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Attack on Titan Manga Meta: Chapter 136 Review

WARNING: Contains spoilers.

Out of Character

This isn’t exactly a review. It’s more of a hissy fit from a disappointed Jean stan and jeankasa shipper. So to those looking for a decent, cool-headed review, sorry but you won’t find it here. Hold the hangman’s noose and let me rant and whinge without restraint. 

Disappointed is too light a word, really. I’m devastated.

Not the Jean I Know

The Jean I know stands up for Eren. He did so against Magat when Hange and the team were with them in the forest, he did so in prison when Armin informed him Eren hurt Mikasa with his words. As an adolescent he was pissed off by Eren more times than we can count, but as he grew up and his character developed, he was the one amongst his peers who understood more than anyone that Eren cared for them and was doing the rumbling for their sake. And as a rational person, Jean knew his dream of living a relatively peaceful life in the capital was most likely to happen if Eren did destroy all their enemies. But Jean has a conscience, and he didn’t want to disappoint Marco either, so he decided to follow Hange and Armin. 

Excerpt from Chapter 136 of the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” ⒸHajime Isayama/Kodansha Comics.

But then this chapter he says—without enough reluctance it appears to me—that they’d have to kill Eren. It’s so out of character that if I pull at my hair any further I’ll become as bald as Pixys.

In my mind, next to Mikasa, Jean should be the least likely person to say this. Pieck would say it, and so would Gabi, which is understandable because Eren destroyed their hometown and killed their comrades. Even Connie would say it, because he’s mad he had to kill both Samuel and Daz just to have a chance of speaking with Eren, only to find there was no room for negotiation. But Jean? He is amongst those who would benefit the most from a full rumbling. I always thought of him as doing all he can to stop Eren, but not to the extent of killing him. 

Jeankasa is Canonically Dead

Why would Jean wish to kill Eren? How can this possibly be to his advantage? Exchange Eren’s life for a world that hates them and plots to exterminate them? This train of reasoning is so unlike the intelligent Jean I used to know. 

Will killing Eren give him a better shot at winning Mikasa’s heart? What a crazy thought! Mikasa is Eren’s barnacle, forever and a day, and Eren being dead or alive wouldn’t matter because in canon she is completely incapable of considering anyone else. Even at world’s end, the only thing going on in that tiny brain of hers is “Ereh Ereh Ereh Ereh Ereh Ereh Ereh…” x 10000000000000000000000.

Now we have Jean saying they’d have to kill Eren. 

How could a girl ever fall for a guy who says in her face they’d have to kill her only reason for living? 

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So Isayama just canonically killed jeankasa. How cruel our manga-ka was to give Jean that fantasy in Chapter 127, only to make him shoot himself in the foot. After what he’d said, Jean is dead to Mikasa from now on. 

Which is a real pity because through the years I kept holding a candle for them. Not limited to an AU setting, there was an idiotic, daydreamer part of me that always hoped maybe someday in canon, just as I fantasised in the fanfic On the Battleship, Mikasa will eventually open her eyes to the one guy who has wanted her all these years, come rain or shine. 

But this chapter killed every ounce of hope for that ship. It has sunk to the very depths of the ocean. Goodbye, canonical jeankasa. Fuck you Isayama for breaking my heart. Screw you for fucking up Jean Kirschtein at world’s end. Way to go butchering the best-written character in AoT.

Ships Unsunk

So what’s next for the ships? Aruani is canon, so all Isayama has to do is kill off Jean (who most likely will die trying to detonate the explosives wrapped around Eren’s titan’s spine) plus make Historia die at childbirth, and then there’ll be nothing getting in the way of eremika. 

Want a bestseller? More shitloads of money? Best way to do that is to give the fandom what it demands, and there’s no denying it: the huge majority of AoT fans are eremika shippers, thanks to that godawful anime adaptation by the witless WIT. Cheers to sellout Isayama! 

No Regrets

I’ve been waiting for new flashbacks showing us everything that happened during the timeskip, but instead we get some old information from our poor captain. He doesn’t regret choosing Armin over Erwin, but he has failed in fulfilling one last promise to the beloved commander, and it’s killing him softly. 

They used to be close, Levi and Eren. Once upon a time there was a feisty little boy who looked up admiringly at the gold standard of the Wings of Freedom. Once upon a time there was a sweet teenaged boy who was so eager to please the persnickety captain that he became an expert at cleaning. Ah, those were the days, the relatively happy days. How things have changed! Currently Eren is a rampaging god and these people who have loved him so are now trying to kill him. 

