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Attack on Titan Manga Meta: Chapter 134 Review

[Warning: Contains spoilers.]

The Biplane Has Landed

Finally we find out where Zeke is! Historia is about to give birth. Hizuru is being stampeded upon. Countless people are dying, including newborn babies. Horror and mayhem, death and destruction everywhere. The Marleyan military is sorry for its sins, but alas, the repentance might just be too late.

Let’s have a closer look:

Zeke On the Mast

Like a prisoner tied to the mast of a ship, we finally find out where Zeke is. Dangling from one of the spines of Eren’s composite titan, it seems he’s being manipulated in aiding his younger brother. Zeke, who wanted to solve the problems of the world by exterminating his own race, is seen throwing rocks at his former employer and decimating its air fleet. 

I can’t help but think about the name Zeke. In Japanese it’s ジーク (read as ‘Jēku’, as in gee in gee-whiz with a k in the end). If the most common romanisation amongst fans is indeed correct, then it is a short version of the name ‘Ezekiel’. Ezekiel in the Bible’s Old Testament was a famous prophet, whose name in the Hebrew language means ‘God’s strength.’ In the Book of Ezekiel, the prophet sees visions, among them a valley of dry bones where the dead have risen again, the destruction of man’s lands leading to the massacre of Israel’s enemies and establishment of peace, and finally, a temple vision, where a commonwealth is established around a new temple in Jerusalem, along with the return of God’s divine presence.

Given that Isayama-sensei likes to christen his characters with meaningful names, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s taken inspiration from the Bible. It’s interesting how the Ezekiel in AoT is, indeed, doing god’s bidding at this point in his life, the god in this case being Eren Jaeger. 

When Eren and Zeke were traipsing about in memory land, Grisha had asked his eldest to stop his youngest, but instead we find the older one helping the younger one destroy the world. It must have something to do with Founder Ymir lending Eren her powers. Otherwise why is this royal acting the way he is?

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Reiner decides to fight him head on, warrior versus warrior. Will Reiner die in the process? Is Levi out there waiting to pounce on Zeke’s nape? Ah, can’t wait to see what happens to the poor firstborn Jaeger child. 

Historia Giving Birth

Oh my, the midwives look like nuns straight from a convent. I suppose they’re part of the Wall cult, who worship the royals and are therefore the family’s humble servants. 

Historia is sweating profusely and crying and it’s just heartbreaking to know she’s not surrounded by friends and family. Poor queen. What an awful, lamentable life she’s led so far. My greatest wish is that the child she is about to bring into the world is born out of love and not merely out of necessity. Otherwise her story, just like her ancestor Ymir’s, would simply be too tragic to contemplate.

The Destruction of Hizuru

Armin & Co have arrived too late since Hizuru is clearly being destroyed. We see Hizuruans unable to do anything but pray amidst the backdrop of Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. 

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If the wall titans are all the way into Hizuru territory, does that mean half the world has been decimated already? These are the times when I wish for a map of their planet.

Too Late to Say I’m Sorry?

The Marleyans and Marleyan Eldians are finally realising and feeling sorry for how they’ve treated Paradis and the warrior children. Reiner’s mother and Annie’s father are sorry for treating their children like tools, a means to an end. The Marleyans are sorry for turning Paradis into a scapegoat, blaming the island for all the problems in the world. Now the whipping boy has decided to end the biased treatment once and for all, and all the Marleyans can do is quake in their boots. They express their regrets out loud.

Kinda too late, innit? Are the self-reproach and apologies even genuine? Or are they just being voiced out in hopes Eren might hear and take pity on them? 

In Front of the Entire World

Good thing for the Marleyans that Armin & Co are actually taking pity on the rest of the world and now are breathing down Eren’s neck. Saving the world, while the world watches. Perhaps the world will finally forgive Paradis after seeing how its inhabitants are taking on their very own saviour Eren? Was that what Eren had planned all along, a spectacle wherein the entire world can witness these much-maligned islanders lay down their lives so that their enemies can live? And in doing so, finally win the world’s forgiveness and be allowed to co-exist with the rest of the world?

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Excerpt from Chapter 134 of the manga “Shingeki no Kyojin” ⒸHajime Isayama/Kodansha Comics.

Such a scenario gives me Code Geass’ “Zero Requiem” vibes (Episode 25 in Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2). In this story, the protagonist and anti-hero, Lelouch, is killed by his best friend Suzaku (a plan which they jointly hatched together), and the world unites in peace under Lelouch’s sister Nunally. In AoT, it’s clear Armin is not in cohorts with Eren. 

