Attack on Titan Fanfiction – The Storyteller: Chapter 5

Warning: NSFW. Contains graphic depictions of sex, including pregnant sex.

Take All of Me

Sometime after the Battle of Liberio, after Zeke was brought to the island

Historia was tossing and turning in bed, drifting in and out of sleep, when a hand clamped over her mouth. 

“Shh,” came the familiar whisper. “It’s me.”

Eren. She bolts upright, letting out a small cry of delight and wrapping her arms around his neck. Immediately they start kissing and attempting to talk at the same time.

“How’d you get here? I thought you were in prison!” 

“I escaped,” he says, stating the obvious.

“How? Did Floch manage to get you out?” she asks, between kisses.

“No, I used the Warhammer titan, blew a hole through the prison wall.”

“But they’ll come looking for you!”

“Not here, at least not at first. We have tonight before I’ll have to meet with Floch.” With that he tore his lips from hers, went to bolt the door and close the shutters and curtains. Historia lit a small lamp on the bedside table.

“Let me see you,” he demanded. 

She raised her arms and he slipped her nightgown off her body. 

“Wow, oh wow,” he whispered in awe as his eyes raked over her nakedness, licking his lips as he took in the glowing smooth white skin. Eyeballs nearly popping out of their sockets, he stared at her heavy breasts, looking obscenely large on her small frame. With gentle hands he stroked her protruding belly, so huge and rounded now since the last time he saw her. 

“Gods, Historia, you look incredible!”

“I feel like a giant balloon these days…” she says, flushing.

“You look stunning,” he reassures her as his hands cup her full tits before roaming everywhere, squeezing and kneading, his eyes gleaming appreciatively at her lushly curvaceous body. 

“Ah, the baby’s moving!” she exclaims, taking his hands and guiding them to the spot. “Just in time to say hello to her father.”

Eren was grinning happily as he laid his cheek on the rounded bump. Ah, what a wonder. But then he apologises, “Forgive me, little one. I need your mother right now.”

Quickly he shed his breeches, standing naked in front of her, the stiff rod between his legs proving the strength of his need. He reaches between her legs as she kneels on the bed and nearly laughs out loud in wicked delight. “Dripping wet and all ready for me!” he grins, raising his soaked fingers to his mouth and licking them clean.

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“Shh, not so loud,” she whispers, blushing, concerned about the guards within the perimeter. Moving to the edge of the bed, she motions for him to take her doggie-style. “I’ve been thinking of you all night, every day. Take me, Eren, fuck me hard.” They hadn’t seen each other for months and were so horny there was simply no time for prolonged foreplay.

“Aaaaah,” she moaned in relief when he entered her.

Eren stood behind her and soon, he was pumping his cock in and out of Historia’s welcoming pussy. He watched her huge tits bouncing, her swollen belly hanging underneath her as she reared her head back, all the while biting her lip to keep from screaming as Eren drove his turgid cock hard and fast and steady, grabbing and squeezing her ass cheeks the whole time.

Groaning as quietly as she could, Historia welcomed the cockmeat filling her, ramming herself hard against him, in time with his thrusts. Her wanton enthusiasm excited Eren as he slammed into her sopping wet cunt, loving the squishing sounds they made. Hunching forward to caress her hanging belly, he rubbed tenderly in gentle circles, before grabbing her huge tits and pinching and pulling. 

“Eren, more, please, more…,” Historia begged him, fucking him back, squeezing her cunt muscles to give him as much pleasure as possible. 

“Oh gods, Historia, it’s been so long,” he moaned as the pleasure built and built. Harder and faster he slammed into her dripping pussy hole.

Eren’s cock in and out of her was heaven and tears began to fall as he touched a spot within her so deep it made her cry out in pure bliss and she exploded, squirting heavily on the bed. 

His groan was almost demonic as her hot pussy juices coated his cock. He feared he couldn’t hold it much longer. 

“Don’t stop, Eren, don’t stop,” was her command, and so he closed his eyes and did all he could to last a little longer, gripping Historia’s swollen hips and pounding in and out, in and out of her tight wet hole, an exquisite agony wrapping around his body, reveling in the feel of Historia’s cunt muscles gripping him like a fist.

But the pleasure was simply too much. “I’m coming,” he moaned and when Historia felt his cum shooting inside her she pressed her forearm into her mouth and screamed, muscles releasing, and she came again, in time with him. He was deep, oh so deep inside her and he grunted a few times, loud grunts of satisfaction as he felt her spasming cunt milk him.