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Excerpt from Chapter 136 of the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” ⒸHajime Isayama/Kodansha Comics.

Levi saying he still had so much left to say to Eren just broke my heart, because I remember. I remember a young Eren sitting at the bottom of the basement stairway all depressed, and Levi standing next to him keeping him company. I remember a young Eren making Jean’s bed so that the captain won’t think of them as slovenly brats. I remember a young Eren gaping helplessly, frozen in place while the captain manhandles Historia as he forces her to accept the crown. 

It seems that while Levi doesn’t regret choosing to give the younger person a shot at life over the older person who has already led a full one, he still has regrets regarding Eren. Don’t we all? My one last wish is that everyone, before they all die, gets a chance to speak to our protagonist, have one last heartfelt conversation with him. Ah, me and my silly wishes. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Shitty Marleyan Soldiers

Are the Marleyan soldiers going to shoot at Mr Leonheart and his fellow Eldians? I thought they felt sorry for the way they treated Eldians and are willing to repent for their own crimes? Wasn’t all that just a couple of chapters ago? Doesn’t anyone ever learn?

I certainly hope this Muller dude will put a stop to this endless cycle of suspicion and retribution, otherwise Eren becomes entirely justified in doing the full rumbling.

Pieck is Alive

Well, I was 100% sure of this, but it was still lovely to see her moving out and about.

Excerpt from Chapter 136 of the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” ⒸHajime Isayama/Kodansha Comics.

She calls Jean by name! She’s showing him just how fully combat-certified she is! Maybe I should start shipping them instead, whaddya all think? I mean, it was a brunette in Jean’s Chapter 127 fantasy, so it might as well be the beautiful Pieck.

To be brutally frank, Jean probably has more chances with Pieck than with Eren’s barnacle. And since I like this titan shifter more than canon Mikasa, I’m all for it!

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Brains Go Think

Now that Armin and Zeke, the island’s brains and the continent’s brains, are given the chance to get chummy in Paths, I’m expecting they’ll put their great minds together and come up with a viable solution to their current predicament, including building a more impressive sandcastle than the small anthill Zeke has managed to build so far. Surely they have enough brain cells combined to make Eren an offer he can’t refuse. 

Go, brainiacs! Especially you, Armin. Save your friends! Save Eren! I know you’ll do just that, because Eren himself (who can see the future) predicted it is you and not anyone else who will save the world.

Told You So

There’s a colleague of mine who reads the SnK manga. Many moons ago he saw the Jean stickers on my desktop calendar and the Jean figurine on my computer monitor, and he told me, as friendly advice from a longtime manga otaku, that I shouldn’t be so invested in minor characters, including SnK’s. “Isayama only cares about EMA,” he told me. “That’s not true,” I retorted, “Isayama has George RR Martin levels of caring for supporting characters.” 

Today is Saturday, my off day, but come Monday I’ll see my colleague and I’m pretty sure he’ll have this smug look on his face saying, “Told you so!”

He’s right. Should’ve listened to him. Armin, who’s been the third wheel for a decade, now has his own sweetheart. Then there’s eremika. Nicely paired off, just like Harry Potter! Who cares about the rest of the gang? Not Isayama. Jean and his fellow minor characters will probably be all dead by the end of the manga. But who gives a shit? Certainly not Isayama. It’s EMA that really matters, as he’d just shown us in this chapter. Needless to say, it’s Isayama’s story and he can do whatever the hell he wants with it. What am I but merely one amongst his millions of satisfied customers?


Sorry, I know I’m being paranoid. There are still three chapters to go, which is enough time for Armin to come up with The Solution that’ll save everyone. No one else has to die.

I guess I’m too upset about the idea of Jean-the-murderer to keep up my enthusiasm for the manga. Part of Jean’s phenomenal character growth was going from an arrogant kid who was both annoyed at and jealous of Eren, to a level-headed young man who cared for and understood him. That Isayama would take this all away in a single stroke is a huge disservice to—no, a total disrespect of—his character development.

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Astute, clever Jean wanting to kill his good friend, to eliminate their one hope for a better life? Bullshit! Even if the only way to stop the rumbling is to kill Eren, I never thought Jean would offer to do it, or even be the one to suggest it. And in front of Mikasa to boot. No wonder I’m discombobulated and totally unhappy. Even Isayama’s attempt at okapi humour felt like dry cotton in my mouth.