Don’t know what Isayama-sensei has in mind for his own manga’s ending, but the way the story is being told, it seems like Armin will surely come up with a unique solution that will solve everything. Seems AoT has lately become all about Armin, so I won’t be surprised if that’s the ending we get.

My guess is that there’ll be time travel and mind wipes and different planes of existence involved, so we’ll end up with a completely different ending from Taniguchi’s masterpiece. 

Whatever might be the case, Chapter 134 has been about Isayama-sensei showing off his much-improved drawing skills. Very little talk, but the scenes of innocent babies being killed are, for me, the manga-ka’s way of showing that Eren’s actions should not be taken lightly, and that Armin & Co are justified in trying to stop him.

What I’m really wondering is, is Eren even inside that dinosaur-like composite titan? Given all his powers, maybe that monster is just a stand-in robot being manipulated by him from afar. Maybe he is actually somewhere else, like at Historia’s cabin awaiting the birth of their child, for instance (Haha, that’s me with my fantasies kicking in!). 

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Also, after Armin & Co kill Zeke and drag Eren out of his titan, what to do with him?

Ah, questions without answers (yet)! I’m rather disappointed with the lack of new information and dialogue in this chapter, but that simply means there’ll be more than one chapter left before the whole story is brought to an end.

Thank you so much for reading! What did YOU think of the latest chapter? Please take a moment to share a thought or two in the comment section below. xoxo, hana

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Hello there. This is my first time commenting on any of your work and after reading chapter 134 I want to share my thought with you my english is not that good so please forgive me if some of the words are strange.
Chapter 134 aboute historia giving birth first it was so sad like how much she have to endure to finelly be happy..secend it rises a question : levi saide she has few mothe before giving birth so what!?
Like really yams won’t just add a detail like this for nothing and i thought it’s too fishy so i went back and read chapter 108 where the mps talk aboute her and then i read chapter 130 completly to figure out what’s going on
AND THEN ONE LITTLE SENTENCE AND FEW CLOSE UP PANEL OF HISTORIA give me a strange vibes ok in chapter 130 when during eren and historia converstion eren saide something alonge the lines of “They want to force parent and child to kill each other.” Then it show a close up shot of historia’s face changing ,she starts to swet and bite her lips and when she start to talk again she is stutterin…why? Why a siple sentence that EREN saide have this effect..UNLESS
I’m sure whre i’m going with this but i say it anyway…SHE IS ALREADY PREGENT WITH EREN’ CHILD.*BOOM*
Like let’s keep this in mind and exame theire talk againe ; eren told historia what mps are plannig and told her THEY eather have to fight theme or flee TOGHTER. Historia says theire is no need and would go along with the plane that whould benefite iland the best and says she is happy that eren and everyone stand up for her and thats enught.
First isn’t strange that eren just show op one day star talking about this king of stuffe with her and yet both are so calm? And the fact that eren says” OUR only options…”?
Anyway eren says is not enought for HIM
Why not mister? Can you also see that historia simply doing thist out of duty not want?
Then we see historia scared to the point tears telling eren his plane is wrong eren just he is aware with dead eyes and a calm voice.. then come the scen that i talk about eren says” they want to force parent and child to eat each other i wont let theme. And it was this that stop historia and we few close up shot of her wide eyes and her bitting her lips. Then when eren says ” you saved me..i was saved by the worse girl in the world. Historia just stare at eren. In next panel with those two historia is calmy but timidly asking eren ” what do you think abou me having a child?” This sentence gets whole new meaning why would she say that like why!? If she is asking eren to be the father why say it like this? Or if hiatoria wants to get pregent to delay mps plan why ask eren? Like i see it like this she was already pregent she and eren were alraedy toghter..and she become pregent FEW MOTHE BEFORE THIS TALK IN CH 130 she didn’t told eren and it actully could have multipule reasons like: she doesn’t want eren to feel goulty when he die becouse he would be leaving behind his child to grow up without him…another reasone coulde be that she is scared of eren’s reaction like historia has said she would go along withe 50 years plane and that she and her and eren’s child would be sacreficed.. so she keep silence.
Untile chapter 130 when eren remind that she is the worse girl in the world she rememberd that she live her life however she wants it and finely decided to tell eren.
When she sayed what do you think about me having a child look at her face her eyebrows are down she looks narvuse and WHATCHING EREN’S REACRTION CLOSLY..*boom*
Like we never saw EREN’S REACTION..WHY?
Side note : she could also seen that eren is plannig to die if it meants seccuse of the rummbeling..and want give him a reason to get back alive to her she doesn’t want to lose someone who she loves smeone who also LOVES HER she lost her sister and ymir who clearly loved her and historia loves back but left her why would she let Eren go?
Another thing that i want say*sorry this is getting too long😶* remember the scene on the train when eren sayed you all are important to me he never saied any thing about historia or an image of historia wasn’t show. Becouse they all are his friend historia is more than that. Eren’s feeling for historia starts way back during uprising arc he ddin’t what this feelings are but he had them case and point in seadon 3 part 2 when armin is trying to wake eren up armin mention their dream the ocean but what was eren’s dream HISTORIA. As eren grow up and became wiser he figure out what this feelings are case and point when he understood that falco is talking about a girl when he saied he want to save someone becouse eren also have a girl he want to save. Whwn hisoria’s feeling begune? Well during the meeting with azumabito eren stand up for her and she tear uped this could be the starting point.* eren fell in love first.* they were 16-17 at that time and the scen on the train could be when eren was 17 close to 18 so we can say eren and historia were toghter for about 1 to 2 years before historia gets pregents eren is 19 in present so we can say he is 18 close to 19 in chap 130. IT ALL JUST FITS.
Ok that is all sorry for the long wall of text i just have to get that off my chest.
Like i said this is all my thought but i like to belive it true couse yams won’t add details like this for nothing. Keep up the good work.
Have fun in’s 23 pm here but who cares?
XOXO hugs 😆😀

