits and looking like mobsters, on a plastic file folder, called ‘clear file’ in Japan. They remind me of Agent J and Agent K in the movie Men in Black

Bonus file folder

Back of the folder is a simple typography design.

Back of file folder

Ronald and Draluc Poster

Then there’s a fun, colourful poster of the pair, this time holding fan-like wooden paddles called 羽子板 hagoita, used in a traditional Japanese New Year game called 羽根突き hanetsuki. It’s sort of like badminton without a net, and the person who can keep the 羽根 hane (shuttlecock) in the air for the longest duration gets mosquito protection in the upcoming year 🙂 Fun, ey? 

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Comedic duo poster

I love that Ronald’s paddle is decorated with a Mebiyatsu illustration, while Draluc’s features himself as Hanaikimaru the Bat. I’d love to see them play the game! Who do you think will win? I’m betting on Draluc, because I’m sure he’s got some tricks up his sleeve! 

Interview with Ronald’s Voice Actor

Next there’s a charming interview with Ronald’s VA, Makoto Furukawa. A question he’s asked goes ‘Which character made the most impression on you?’ and he answered with ‘Henna Doubutsu’ (Strange Animal), ahaha! Well, I also found that character absolutely hilarious myself! 😀

Interview with VA

Asked which episodes are his favourites, he named two: First is the one with Nagiri, who suffers greatly after Draluc finds his horcrux and inadvertently steps on it, undresses it before dolling it up as a Sado-masochist character, and so on. (Nagiri’s reactions were so funny I, too, laughed my head off! )

The other episode Furukawa liked the most was the Draluc family party at the Vrince Hotel, which he says was so fun and lively and hilarious he’d love to re-watch it during the New Year.  (Aww, what a wonderful choice! This episode is also one of my favourites, something I could watch again and again and still find funny :D)

Other Bonus Materials

Aside from Sugu Shinu features, there’s also a poster of Kazutora Hamemiya from Tokyo Revengers, with a Holostars illustration at the back. A third poster is the large version of the cover featuring Tanjiro and Tengen. Then there are posters of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, Visual Prison, Pocket Monster and Taisho Otome Fairy Tale. 

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Tokyo Revengers poster

The main feature of this issue is a set of interviews with the cast of KnY, in celebration of the current anime Demon Slayer – Entertainment District Arc (鬼滅の刃 遊郭編, Kimetsu no Yaiba – Yūkaku-hen). 

Holostars poster

I think every ongoing plus upcoming anime is mentioned in this issue. There’s a spread promoting the JJK 0 film, and also articles on Laura’s Tropical Cafe, Aria, Blue Period and so on. I’m sure there’s something for everyone.

For me, though, I’m super happy with the Sugu Shinu materials in this issue. I do hope to frame the file folder someday soon. Ronald and Draluc give me plenty of joy and laughter in the anime (as well as manga!) that they do so very much deserve to be displayed on a wall!

Purchasing the Animedia January 2022 Issue

Those in Japan can easily get this mag from any bookstore. It came out on December 9 and I bought it that very same day. A week later, I still see it in larger bookstores. 

Magazines in a large Tsutaya bookstore

One way to get a hold of this mag is to buy it from Rakuten Books. Or you can use the online flea market Mercari.

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If you live overseas, to get worldwide shipping for these stores you will need to use a proxy shopper. See my Shopper’s Guide for details.

Search key phrase: 

月刊アニメディア 2022年1月号

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