I love Eren, I always have, and you’d know this if you’ve read any of my fanfic stories. I don’t want him to be killed by anyone, and most certainly not by his friends. I’ve always seen him as being a true hero, someone who loves his friends and family so much that he’s willing to lay down his life for them. He’s someone who is willing to die if that’s what it takes to save Historia and baby from being titanized. I’ve always envisioned him as someone who makes a sacrifice, the Ultimate Sacrifice, and not someone who is killed by his own friends, or whom his friends are willing to kill.

The End, Goodbye

Heads up, I doubt I’ll be able to muster enough energy to write about the latest anime episode come Monday, so don’t expect a review from me.

I feel like giving up on Attack on Titan. After eight and a half years of following the manga and only three chapters to go, I see my worst nightmare taking shape, and I can’t stand it. It’s madness but I’m now convinced it was all a complete waste of time. Dunno when I’ll ever feel like writing about AoT again. Maybe I’ll be back after the manga is over and Isayama has proven me wrong by giving me the ending I’ve always dreamed of. Until then, sayonara.

ETA January 11, 2020. I’m so sorry for this awful review. After waking up the next day, I’ve come to realise what a dick I sounded. I take back a lot of what I wrote in this blog post, and I’d rewrite the whole thing if not for the sane comments my readers have written. You can read their thoughts and my (suitably chastised) responses to them. Thank you so much to my caring readers for pulling me out of my self-dug pit of extreme paranoia and toxic negativity!

Thank you so much for reading! What did you think of this chapter? Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. xoxo – hana

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ok after reading this chapter i kinda think i know where yams taking mikasa character
at least i hope….
ok the mini theory i have is:
yes while this chapter shows mikasa’s growth a little bit by seeing her not outrightly say she is againts eren’s death we as the readers know that isn’t enought to show she completely became independt and somehow no matter much is still dependt on eren for emothianal support.
so i think the one person that can trully free mikasa is non other than ” drum droll”
like lets pic this scen of mikasa and eren talking them talking will be the secend chancs mikasa needs to tell eren that she loves him…but it also the best chance eren has to come clean after all base on the flashback in ch 130 we know half stuff eren said about akerman power is lie so he will tell her the truth too (after all eren is going to die so yams let him die by coming clean)
now comes the important part eren will set mikasa free by thelling her how is it.
by that i mean eren will tell her harshly (couse lets face it telling her softly will have no result) that the love she has for him is not what she thinks it is…i’m not saying eren doesn’t love mikasa i’m not saying that mikasa doesn’t care about eren but eren has to tell that this kind of love she has is a self distructive one couse she is depentd heavely on him wich makes her blind to his darker self( i actully think that was her armin and rest of 104th downfall along with hange and levi becouse they became blind to eren’s darker self couse they don’t want to belivde he can do this stuff wich ultimatly made eren unabale to tell his plan to them.)
this would shatter her but is needed step so she can find herself and become free.
to makd myself clearer i give thow exaples.
one historia…when ymir left historia her world shatter and she trapped in the darkness and it was eren who became her light but it was herself that choose to be free at the end and that is whats important
two eren…at the riess cave eren world was shatter too he want to die back then but historia saves him and became his light but eren himself choose to live and relie on his own power. and how does this apply to mikasa?
lets look at it like this what were eren and historias’ biggest fear? for hiatoria it was being herself for eren it was being titan
and like we see before they concure those fear by having the person who ultimatly love them
giving them light in the darkness.
what is mikasa’s biggest fear? losing eren.
so eren should be the one to shatter mikasa
but he will also should be the one who give mikasa the light she need to find her way but it will ultimatly be her choose to make to be free by HERSELF. like if we think about it like this the parralell that was maid in chap 130 between mikasa and historia takes a new turn eren will ultimatly be the light for historia and mikasa who love him dearly to find and free themself we already see this with historia and now is mikasa turn
but my dear friend lets not forget eren is mikasa and historia light but the meaning of that light is different and let also not forget that only one of those women will be eren’ light and we all know who..right?!❤

Last edited 7 months ago by Theblackone

Okay, Okay… I read everything again plus the comments and the amazing people who read your works already pinched your ears for me, plus you ended up agree with them…

But you will sure not escape my pinching! *RAGE*
I can’t left you alone that you ended up in sorrow because of the eremika assholes fandom that feels like they own the fucking world when THEY DON’T

Okay, let’s breath. In, out. Ok, I’m good now.