Last edited 3 months ago by Theblackone

Helloooooooo! Thanks alot for the reply it really made my day😀
I actually have read all of your stories my fav are the novel about jean and mikasa and queen’s lover … about storyteller i LOVE it soooo much it was really good especeilly historia and eren talkinh about anything and everything and the fact she is the one that eren opens up to and tells her his darkest thought the last chap broke me tought it was really really sad but i love it non tha last. Keep up the amezing works. Fun fact: queen’s lover was the fist story that i read frome your blog and it was the story that introduced me to the rest..and all i have to say is that i find a gold mine I have no plan to abanden.


I leave rest of my thoughts here:
The reason i belevie eren didn’t know historia is pregent until she told him is simply becouse of the difference in eren’s behaveir in flashbacks and present time.
In early flashbacks before the 50 year plan was introduce eren look sereus he had saw the rummbeling and it had scared him but we still could see the old eren in him. He still holding onto the hope that there is way to garantee paradise iland a future without the rummbling. Then enters his dear older brother and his secret plan and the azumabitos here things start to go out of eren hand. First comes zeke’s secret plan wich eren first thought it is the rumbelling and we know that eren didn’t want to do it . So he goes to listen to reat of plan wich became even worse when it was revieled that historia and her future children must bacome titan. Wich is even a bigger NO-NO for eren noway he would sacrefice his girl. So now eren had to act fast. Another plan was that to secure peace azumabito would help paradise to trade with onther countries and eren go along with it he still holding onto hope but sadly that didn’t work in another flashback during wich eren and co were working on the railway Hange delevered the sad news that azumabito cant help do notice eren ‘s face here he lookes shoked befre looking thoughtful then he ask ” do we now have to sacrrifice historia?” Levi comfirm it then armin start to go on about trying to talk to others. In the next shot eren turnback to armin and he looks low-key angry at him like he was thinking something along the lines of “My love’s life is in danger and you’r talking bullshit?” Eren lost all hope in outsiders and desided to take mathers into his own chap 130 in flashbacks we saw that eren talks with yelena about zeke plan I thinks eren here want to talk to zeke so they can find another way that isn’t rumbbeling or historia’s life. Afterall zeke is a titanshifter with the royalblood so they can find anotherway if they work toghter right? WRONG! Turn out zeke plan was much worse that eren ever thought zeke want to use the power of the founder to end eldian race forever by making them unbale to have children. This goes againts eren goal completlg he want a future for paradise not this. Eren now is in much bigger mess. Right now you’r thinking to yourself what all of this have to do with eren not knowing he is going to bacome a father??! Well my friend yams is celever, he in this flashbacks he is pointing out two thing one eren’s reluctant to do the rummbeling and two he’s undying love for historia. Sadly eren has to choose one and he of course would choose his girl. It tooks it toll on eren thought and isayama shows it in two different chapters. When eren and co go to marly undercover. In the fist flashback from mikasa she saied eren had changed but she and armin pretent it hadn’t(some friends you are).from eren the effect is much more hightlighted as he breaksdown crying and apologizing for what he is about to do.
Ok that is end of flashbacks now what i’m pointing out here is that eren losing hope more and more as time goes on and he become silence and feels lonely becouse there is no one to share his burden with. That is where eren’ hope come along and that is of course historia. The person who saide to eren if the entire world become their enemy she would remain his ally. Her love in those 4 years give eren the hope that there must be a another way and that’s why in chap 130 when eren know there isn’t any other way he goes to historia. He seeks historia’s love.and by seeking historia’s love he got his answer and that answer is “the secenery”
