Attack on Titan Fanfiction – With Friends Like These: Chapter 3

[Warning: NSFW]

Let’s Remember What It’s Like

“Wow, Jean, you’re on fire!” Eren rolled off him and onto his back, panting hard. The sex started in bed but got so savage and ferocious they were soon lurching and undulating on the floor. Jean was aflame so much so that half the time he had a pillow shoved into his face to keep himself from bellowing in pleasure and waking everyone asleep across the hall with the unmistakable sound of him and his fellow soldier shagging wildly inside his childhood bedroom. 

“What got you all feverish?” Eren wondered aloud. He turned on his side with an arm propping his head, eyes gazing quizzically at the blond covered with sweat and semen, who promptly looked away. 

“C’mon, Jean, out with it!” Eren demanded. “I’ll get it out of you yet!”

Reluctantly Jean replied, “Well, today was quite eventful…for me, at least.”

Eren knitted his brows, replaying in his mind the events of the day, which were all pretty mundane to him. They fixed a few shutters on Mrs Kirschtein’s house, mended a couple of wobbly furniture, went to the market to help with the weekly shopping, then had tea at a tea-shop by the river, ate dinner back at Jean’s…there were no titans or MPs trying to kill them or anything else noteworthy. The titan shifter scratched his head. “Did I miss something?”

“Lamebrain,” Jean replied, sighing. “I got to kiss Mikasa…” And pinch her ass. Of course that’s peanuts to you since you get to shag her wherever and whenever you want, he thought enviously.

“Ah!” It was as if a light bulb lit inside Eren’s clueless head. He wasn’t completely done yet with his oblivious phase. But he was slowly catching on. Now he had a bemused look on his face. “That theatre thing the three of you did, to show up your bullies!” Truth be told, that part went in over his head. He actually had to ask Sasha later on to explain what the whole thing was about, and was surprised to learn that what seemed to piss off his three friends the most was what bothered him the least. What made him angry was their insults toward the SC. As for Jean dying young and a virgin, he knew none of that was true: Jean was far from being virginal and Eren wasn’t going to let him or any of his other friends die anytime soon. 

“It was only theatre, but still…it got me going,” Jean admitted ruefully.

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Eren’s eyes on him were amiable. “You really like like her, don’t you?”

“Duh, you know I do. No talking about it, deal?” They’d agreed a long time ago not to talk about Mikasa because it roused the Green-Eyed Monster inside Jean and made their fistfights no longer fun.

“If she ever asks me how you are in bed I’ll give you an A+,” Eren offered.

Jean gave him a look. “Shut up, Eren!”

“Did you enjoy kissing her?” was Eren’s next curious question.

“Of course I did! Now’s the time for you to shut the fuck up!”

The dark-haired shifter moved about so that he had his chin resting on Jean’s chest. “That was a very sweet kiss you two shared,” he observed belatedly.

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“Eren, I’m warning you!” Jean held up a fist in front of the brunet’s face.

Unperturbed, Eren remarked with a pouty look, “You don’t kiss me like that anymore.”

“You and I are way past the first kiss stage!” Jean shot back, rolling his eyes.

The other guy was thoughtful for a while as he took a towel and wiped down Jean’s body. Then suddenly, “I’ve an idea! You’re sure to like it! Will you trust me?”

Jean eyed him suspiciously. “Trust you? Nah!”

“No, seriously! You said I didn’t do anything for you at the market. I’ll do something for you now. It’s your birthday next month. Think of it as an advanced birthday gift.” 

“We’ve just had fantastic sex. I’m happy already…”

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“Remember, Jean, back when Commander Erwin was still here, you know, that night at the forest?” 

“Ah,” Jean did remember. How could he ever forget?

It was a hot, muggy night, one of those summer days when it was too uncomfortable to have sex indoors that all the lovers were seeking out a place under the light of the full moon. Jean and Eren snuck out of the barracks and were trudging along the patch of forest next to the officers’ quarters, looking for a mossy clearing. They were walking toward a spot they’d used before when suddenly Eren stiffened.

“Shh,” he whispered, putting a finger over Jean’s lips, “there’s someone over there.”

They went down on hands and knees and crawled as quietly as they could behind some bushes. And there before their prying eyes, on that mossy patch, were Erwin and Levi. The blond commander was sitting on a tree stump, blindfolded, naked, and Levi was kneeling between his legs. He was giving Erwin a blowjob, but it wasn’t the quickie kind to get the other hard for penetration. The blowjob was the main dish, and Levi was doing it slowly and deliberately, taking all the time in the world. Teasing and teasing the commander until he exploded, after which Levi straddled him and removed the blindfold, and they kissed deeply and embraced and caressed each other’s bodies and murmured in each others’ ear for what seemed like hours. 

The voyeuristic boys were amazed, jaws on the forest floor as they took in the perfect bodies of their superiors, muscles glistening with sweat and saliva under the bright moonlight. Levi and Erwin were entwined, and exquisitely formed, like marble sculptures. When they finally moved, Erwin was preparing to return the favor and kneel between Levi’s legs, not to penetrate but to lick and suck leisurely the way Levi did earlier. 

That was when Eren got nervous. “We gotta go,” he whispered urgently. “The captain will face this way and he’ll see us!”

“What do you mean?” Jean protested. He wanted to watch Erwin in action, to learn from him. “It’s dark out, how could he possibly see?”

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“He can see in the dark and feel body heat from a mile away!” Eren insisted. “C’mon, we need to go; if we get caught it’ll be the end of us!”

They crawled away, him reluctantly, Eren determinedly. The months went by but Jean never forgot that sight of Levi and Erwin together: it was burned into his memory. What he saw was beautiful and tender and romantic, the love between the two so palpable you could cut it with a knife. Was that how longtime lovers did it? Did they just witness a demonstration of the difference between making love and having sex? 

He had glanced at Eren sideways as they scurried away. “Think we can do it that way?” he ventured. 

“Dunno, don’t think I can stand it,” Eren replied honestly. “Took ages, don’t you think? When I look at you I just want to bang you.”

His bluntness made Jean flush, but he knew exactly what Eren meant. He, too, equated sex as fucking like jackrabbits. Whether it was a pussy hole or butthole, all he felt like doing was plundering and plunging away. Both he and Eren were overflowing with youthful energy they couldn’t keep still. They longed for powerful movement, zestful action and more action. They just wanted to rut. Could they learn to keep still that way, to listen to the breathing of the other, read the expression on their face, determine their level of excitement by kissing the pulse point on the side of their neck, build it up skillfully to a roaring crescendo? Maybe when we’re older, Jean thought, hopefully. 

And now, present day Trost. Eren obviously felt he was ready. He grinned at Jean, a teasing, challenging grin.

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