Attack on Titan Merchandise – Asahi Dodekamin Energy Drink

Now that the days have gotten quite warm I’m ready to guzzle up my collection of Asahi energy drinks called Dodekamin. Nope, it’s got nothing to do with Armin xD. The name’s a portmanteau of do meaning very, dekai meaning large, and vitamin. It’s a very popular brand of fizzy energy drink here in Japan. 

The current weather we’re having right now is 梅雨 (tsuyu) or rainy season. It’s my least favorite time of the year: the humidity is so high that the commute to and from the office is like taking a shower from your own sweat. By the time I arrive to whatever place it is I’m heading for, I’m dripping from head to toe, looking like a limp boiled asparagus and feeling just like one. Read: feels awful! 

So maybe it’s time for energy drinks, which are (needless to say) from a health perspective not that good for the body. All that caffeine and sugar, ugh!  I’m pretty sure they’re unhealthy. But the SnK packaging is so cute I found myself buying them in Spring when they first came out. It took me three grocery runs at three different supermarkets in a span of three weeks to complete the lineup.

The drinks come in 500ml PET bottles. Let’s have a closer look.

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Here’s EMA, front and back:

  • Eren:「摂取してやる。一滴残らず!」(Sesshu shite yaru. Itteki nokorazu!) – “I’ll consume it. To the last drop!”
  • Mikasa:「飲んでくれて・・・ありがとう」(Nonde kurete…arigato) – “Thank you…for drinking”
  • Armin:「何を摂取すればいいの?12種類の元気成分と・・・他に何を」(Nani wo sesshu sureba ii no? Juni shurui no genki seibun to…hoka ni nani wo) – “What should be ingested? 12 kinds of healthy ingredients and…what else”

They’re all humor-laden references to the famous anime/manga lines. I found them hilarious, especially Eren’s xD. It’s a perfect wordplay on that popular declaration of his: 「駆逐してやる。一匹残らず!」(Kuchiku shite yaru. Ippiki nokorazu!) “I’ll destroy them. Not one left standing!”

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Can it be any more perfect? (Channeling Ross Geller here…)

Our three beautiful veterans:

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  • Erwin:「飲めええええええええ!」(Nomeeeeeeee!) – “Driiiiiiiink!”
  • Levi:「これは持論だが、活力に必要なのはドデカミンだと思う」(Kore wa jiron da ga, katsuryoku ni hitsuyou na no wa Dodekamin da to omou) – “Just my opinion, but I think Dodekamin is needed for vitality”
  • Hange:「それはもう・・・最高に滾るエナジーだよ」(Sore wa mou…saikou ni tagiru enajii da yo)  “That truly…boils down to the best energy”

The vets are such a riot! Again, the play on those much-loved anime dialogue. Erwin’s is so hilarious I’m thinking of keeping the empty bottle, just to remind me to hydrate more, teehee.

Now for the Marleyan Eldians in their titanized form:

  • There’s Bertholdt’s Colossus Titan in front, and at the back is Armin’s “friend” in the fake preview that also appears in manga canon
  • There’s Zeke’s Beast Titan in front and Reiner’s Armored Titan at the back

I found the choice of Armin’s titan friend really bizarre. Shouldn’t it have been the Female Titan, to complete the RBA trio? Must be some strange guy in Product Development over at Asahi Inryo, the company making the drink. According to the official press release, the product targets working men. All the more reason why the Female Titan should have been chosen. My men friends that are SnK fans love Annie! I’m a working woman and I’d have voted for Annie myself.

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Anyway. I opened one (I bought two bottles with the Levi design) and drank it. It looks and tastes like most fizzy energy drinks: yellow and cloyingly sweet with that cough syrup-like aftertaste. Not my cup of tea (I doubt very much Levi would drink something like this if he existed IRL). But I’m a sucker for cute packaging, and what could be more adorable than our SnK babies? It’s fun opening my fridge and seeing our beloved characters all lined up, looking cute and being funny. 

By the way, the product line is limited edition, sold from March 10, 2020 JST. As of this writing they’re probably no longer available in most supermarket shelves. Last time I looked the Dodekamin packaging is back to its regular design.

Be that as it may, here’s to an energetic summer!

  • ETA 1: I just realized Asahi spells its product name with a “c” (Dodecamin) and not a “k” (Dodekamin)–my bad!
  • ETA 2: My good ol’ friend Krissy pointed out that it’s rich of me to critique energy drinks’ health property claims when I myself am an unabashed coffee addict and chocoholic. It’s true: I’m addicted to both caffeine and sugar… Krissy is absolutely right: I’m a raving hypocrite! xD

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arent you wishing they did your faves jean historia etc too


my faves are erwins susumeeeee version & levis jiron da ga version so hilarious lololol


project managers mightve stupidly missed annie but they sure did a great job with the word play rofl

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