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Jujutsu Kaisen Merchandise – Charabanchōkō Pinback Buttons by Stand Stones for Gacha Capsule Toy Stores

(English follows) ガチャガチャは苦手です。なぜならとにかく被るから。ガチャを回せば回すほど被るっていう呪いがかかっています、私に。なのでなるべくやらないように我慢しています。しかし、今回のスタスト製「呪術廻戦 キャラばんちょうこう 缶バッジ」はあまりにも可愛く欲望に負けてガチャってしまいました。そこで、奇跡が起きました!9回ガチャったところ被ったのは1回だけで、しかも大好きな野薔薇ちゃんでした。交換してくれる方がいなくても良し、と。幸い、ちょうど欲しがっていた方がインスタで見つけて、取れなかった狗巻君と交換してもらいました。これでみんなの顔が揃って超嬉しい!よかったら写真をご覧ください↓

I’ve written before about not wanting to do gacha-gacha at the capsule toy store because I always get two of the same thing. I really wasn’t going to play this time as well, but then the pinback buttons (aka ‘can badge’ in Japan) from Stand Stones (known as ‘Stasto’) were just too cute to ignore. So I took my chances and… 

Stasto announced the toys’ availability on May 20, 2021 via this tweet:

By the way, キャラばんちょうこう Kyara-banchoko is a portmanteau of ‘character’ and ばんそうこう bansōkō. Bansoko means adhesive plaster or sticking plaster, what we all know as Band-Aid. So the characters aren’t grabbing lifesavers or cushions or anything like that, they’re actually holding onto colourful Band-Aids. Weird and cute, eh? xD

At the Capsule Toy Store

So that Saturday, I went to a capsule toy store called ガシャポンのデパート Gashapon no Depāto, which I wrote about previously.

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A capsule toy store

Here are the machines! 

Gacha machines with Kimetsu no Yaiba and Jujutsu Kaisen merchandise

Well, one machine, that is. What I was looking for was the one in the middle, on the right-hand side.

The machine I wanted to see

Breaking down my JPY 1000 into 100 yen coins, I began to play. Nine times. And lo and behold! To my great surprise and absurd joy, I only got the same thing once:

Got two Nobaras but was very happy all the same!

Nobara Kugisaki. Best Girl. I love her so much I didn’t mind at all that I got her twice, thinking of saving one for display while pinning the other on a bag or cap. 

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Trading Can Badges

While I was scrolling through Instagram, however, I saw a girl who wanted a Nobara button in exchange for Toge Inumaki. Trade with me! Trade with me! I contacted her and we agreed to mail each other our respective buttons.

From the mail came this sorcerer!

So, while there are twelve button designs in all, thanks to 02.III._.110 I was able to get all the faces available. Yay!

Since there are twelve designs, what I’m missing are solo Yuji Itadori, solo Kento Nanami, and the group second-year students. But Itadori can be found in the group first-year students button, Nanami in the duo with Satoru Gojo, while the second-year students each have their solo buttons. Everybody’s here! That’s all I could ask for 🙂

Here they are, freshly taken out of their protective covering.

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Unpacking the pinback buttons

Can Badge Display Using Seria Acrylic Stand

At home I happened to have an acrylic button stand from the Seria dollar store. This display device can hold up to nine 54mm pinback buttons. 

Dollar store can badge display stand

The Charabanchoko buttons are 50mm so they fit just fine. Super convenient, don’t you think? 

The buttons inside the display stand

If I have the time and feel like it I might decide to make a wooden frame for this set like I did with my other button collections. But in the meantime I’ll enjoy this simple, contemporary look. 

Here it is with my manga volumes as background:

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Being made of transparent material, the stand still shows the books behind it

Aren’t they adorable? I love Gojo grinning like a banshee, Sukuna looking like a cutie-patootie, and Kugisaki looking really sweet and pretty and harmless (for the time being! xD)

I love the Band-Aids with their colourful, fun patterns, especially Kugisaki’s rose pattern and Inumaki’s onigiri pattern – so on point!

Displayed with a cherub

Hope you enjoyed this look on the latest Jujutsu Kaisen pinback buttons or can badges by Stasto. Which button do you like best?


I went to the gacha store on May 22nd (a Saturday) and people weren’t lining up or anything. Also, as of this writing (May 27) there are lots of posts on Instagram featuring these buttons. As far as I know, they’re still available in capsule toy stores around the country. Good luck with your gacha-gacha!

Thank you so much for reading! Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. Your comments give me life and are a real source of encouragement. xoxo – hana

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nice to hear u found someone to trade at least ig has been useful to u in that regard lol


methinks the acrylic button stand looks rad its transparent so u can just put it in front of the taller merch the simplicity makes the buttons stand out


awwwww cuteness overload love all of them esp gojo n nanami rly love their interactions that scene in the anime was one of the funniest

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