Jujutsu Kaisen Food Review – Collaboration with COCO’s Restaurant – Part 2

The other day I posted about COCO’s Restaurant collab with Jujutsu Kaisen, with pics and reviews of the food and giveaways. On November 8th, 2021, a new food selection came out, this time with themed dishes inspired by Maki Zen’in, Toge Inumaki and Panda.

Part of the menu with the second-year students’ dishes

Here is the official Coco’s x Jujutsu Kaisen collaboration website

Now let’s see what the food actually looks like in IRL! Note: Character food picks are mine, not supplied by the restaurant.

(English continues after Japanese)

「ココスx呪術廻戦 お腹いっぱい呪力いっぱいキャンペーン」第2弾メニューが今月8日に発売されたので食べに行きました!今回は2年ズのメニューということで、一通り完食。(*ちなみに、デコラPICは私物で、キャンペーンと関係ありません)●棘くんドリアは公式写真より見た目があまりよくないが、美味しかった!シャケと明太子はドリアにぴったりでした。優しい味わいで独特の口元デザインも可愛すぎて◎ ●真希ちゃんの創作スイーツは見た目が良いものの、全然好みではありませんでした。バーガー用のパンに多くのホイップクリーム、少なめの缶詰?フルーツ(マンゴとイチゴ)、シロップと板状ホワイトチョコが挟まれ、ただただ甘すぎてわけわからない一品でした。最近流行りのマリトッツォにインスパイアされたかと思いますが、んん。一緒に来てくれた同僚と半分シェアしましたが、二人とも暗い表情で完食するまで一苦労でした。●パンダパフェは見た目が可愛い上、味も良く喜んで頂きました!特にほろ苦いコーヒージェリーが美味しく、アイスや一番下のブラウニー、そしてチョコクリスピー、様々な食感がありバランスの良いデザートでした。●500円品でクリアファイルもらえるということで追加の一品はアヒージョにしました。今回のコラボにななみんの出番がないので勝手に七海デコラPICを刺しました。最後に、お持ち帰りでほうれん草のソテー。両方とも普通に美味しかった。 

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で、おまけ(いや、料理の値段に上乗せされているのでおまけかどうか微妙)のクリアファイルは五条先生外れで野薔薇ちゃんが被りました!ま、可愛いし好きなキャラなのでいいのですが、2枚あってもアレなので、どなたか交換して頂ければ助かります!【譲】第2弾釘崎野薔薇(等身大)【求】第1弾釘崎野薔薇(デフォルメ )よろしくお願いします!今月の15日に新たなクリアファイルが配られますが、これ以上キャラ系料理がありません。振り返ってみると、もう一度食べたいのは虎杖ハンバーグとパンダパフェです。以上、私の、ココスxじゅじゅコラボの半端なルポでした!

Toge’s Incantation Doria (Onigiri Flavour)

Toge’s seafood doria

Visually, this plate was a disappointment. Cook didn’t even bother to wipe the edges of the dish, so the menu beauty shot looked far nicer and cleaner. Taste-wise, however, it was pretty good! It doesn’t show in my pic but there were several salmon slices, a bit of seaweed, mentaiko to add a dash of colour and salty flavour, and rice covered in cheese sauce. 

The nicest touch was the Toge symbol in powder form! I’d eat this doria again. 4/5

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Maki’s Hamburger-style Macha Dessert

Looks great, so colourful and all!

I have no idea how this ever got the approval of the top honchos at the Coco’s Restaurant product development team. Sandwiched between hamburger buns were an unholy amount of whipped cream, bits of chopped mangoes and strawberries (both tasting like the canned variety, sadly), plenty of syrup, and a thin, macha-coloured white chocolate sheet. It looked really interesting but taste-wise… a no-no for moi, and also for my colleague who went to dinner with me. She said it tasted like something a naughty child would do to a pair of buns not for food but just for fun xD 

Obesity-inducing travesty; am not touching this dessert again with a 10-foot pole! 1/5

Panda’s ‘Not Just a Panda’ Parfait

Aww, look at this parfait!

To make up for their failure in the maritozzo department, product development team came up with this lovely ice cream sundae. When seen from the top, it resembles Panda’s cute head!

Helloooo cutie!

Two scoops of chocolate sorbet, vanilla ice cream, and coffee bean-shaped chocolate make up the face portion. Underneath this is panna cotta, coffee-flavoured jell-o, raspberry syrup, and chocolate cornflakes, with a bottom layer of brownies. Contrary to appearance, it actually didn’t taste too sweet. I liked the different textures. I’d eat it again! 4/5

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Ajillo and Butter-Sautéed Spinach with Bacon

I thought Nanami would enjoy this Spanish dish

Kento Nanami isn’t part of this campaign, which made me sad as I see him as a kind of gourmand. I added his food pick to this plate of ajillo, which had broccoli, potato, shrimp and clam. The other dish we ordered was sautéed spinach with bacon (not shown). Both tasted good.

File Folder Giveaways

There were five file folder designs in all, thus the five dishes. Unfortunately, I didn’t get Gojo’s! Instead, I ended up with Nobara twice.

Giveaway folders

You can see both the front and back of her folder in the picture above. Below is the back part of the chibi character designs:

You can tell which is which just by the colour

I love Nobara so I’m not particularly unhappy about getting her twice, but I missed out on the chibi version of her folder the last time. On IG I’m asking if anyone amongst my followers in Japan would like to trade with me. Hope someone reads and responds to it!

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Coco’s x Jujutsu Kaisen Official Merchandise

Every Coco’s restaurant sells collab merch – acrylic stands and coasters – with the character designs same as the ones in the file folders. These are in opaque packages so you’ll need luck in picking your fave character when buying at the restaurant.

For those overseas, you can buy these (along with the giveaway file folders) from sellers at the Japanese online flea markets. 

Check out my Shopper’s Guide on how to get worldwide shipping for these merch.

To Go or Not to Go (Again)

Regular ppetizers and dessert included in the folder giveaway

That’s it for my review of the Coco’s Restaurant x Jujutsu Kaisen collab! A new set of file folders are scheduled on the 15th of November, 2021. But there will be no new themed dishes, so I’m not really sure if I’ll go again. Let’s see if I can convince someone else from the office to go with me after work!

Maybe I can convince a restaurant to give me the menu when the campaign is over, ahaha!

Thank you so much for reading! Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. Your comments give me life and are a real source of encouragement. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily manga/anime posts! xoxo – hana

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