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Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise – Jujutsu Kaisen Plaza at Yokohama Loft

(English follows) 呪術廻戦プラザ@横浜ロフトに行ってきました!実は、先週に行ったがブログ記事を書くの忘れてしまいました(笑)。イベント会場は小さめだがキャラクターパネルがたくさん設置されており楽しい場所でした。よかったら写真をご覧ください↓

Ugh, I’m sorry for posting this so late! The Jujutsu Kaisen Plaza event at Yokohama Loft* is on until Thursday, 13th of May so better late than never. I took the photos last week and planned to write a blog post about it, but something came up at work and then another and it just completely passed my mind. 

*the Jujutsu pop-up shop is inside the Loft store, which is inside the Sogo department store building

Ways to Pass the Time

If you haven’t gone yet but are thinking of going, from the 23rd to the 25th they’ll be limiting the number of entrants to the event space, so you need to line up at the Sogo department store’s South elevator on the 2nd floor, get a numbered ticket with a time on it, and when it’s your turn you can go to the 7th floor Loft event space and start shopping.

I missed the November 2020 event in Shibuya, and since Yokohama is right next to Tokyo it took a quick train ride for me to get there. Up until April 18 only those who’ve made reservations on April 4 or earlier were allowed to get in, but from the 19th onward anyone can wait in line. Even if you need to wait for more than a half hour or so, the pop-up shop is inside a large department store with a Kinokuniya bookstore (on the same 7th floor as the shop), so I’m sure time will fly by real fast as you browse through books and magazines. 

Of course, the Loft store itself has millions of trendy, quirky, creative yet useful everyday commodities to be looked at and admired (and bought as the case may be) in person, so there’s plenty to do to pass the time.

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I can imagine the event space being crammed during the last couple of weekends, though. It’s not a big space at all, right in the middle of the store in front of the escalator and walled off on four sides.

Photo Ops with Life-Size Characters

At the entrance there are life-size cutout panels of our main characters: Yuji Itadori, Megumi Fushiguro, Nobara Kugisaki and Satoru Gojo. I was so happy to see Kento Nanami amongst them! He really ought to be there because he represents us office workers, many of whom shop at Loft’s for stationery and travel and health products. 

The gang!

Next to them is a TV screen showing the anime. I was able to capture Maki Zen’in in battle, and Toge Inumaki about to curse someone. 

The anime on screen. They should put chairs in front so we can watch xD

Walk around counterclockwise and we see a full-body of Maki and Inumaki, with Panda doing shadow boxing. 

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Huge Panda!

Go round some more and we see the Kyoto school sorcerers: Aoi Todo wearing a purple shirt, Noritoshi Kamo in fighting form, Momo Nishimiya riding her broom as usual, Mai Zen’in smirking with her arms crossed, Kasumi Miwa ready to draw her sword to cut your head off, and Mechamaru about to punch you in the face. I love the way Miwa is right next to him, the store people know their stuff 🙂

The Kyoto crew!

One of my dearest wishes is to see more of the Kyoto characters in action at the ongoing Culling Game arc in the manga. I’d been hoping that after meeting them during the Tokyo vs Kyoto schools arc we’ll get to see them on their own, doing their thing exorcising demons and stuff, just like our main trio did during the Doors That Won’t Close incident. 

Love Kamo’s uniform and pigtails<3

Unfortunately, Akutami-sensei seemed to have forgotten them, with only one in real action (Todo) during the Shibuya arc. I felt it was such a waste of potential character development especially after that hilarious baseball game! Who doesn’t want more Mai, more Kamo, more Miwa, more Nishimiya? Gimme more! xD

The girl with the broom hair and actual broom, and the hottie with bullet-creation abilities

C’mon, Akutami-sensei, you’ve created some cool characters, now let them take up space and give us the pleasure of watching them grow and get better and better! (Sadly, I don’t think we’ll get any more of them, as the Culling Game arc has started to introduce a host of all-new characters…)

Oh Mechamaru! If only you just told Gojo-sensei the truth!