In chap 122 eren talks about a secenery he saw when he kissed historia’s hand.and we saw a oddly peacfull look on his face. That peacefull show up in anime as well in ep 4 of finel season when eren saied his going back home his face in not only peacefull but his voice as well yuki kaji is eren’ voice acter and he is amezing but he also talks with yams alot about how to voice eren so we can say him using this king of voice is no coincedent. That rises question what is exally home to you eren ? Is it paradise iland?your friends? Or a certain blond queen who is carrying a mini blond and waiting for you? At the same time what is exactly that secenery in chap 131 during child eren is at the of eren’s founding titan he talks about freedom and i thinks some people thpught this the secenery but i disagree here is why; adult eren was the one who saw the secenery not his child self a child see the world differently that an adult . Child eren is talking about freedom but that freedon is built upon the death millions of people. Adul eren know this and like i said before it broke him so he is uesing his child self mindset to cope with it.*an anime youtuber by the name of sufference has made an amezing video about this by the name of the two minds of eren yeager check it out if you want* so now we can say eren is talking about something else when he saide secenery but what? I’m sure we all know what my friend is of course historia and their child his very own family something that belongs to him something that he love without a question. Beyound this hell eren saw his family eren saw himself having a family he saw his child and historia living after everything and it give him peace.
I don’t know if eren would live to be part of it or he would die but i hope he would go back to see historia and their child one last time before moving on to afterlife(like your story the storyteller)or something better live to see his child growing up and growing old with historia this is all just me wishing but hey we got servive eren’s death somehow right? So why all of this prove eren didn’t know about the pregency? Like i saide his behavier in present is different becaose he now know he have somthing to look forward to when he comeback..historia one againe give him hope to live and to comebac home. But i ‘m sure you’re thinking if the secenery that eren saw was his family then how come he didn’t know his going to become a father? The answer to that is simple; he may not fully understand what he saw case and point in reiss cave when rod and historia touch eren’s back he saw his father memory but as we all know he didn’t aaw it fully. The same could be said about the secenery. Chap 130 when eren goes back to historia in emothanal state that both were in they kiss or historia simy held eren’s hand when he find out he is going to become the father(or something much more magical like your lovely story queen’ lover) bur non the last that was when eren the saw the full secenery and find out there is somthing beyound that hell that worth protecting till the end. Historia’s love for eren would the thing that make him servive and come back to her.
Ok that is all sorry for another ling wall of text but after reading your reply i decided to fully explaine why didn’t know about the pregency and why him not knowing is important. This is simply a theory. That i come up with that decicded to share.
But isayama had given so many detail about eren and historia’s love for each other that i’m suprise only handful notic.
Hopefully isayama will add some more evidane for speed readers.
Have a nice day my fingers are about to fall off.😅


Honestly the chapter was so boring. But because I’m delusional in chapter 112, Levi mention “ If historia is prepared as she said she is she’ll give birth in a few months” it could be a error on Isayama part but the fact that another character says “ few months” makes me think it’s deliberate. I say this because in-story it’s been like 5 days from 112 I think and well she’s giving birth now. Thoughts.


I’m rather disappointed with the lack of new information and dialogue in this chapter, but that simply means there’ll be more than one chapter left before the whole story is brought to an end

was hoping 2020s when he pulls the plug on aot and get on with something new but guess not


love your idea of eren not being inside his titan but in historias hideout


another boring chapter am so done with this manga lol


pulling out that panel of the baby being detached from its mother’s arms and the people of hizuru praying before facing their hymn deaths… the chapter seemed so boring to me… I need new information, some jump in time, anything!!! lolol

anyway, i’m proud of how isayama improved his drawing skills


p.s. i read a theory about zeke being dead and eren (or ymir or both xd) is actually controlling his corpse and it seemed so trite to me but we are talking about shingeki so anything is possible


oh! and I remembered, pieck was without her armor and with all those explosives, i fear that she could be badly injured or worse, die. so i’m waiting for the next chapter with my heart in my mouth. i dont want more deaths! i want my girl pieck, jean, connie, mikasa, armin, reiner, hisu and her baby and everyone to live a long life T_T but as i said before, we are talking about shingeki no kyojin so most likely i will end up knitting a sweater of my own tears like spongebob lol

Would love to hear your thoughts, please comment.x