Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie Onemutan – Sleepy Figures Chibi Gacha Capsule Toys by Stasto – Merchandise Review

Well of course Stand Stones came up with a Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Movie version of their much-loved Onemutan series. I’ve already reviewed Part 1, featuring the first-year students, and Parts 2 and 3, featuring the sophomores. In this fourth installment, the main characters of the movie are here to wow is with their cuteness. Let’s have a look!

Straight from the Gacha Capsule Toy Machines

These figures are small enough (anywhere from 4 to 5 cm) to fit in a standard gacha capsule. Here they are, still in their pods:

Fresh from the gacha capsule toy machine

The good thing about these pods is they serve as protection for the toy inside. When buying sets from an online toy store instead of playing the gacha machine myself, I prefer stores that sell the toys along with their pods. More about buying info later.

In Japan, most capsule toy stores have a recycling machine where you can return the pods after opening them.

So let’s get to opening them!

Colour-coded pods

I love that the capsules are colour-coded according to each characters’ designated colour. Panda’s capsule is grey, Toge’s is green, Maki purple, Yuta white, and Gojo-sensei sky blue.

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Sleepy Babies All In a Row

For this photo session’s backdrop I chose a Japanese-style tatami (grass mat) room, complete with shoji (paper screen). Since they’re sleeping in futons this looks just right.

Sleepy heads!

Panda is rubbing an eye, Toge is wide awake already, Yuta is doing his best to wake up, Gojo-sensei is still probably asleep, and Maki couldn’t care less about rising and shining. Here’s the setup from above:

Dollar store backdrop

I got this backdrop from the Daiso dollar store. The miniature tatami mats behind the panel are from the Seria dollar store.

Now let’s take a closer look at the figures.

Onemutan 0 Up Close and Personal

We’ll begin with the biggest – physically as well as heart-wise (we all know Panda has a big, kind and generous heart!).

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JJK0 Onemutan Panda

Awww, look at him rubbing his eye! In the second installment, Panda is lying on his belly. In this JJK0 set, he’s sitting on his haunches like a real panda eating bamboo. Because his eyes are completely closed, they could hardly be seen here, but that doesn’t take away from his cuteness. I love how the pads of his feet are illustrated.

Sleeping beauty

Maki Zen’in is a true sleeping beauty in this figure, looking super pretty even while she sleeps. It’s funny how she’s slumbering with her eyeglasses on, but it’s wonderful the way such a tiny figure has been given a pair of glasses. I love them, so teeny tiny!

Wide awake baby

Unlike the others, Toge Inumaki either hasn’t fallen asleep at all, or is the kind who can wake himself up in a flash. He’s wide awake in this figure, which defeats the purpose of Onemutan (meaning ‘sleepy head’). But he’s still between the sheets, so we can assume he had a very good night’s sleep.

Movie stars Yuta and Suguru

Given the success of the movie, I think it’s not at all a stretch to call Yuta Okkotsu a movie star. His engagement ring is shown in this figure, in the shape of a grey dot on his finger. I like how they painted around his eyes so he looks sleep-deprived like he does in the manga.

Best Supporting Actor award goes to Satoru Gojo, I believe. His little hand falling just outside the futon is too cute!

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All in a row

Here I arranged them in a row, so you can see the difference in size. Gojo has the largest head, while Toge with his big hair is a tad bit taller than Panda.

Let’s have a look at them from behind:

Back view

You can see they have proper pillows. Maki’s ponytail is adorable. Same can be said for Panda’s arm band: it usually says ‘I heart Panda’ but this time it’s ‘I am Panda.’ How cute is that? Waaaaay too cute!

For this installment of the Onemutan series, instead of the usual logo or emblem for each character, their names are written out in Roman letters.

Purchasing the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Onemutan

These toys, which came out in December 2021, are no longer found in gacha machines. Some sets are still available via online toy stores, however. As of this writing, you can buy this set on Rakuten or Yahoo! Shopping.

You can also see if specialty shops such as Suruga-ya or online flea markets such as Mercari have them. Here are some listings:

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Search keyphrase:

呪術廻戦0 おねむたん


劇場版 呪術廻戦0 おねむたん

If you live overseas, you can get a hold of any product sold on Rakuten or the other shops listed above through a Japan-based proxy shopper that ships worldwide. I recommend From Japan. See my Shopper’s Guide for details.

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