At the back there are the villains: Mahito and Fake Geto/Fake Noritoshi Kamo/Kenjaku. Let’s call him Kenjaku from now on; thank god he was given a name by Tengen, I mean, he looks like Suguru Geto but isn’t! No more calling him Geto, okay?

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Where’s Sukuna? He’s inside the walls! Too bad there’s no Jogo or Hanami.

Jujutsu Kaisen Plaza Official Merch

Now, on to the official merchandise! Here’s the list:

You can buy one each of everything, but not two of one thing, so everyone can have something.

There’s the usual stuff: round and square pinback buttons, keychains, acrylic cutout stands, stickers, blanket, accessory box, plastic sleeves, plushies, wooden stands, etcetera. 

Stuff to buy!

Inside the event area there’s a life-size cutout panel of Ryomen Sukuna. There are also a couple of gacha capsule toy machines offering keychains. Posters from the anime decorate one side of the wall.

More poster scenes from the anime

The merch characters are wearing their blue school uniforms, and while I love them in their everyday outfit I already have products of them in it. What I’m looking for are them in other fancier or quirkier clothes. There are a host of events coming up that I have my eye on (Onsen wear! Formal wear! Many more!), and I really need to budget otherwise I’ll end up broke xD

So in the end, while I did go to Yokohama Loft to have a look at what was being offered, I didn’t buy anything. The only merch I considered was the red-and-gold, hexagon-shaped nested boxes, but oh god all the pretty boxes I have at home! Where will I put another box?

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Anyway, I think the box is neat (JPY 1300 + tax), and also the blanket (JPY 3200 + tax). The official event twitter account keeps on informing us of sold-out products, but there’s also consistent restocking info, so I don’t think the place will be wiped out of merch at this point in time. Don’t take my word for it, though!

For every JPY 2200 (about 20 USD) worth of products purchased you’ll get one novelty item. I think it was postcards when I was there, as I saw this girl armed with shopping bags being given, like, six postcards! Six! You can already calculate how much she spent on the merch! 😀

Hellooo Gojo-sensei!

Before going home I got myself a pack of replacement nibs for my mechanical pencils at the Loft store, and also a small box of baum kuchen cake at the Nenrinya store in the 2nd floor basement of the Sogo department store, where Loft is located. 

That’s it for my better-late-than-never reportage of the Jujutsu Kaisen Plaza event in Yokohama Loft. Even if you end up not buying anything there are still the cutout panels perfect for photo ops with your favourite sorcerers or cursed spirits. Lots of people were having fun taking selfies and funny poses of their friends or family with the awesome characters. 

Hope you have fun, too! Or, if you’re outside of Japan, hope you enjoyed this snapshot of what anime/manga fans here do with their time and money 🙂

Thank you so much for reading! Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. Your comments give me life and are a real source of encouragement. xoxo – hana

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aww mechamarus feet look funny in a cute way


ugh the villains so hot mahito esp wanna drink mojitos with him or it or whatevs


send me a pic of u with gojo k thx


omg hana left without buying anything the worlds turned upside down lolol


I imagine how difficult it must be not to buy something at such events! I would suffer a lot xD when I was in high school I went to a massive kpop event in my city and ended up spending so much money on posters and pins that my father couldn’t believe when I came home with bags and bags of merch lol I just don’t have self control. Even now when I have money I feel like my hand itches (if that makes sense) and I need to buy things even if I don’t need them xD


I love Mahito! Even though I still haven’t seen the whole anime (I have left more than half oopsy) I think he could become one of my favorite characters! I love the eccentricity of him!


They all look so tall and then there is nobara in the middle almost reaching their shoulders, how adorable xD


Gojo looks so handsome without that bandage on his face! I really love his eyes and they reminded me of someone else’s and then one day I tied the dots and hhe has the same eyes as Momobami Kirari from Kakegurui (she was one of the first anime characters that I fell in love with) Right now I dropped the manga because it bored me but I still have her (and her twin Ririka) in my heart and I love them. Gojo and Kirari also have the same aesthetic that I love (silver / white hair + blue eyes) and such eccentric personalities. Mappa animated both animes so also those little aesthetic familiarities that I noticed in both surely have to do with the animation style of the studio.

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