To be honest, the only complain that I had about this chapter is that it’s kinda too humorous, like poorly western comedy or something like that, which Isayama is soo into it. But he also into masterpieces like 僕たちがやりました and enjoyed many more high-quality things where he sure take some inspiration for SnK. So i really, really wonder.

“Let’s repay Kiyomi’s kindness!” Bitch, the world is on rumbling. Fuck you both.

“BUAHAHAH A RUMBLING WORTH OKAPI” Fuck that thing, and you too guys. Especially Mikasa, who doesn’t know what an Okapi is. SHAME ON HER WHO KNOWS JUST EREH

“BITCH I’M PIECK AND I’M STRONG” Bitch JUST- you just better keep Jean alive.

I don’t give a single fuck about you so you didn’t worth my special “fuck you” thing lol

I will not leave all my thoughts about the chapter here but just discussing yours. But lemme just said this: the way Jean said that thing about killing Eren was said with absolutely HURT, I could care less about what other people said, Jean with Mikasa and Armin are probably the only ones who loved Eren deeply enough: Connie just “didn’t wanted to give up on Eren” for me meant “I didn’t want to give up on him SO I can kick his ass later I just didn’t forget that Sasha died for this”. Levi just wants to kick his ass too. Erwin and Hange are gone. He doesn’t care anymore. He just wants to die in some heroic ways and that’s it.

Does Mikasa care about anything? The way she just said “Jean…” was like “Not you too about pointing out that Ereh is acting crazy Jean, you was always supportive about my Ereh thing, you even was the first that pointed it out that Ereh have reasons, let’s find them, but it’s also true that we don’t have much time left because Ereh is rumbling the world and if Annie didn’t saved us back then now we was death for sure, I don’t understand Jean, we really have to kill Ereh? I mean- I- EREEEHHH”. I pity her a lot. Our Mikasa is better than this. It’s very sad but if Eren is intoxicated with this freedom thing the only way to be stopped would be likely him die from his friends hands. I don’t know, maybe she will be finally free from this huge, deep and toxic thing that is literally blocking her growing up as an individual one.I pity her because she’s a slave to her unrequired feelings that are deep affection, but never romantic love. At least, she screamed “Jean!” and I guess she was meaning “Please don’t die”. I don’t think Jeankasa is dead like this, but it just begun.

If he will be supportive till the end (please Isayama you just love Jean and this manga finish in three fucking chapter so PLEASE don’t kill him in some idiotic ways) she will not being alone and found somone who deeply loves her. I just call this hope.

Ok, I rant so much.You had enough pinching!


i’d be really sad if you left the fandom during this final stage of the story. only 3 chapters left! 

i never shipped jeankasa, it seemed so unlikely to happen. but thinking of them as a happy couple is always nice. it’s like shipping jacob with bella in twilight. i never saw mikasa as someone who could love anyone else other than eren. jean’s feelings is unrequited, always has been.

but i really want jean to be happy! so i wish yams to treat him good in the end. but unlikely. still, yams might give us a miracle. you never know until the final chapter!

your jeankasa ship may or may not have sunk, but there’s your other ship, the one we ship together: erehisu. as you wrote so beautifully in your amazing fanfics, the erehisu relationship is really the cornerstone of the entire narrative. there’s still hope for it to happen canonically! so you musn’t give up! 

you’re the best erehisu fanfic writer out there. your stories of them are real *masterpieces*. while i don’t ship jeankasa, i really love the stories about erehisu kids you wrote in the war chronicles. in fact, i’ve bookmarked them so i can read when in need of some cheering up. it’s great seeing them grow, looking just like dad but having their own personalities. i’m still hoping you’ll continue to write about them. not only as kids, but as teens, as adults.

as i said, you’re the best snk fanfic writer i’ve read so far. would be a real pity if you stopped writing!

Last edited 8 months ago by madquueennhisu

I’ll be honest with you just for the sale of fully transparency. I don’t really fully agree with your assessment of the most recent chapters or any of them really, at least the ones I’ve seen. I don’t ship your ships, and I really feel you view the show through a shipping lens rather than what it is which is fine. To each their own.

That being said, you’re a great writer and I like the thought and enthusiasm that goes into your stories which is why I read them. (Sorry to be a silent reader :/). You obviously put a lot care into them, so don’t give up on the source material or think Yams is botching characters because it’s not going how you imagined. I’m sure he knows his characters best and your stories are how they can live up to your expectations and your dreams.

