Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie 4DX Film Review – Special MAPPA Movie Theatre Promotion Giveaway – Satoru Gojo and Suguru Geto Visual Board

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

It felt like we waited for ages for the Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie, so it’s a great thing it was absolutely worth the wait. In a previous blog post I raved about the IMAX showing of the film which I watched on the day it was released, December 24, 2021. After that was the wait for the 4DX version out on February 5th (a Saturday). After a bit of struggle I managed to grab tickets to the first day of 4D. Was it worth the hype? Let’s find out!

In-Demand 4DX Movie Tickets

Tickets sold out very quickly, with the online reservation page frozen for a while due to heavy access. Only about 80 theatres in Japan are scheduled to show 4DX and MX4D, so this was expected. First early morning show was filled in minutes. I had no luck with the daytime shows on Feb 5, but I did manage to get good seats for the late night show. Yey! I was so happy I nearly melted in a puddle of relief xD

Front of the cinema complex

A friend and I went to the Aeon Cinema at Minatomirai in Yokohama. Yokohama is one of my fav cities in Japan, and the Aeon mall here where the cinema complex is located never fails to disappoint, what with plenty of events and places to eat and shop.

Posters advertising concessions

Roomy, Motion-Filled Theatre

Due to the ongoing pandemic, only half the seats in the 4DX theatres were allocated for viewing. That meant the seats on either side of every viewer were empty for social distancing purposes. 

Hallelujah! For all the negative effects of the pandemic on social life, having a large, roomy seat all by yourself was just a wonderful blessing, one of the small upsides in a terrible, difficult couple of years. (I know movie house profits take a bad hit when selling at only half the theatre capacity. I’m not glad about this point, mind you!)

I’m making a fuss about seating because I felt I had died and gone to heaven with this JJK 0 4DX show. If you read my previous half-arsed review, I got the short end of the stick when it came to seatmates during my first viewing. But this time, not only were the seats next to me gloriously empty, the leg space was so generous you could stretch your pins all the way out and still won’t touch the back of the row in front of you. Needless to say, this was a necessary technical detail so that the seats could move and shake in all directions, in groups of four in this theatre’s case. 4DX, banzai!

An Array of Effects

Boy oh boy JJK 0 4DX did not disappoint when it came to moving and shaking seats. There was almost everything you could expect in a 4DX show. Because the film has plenty of action and blow-up scenes, there was a good deal of motion effect. 

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Entrance to the 4DX theatre

I ranked the 4DX features in terms of what we got (quantitatively speaking) for this film, from most to least. These are my personal impressions only! I’m sure others will have a different opinion, but here goes:

  • Motion / vibration
  • Water sprays
  • Rainstorm
  • Lightning / light flashes
  • Air gusts
  • Wind
  • Ticklers
  • Snow
  • Bubbles
  • Fog
  • Scent
Free lockers at the entrance

The parts with the most pronounced effects were the fight scenes: Yuta vs Geto, Miguel vs Gojo, Panda and Toge vs Geto, Nanami vs curses, and so on. The seats shook, wind blew, ticklers inside the backrest of the chair were activated in time with the punches, and lights flashed in tune with cursed technique invocation. There was rain and water sprays here and there, but more like lawn sprinklers or light showers, nothing to make you soaking wet. 

Importance of Wearing the Right Thing

It was all so much fun, even if I wore the wrong clothes – instead of wearing plain jeans which would stick to the bottom of the seat more than other fabrics, I stupidly wore a smooth-textured pair of cullotes. That meant I kept sliding off my seat! Which was very funny in itself, turning me into one of those crazed people giggling and righting themselves during serious fight scenes xD 

Spacious seat. Thanks to social distancing I got two armrests for myself!

Favourite Effects

My favourite effects were the snow and bubbles, though. As we saw in Volume 0 of the manga, the story ends with a winter scene starring Gojo-sensei and his students. We got some sweet snow, which brought the scene to life and made it more immersive. It didn’t snow throughout the entire theatre, however, but only in the section directly in front of the screen.

There were also lovely bubbles (I won’t tell you which part of the film, as I’d like this to be a surprise for anyone still waiting to watch the 4DX film)! I love bubbles – they bring me back to an innocent period in my life, when I was a little girl happily blowing bubbles in the park and not worrying about my job, my clients, my boss, my bills, my ex, my deadlines, or when I think I’m going to die… 

Missing Effects?

I digress. Of the 4DX theatre effects, there were two I felt I didn’t experience: fog and scent. I saw no fog at all, but it could be a matter of impression. My friend thought there was a slight fog along with some mist that came out during an eerie scene. 

I know I should have left these precious giveaways inside the locker, but I really wanted to take a pic of them on the 4DX chair

We both agreed about the no-scent, though. I’d been hoping for some strange smell whenever the monstrous Curses came out, or maybe a nice floral scent when Rika transformed back into her young girl self. But my nose didn’t catch anything, and neither did my friend’s. Perhaps this was a matter of practicality, however. Why bother with a fragrance blast when every single person in the audience was wearing a face mask? Or perhaps they did let the scents out, but because we were wearing face masks we failed to catch it. 

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A Film Worthy of 4DX

In Japan, a 4DX show is JPY 1,000 (less than 10 USD) in addition to the regular price of a movie ticket. Was it worth it? Totally! I’d love to go again. Really, I should go again because what other chances do I have to get two armrests all for myself inside a 4DX theatre?

Movie ticket stubs

There’s just one caveat: I think the screen quality simply pales in comparison to IMAX or IMAX with Laser. So if possible, go to both: 4DX because it’s plain fun, and IMAX for the picture quality. I did, and I’m very glad. 

