Attack on Titan Merchandise – Asahi Wonda Morning Shot Coffee

Do you like canned coffee? I don’t. But there’s a way to make me buy them: slap on some AoT drawings and off I go to pay at the cashier’s?

Asahi Inryou has collaborated with Attack on Titan on a series of canned coffee drinks: Wonda Morning Shot (red can, sweet with lots of caffeine) and Wonda Kin no Bitou (gold with very low sugar content), featuring ten drawings each.

Asahi Wonda Morning Shot Coffee x Attack on Titan – completed collection of ten cans

Let’s have a look at the Morning Shot series. I thought it would take me longer to complete but on my grocery run two weeks ago I was able to secure 9 of them, and then the following week found the last 1. So here’s the completed collection, arranged according to the chapters they come out in the manga’s tankobon paperback volumes.

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Let’s take a closer look:

Asahi Wonda Morning Shot Coffee x Attack on Titan – The regular eight

From left to right, top to bottom: 

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  • Volume 1 The Desperate Battle Begins, featuring Eren Jaeger and the Colossus Titan (Bertholdt’s version)
  • Volume 7 Turning on Their Own, featuring the Attack Titan and the Female Titan. The original cover has the old Squad Levi but they’ve been removed from this one
  • Volume 8 Blood on His Hands, featuring the Female Titan, Attack Titan and Mikasa Ackermann
  • Volume 11 Do You Think This World Has a Future, featuring the Attack Titan and Armoured Titan
  • Volume 12 The Chase is On, featuring Krista Lenz (Historia Reiss), Eren and Mikasa
  • Volume 25 Girding for Battle, featuring the Attack Titan
  • Volume 27 Minutes to Midnight, featuring Eren in prison. The original cover has him behind bars but them steel rods would look ugly on a can, thus the choice of him tying his hair in a ponytail in front of the mirror
  • Volume 31 Advance of the Titans, featuring Mikasa and a bunch of wall titans. In the book cover the Founder Titan can be seen at the back, but he’s invisible in the can edition

Next are the two ‘rare’ cans. Rare here means only one or two appear per box of 30. Fortunately it only took me two grocery runs to find them. Either I was lucky or they’re not that rare to begin with!

Asahi Wonda Morning Shot Coffee x Attack on Titan – the rare cans

The two cans feature one half of a black and white drawing each, and if you put them side by side you can see the whole picture. It features Eren and the Colossus Titan, Bert’s version. 

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As for the taste…I like my coffee black so this one’s too sweet to say the least. I’m one of those coffee people who like freshly ground beans in my coffee, so I’ve a machine to do that. On weekends when I have time I ground the beans using a coffee grinder and give myself the pleasure of freshly brewed coffee using the syphon coffee maker you see in the background of the pictures.

And yet here is my AoT illustrated canned coffee collection. See how I’m a hapless consumer, captive to the workings of a capitalist system with its clever marketing ploys enticing me to buy stuff I neither need nor like the taste of? <Insert manic laughter here>

Here’s the collection decorated by some chibi figures:

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Illustrated coffee cans with a bunch of chibi figures.

I suppose I’ll drink the coffee as dessert or something. Dunno what to do with the cans, though. I saw someone turn them into succulent planters on Instagram. Sounds like a plan!

Of the ten cans, which illustration do you like best?

Thank you so much for reading! Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. Your comments give me life and are a real source of encouragement. xoxo – hana

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I’m just a random guy from France that will ask you where can we buy this (Out of Nihon)
Can you ship me some ?

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Hi Hana, Many thanks for the valluable information, appreciated !


i spy madagascar in the globe i see what you did there


chibis so adorable hello annie


dig the one with eren doing his hair

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