There are only a few chapters left, so I urge you stick with it to the end because you never know where he will take it. Be happy that it happened and that you got the characters you love so much even if it doesn’t end the way you want. And if it doesn’t end how you want, write about it! Take it into your own hands and write it how you want it to go!

I’m sorry if my opinion seems harsh or out of place. You can disregard it if you want or delete this entire comment if you like, but I do hope the latter half was encouraging. I won’t be bothering you again. Please don’t give up!


Please don’t be desperate.
I never know why I ship Jeankasa untill this mounth. I find it now why I ship them. They have better connection. Jean is the only one who understand her and Mikasa too that’s why Jean say “we must kill Eren” and not Connie or Levi. Just look her eyes. She is like she is awaking at “Ereh” she is worrying about Jean.
Their friends have not choice to kill Eren, look his chat circle Jean was shivering and that means he is trying to not cry.
Don’t give up on them! You made better Jeankasa nouvelle.

Last edited 8 months ago by MimiSun95

totally agree with your comment! this chapter gave me the reasons to continue with this ship


We’re not giving up! Mikasa is in change. She is trying to wake up now. She will be free. I don’t believe it now. I’m believe in Mikasa. XD


We hope to jean and mikasa will live (and the onther characters of course)! But mostly i want an and mikasa because of jeankasa baby! You know! 😉


if u abandon this blog ill ft u n whack u on the head with a fucken broomstick u hear me sistah u gotta learn to finish what you started dun be a fucken coward ill clobber u


But then this chapter he says—without enough reluctance it appears to me—that they’d have to kill Eren. It’s so out of character that if I pull at my hair any further I’ll become as bald as Pixys.

no no no u fucken crazy its very in character jeans the kind of guy who speaks da truth da harsh truth n nothing but hes telling mikasa what everyone in the group has in mind but dont want to put in words hes speaking of what fucken needs to get done with or without her approval its such a jean thing to do how could u think otherwise youve lost ur marbles what da fucks going on with u


fucken bitch dont u dare abandon the manga at this late stage of the story youre just making a fucken weak excuse to stop writing youll do no such thing bitch even if you hate the ending u gonna write n say u hate the fucken ending ya hear me


my pieck was the best of this whole chapter, anything that upset me or left me with a bad taste in my mouth she knew how to make it up to me xD when I saw that she was alive i could only cry with happiness


i wonder how good it would have been if no one from the legion intervened in the rumbling. humanity both inside and outside the walls is horrible. inside the island, its inhabitants would have ended up killing each other late or early (and worse with the titanic powers involved). sorry for my negativity xD


in the absence of armin, mikasa can only hope in jean, of all those who are there he is the one who has the most confidence and is the one with whom he spent the most time. furthermore, jean never hesitated to tell her the truth and the reality of the situation, even though he is hopelessly in love with her. mikasa knows about his rivalry with eren, which later turned into a “healthy rivalry”, so she no longer got into their fights when they fought lately.

jean is the only one she can follow at the moment since with captain levi is injured and in poor condition so there is only respect and affection for the timeshare, but she knows that she cannot let Levi act alone and less if it is to do something to eren.

you can also see jean’s pain on his face when he accepts that they must kill him. to be honest, this result does not seem far-fetched to me. obviously eren’s death would hurt me like hell, but if they want to stop the rumbling this is the most “logical” option they have at the moment because armin is not there and they lost who is the thinking brain and strategist of the group, without mention that he is the commander.

i just hope that armin can engineer something from paths or be able to get out of there and come up with a solution that doesn’t require the people who love and adore eren the most (and vice versa) have to make the unfortunate decision to kill him.


It’s the same scene with Marco! Jean loves Eren like Marco!


totally agree, eren marked jean the same way that marco did, jean loves both with the same intensity


my dear please don’t call bad luck!!!! the last thing that i want is a soap opera ending between eren and mikasa, i don’t see a non-cliché, stupid and corny way in which they end up together and i don’t want to have to claim a refund of my two years following this story back because it was a waste of time (at least 2 years is not that much xD)


Don’t be afraid for Eremika. I don’t think it will be. Maybe Eren tells her he loves her as a sister or his mother.


i don’t see a future for them either, i can’t even imagine mikasa making a declaration of love in the midst of this chaos. but when someone mentions the possibility of them being canon i start barking like a mad dog because i would really hate that ending xD


Me too!

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment.x