Next up is a Dolby Cinema viewing. This version also came out at the same time as 4DX, Feb 5th. Nation-wide, only five theatres are showing JJK 0 at a Dolby screen. Luckily, there’s one near me so I’m planning a third viewing when the fourth instalment of viewer giveaways comes out.

Which brings us to:

Giveaway for Movie-Goers – Third Instalment

I’m pretty sure a lot of repeat viewers went to the movies not just for the 4D experience but also (mainly?) because of the giveaway. Have a gander at this gorgeous illustration:

Original illustration of SGxSG by MAPPA

It’s a small piece of thin cardboard, only A5 in size, with a bit of canvas texture. The drawing, though, OMG the drawing is something every Satoru Gojo x Suguru Geto fan would love to have. 

The drawing with some concession stand merch and acrylic figure from the cinema store

MAPPA did us a great service with this giveaway: it’s an original, never before seen drawing of our favourite couple, best friends (lovers in my BL eyes!) who, unfortunately, went their separate ways.

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Two Beauties

Gojo and Geto are illustrated so lovingly here, wearing casual clothing and looking freaking handsome. Both their poses are relaxed, although you can feel the sadness between them as they turn their backs on each other and live very different lives. 

Close-up of Gojo

I keep on saying I love everything about the JJK 0 film, but to be very honest, one little thing I didn’t like was the way Geto’s face was ‘uglified’ in plenty of scenes to make him look more like a typical scary villain. Perhaps this had to be done to impress upon the audience that he was sinister, the epitome of evil. But then so many evil people IRL are physically attractive. Not all evil people are ugly, and vice versa. Suguru Geto is handsome, beautiful even. He’s certified hotter than Satoru Gojo (Akutami-sensei says so himself in the official fanbook). In this giveaway, MAPPA’s specially-drawn illustration does justice to his face.

Road to Perdition

We lucky movie-goers get a beautiful Suguru on par with an equally beautiful Satoru. I can’t express enough how much I love this drawing! I think it captures the essence of who they are, whatever that means. Think of two blessed/cursed people who have everything, but the one thing they can’t have: each other. This gorgeous drawing speaks volumes about what had gone between them. 

Close-up of Geto

Even the caption is beautiful: それぞれの選択の果てにー (Sorezore no sentaku no hate ni), “As a result of the choices they made…,” meaning ‘at the end of the divergent paths they’ve chosen to take.’


These two have made their painful choice: which principles to fight for, whom to live by, whom to side with, whom to protect, whom to love… even if all that meant losing each other. The expressions on their faces say it had not been an easy choice to make. Ahhhhh, these two! Better start writing BL fanfic once again, I really should, ahaha!

Wishing the cardboard were made of thicker material

That’s it for my review of Jujutsu Kaisen 0 The Movie in 4DX. I enjoyed it very much and will gladly recommend a 4DX viewing to any manga/anime fan out there. I’ll write another review after I watch the Dolby Cinema version, and get a hold of the fourth instalment of giveaways. 

Size comparison with an iPad Air 4th gen. Angle is bad, making the drawing look even smaller than it really is. See better pic below.

Purchasing Japanese Film Giveaways

The drawing atop an iPad Air, to give you a better idea of its size

There are three giveaways as of this writing: Volume 0.5 manga, illustration of Yuta Okkotsu (called ‘visual board’ in Japan), and illustration of Gojo and Geto mentioned above. Some listers sell them by sets. Check out the online flea market listings:

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Search keyphrase (general):

呪術廻戦0 映画特典


呪術廻戦0 入場者特典

Search keyphrase (visual board only):

呪術廻戦0 ビジュアルボード

If you live overseas, one way to get a hold of these Japanese online flea market listings is to use a proxy shopper that ships worldwide. See my Shopper’s Guide for details.

Thank you so much for reading! Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. Your comments give me life and are a real source of encouragement. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram for daily manga/anime posts! xoxo – hana

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Thank you so so much for writing this review! I really appreciate it ? I loved and enjoyed reading it and the flow of the blog was good and smooth too ??

JJK 4DX experience really does sound so fun I really do hope they’ll offer the experience outside Japan too (ᗒᗩᗕ)??. Just imagining how the punches in the fighting scenes are timed with the tickles in your chair got me so excited. I love watching anime fighting scenes so I bet I’d really enjoy that feature along side with the shaking of the chair because it really makes you feel like you’re part of the fight hahah. I also feel like I might cry/get emotional at the end of the movie in the winter scene with Gojo and his students (TvT) I got a little emotional there in the manga but I bet with the snow feature and the scene being shown on a big screen would hit me tenfold.

I also love the stsg visual board they gave out. The art is so pretty and emotional at the same time. I love how you said, “These two have made their painful choice: which principles to fight for, whom to live by, whom to side with, whom to protect, whom to love… even if all that meant losing each other.” My BL heart screamed when I read that line hahah. I’m so curious what merch will they be giving away in the next theatre showing.

Thank you again for writing this! Have a great week ahead ?


I bet I would’ve grinned most of the time too from excitement hahah. You got so lucky snatching a ticket on the first day of viewing! I could just imagine the stress and frustrations from trying to secure a ticket before it sells out.

I also really do hope to see some extra scenes of stsg in season 2 after the end credits like how they did at season 1 (the extra random scenes that they show after the end credits ?) Would love to see random happy scenes of them together :”>

I’m really glad my comment put a smile on your face ? this really encourages me to step out of my comfort zone of being a silent reader (i’m shy hahah) and comment more ?


I also really enjoyed all the Jujusanpo. I agree that those short skits really do flesh out the characters even the curses. It makes me look at them in a different light/angle. So I really do hope they won’t take the Jujusanpos out in the second season ??✨

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment.x