Momentarily sated, they collapse onto the ruined bed. It took only a few minutes but both of them were so horny they each came hard and fast. Now that the blinding need urgency had been satiated, Eren wanted to concentrate on Historia.

Rubbing her huge belly while watching the lamp cast playful lights and shadows upon it, he said, “You’re shining, so round and bright, like the sun,” before kissing all across the bump. Historia gazed at him, a loving, happy smile on her face. They entwine their fingers and together they rubbed her belly, taking their time, feeling their baby tumble around again. And then he did something that he knew Historia adored: he rubbed his face, stubble and all, over the huge mound. It tickled and turned her on at the same time, a strange yet pleasurable feeling. 

“It’s so heavenly when you do this, Eren,” she purred like a contented kitten, following the movement of his head with her fingers playing with his dark and messily long hair.

The love of his life was heavily pregnant with his child and there was no better love potion. “Can we go again?” he asked, pressing her hand against his growing hardness. “Look what you did to me.”

“Yes, please,” she said, smiling. “But take my mouth this time. I need you to fill every hole in my body.” They stood on the rug and slowly she kissed her way down his chest, his abdomen, sliding further down. She knelt on the rug and positioned Eren so that he was standing and straddling her body at just the right height. Eagerly she took his throbbing cock into her mouth, licking the head of his shaft in short teasing strokes, before swirling her warm tongue around the entire bulb. Sliding her mouth over half the length of his rod, she worked her tongue.

“More, more…,” was all Eren could moan as his hands kneaded her head.

Slowly, as if she had all the time in the world, Historia positioned his cockhead in her mouth and began to swallow his entire length down her throat. Soon her lips reached the base of Eren’s penis, his dark pubic hair tickling her nose. Looking up at him she saw he was panting, biting his lower lip in pleasure. Now that she had deep-throated him she rhythmically tightened and loosened her lips around the base of his cock, applying just the right amount of pressure to make him want to cum, but not yet. She wanted to tease him, punish him for the prolonged period of time they couldn’t see each other and she had to deal with fevered dreams of his cock plundering every hole in her body. So she worked her throat leisurely, making swallowing motions while her hands gently massaged his balls. 

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Eren was groaning, almost in pain. “Harder, my queen, suck harder,” he begged, beginning to pump his hips into her mouth. Sensing him at the brink, she used one hand to grip the base of his cock, and with the other she pressed on the sweet spot between his balls and penis. Her mouth made suctioning motions and she sucked with all her might. 

“Nggnnggh,” he groaned in pleasure, readying himself to shoot down her throat. But she slid her throat out with a popping sound, motioning for him to come all over her body. So he sprayed her with cum, shooting all over her beautiful face, the massive preggo tits, the huge shining round belly. She raised her big blue eyes up at him, her tongue tantalisingly licking her lips, tasting his cum. Eren watched, panting, still hard, fascinated at the sight of her sweetly curvaceous body covered with his spunk. Without taking her eyes off him she spread his ejaculate all over her huge breasts, before raising one of them to her mouth and licking and sucking her own turgid nipple. 

“Oh gods,” he groaned, kneeling beside her, kissing her long and hard before raising her other nipple to his own mouth and swirling the nipple with his tongue. Soon he was licking her rounded belly, cleaning his own cum off of it. She stroked his hair, moaning at his gentle ministrations. She loved how he loved her bump, how tenderly he caressed her there. They cuddled for a while, she on her back with her head pillowed on his bicep, Eren on his side with his hand over her belly.

“I love you, Historia,” he said. “You’re all I could think of while I was in prison.” Fight, fight, he had told himself before the prison mirror. In his mind were images of her, this woman who carried his child, both of whom he loved more than life itself. 

“I love you, Eren,” she replied, turning her head to gaze into his eyes. “Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you.” 

They lie there for a while, simply looking at each other, stroking her swollen belly with their entwined hands. 

“Let’s go back to bed,” she suggested. “You need to get some sleep.”

“Not until I taste you,” he said, “every drop of you.”

Soon he was on his back on the soft, thick rug, and she was straddling him. 

“Look at me, Eren,” she commanded, reaching down between her legs and spreading her plump cunt lips. They were glistening, like petals on a wet pink rose covered in morning dew. 

Groaning, Eren positioned his head so that she could sit on his face. With one hand he spread her dewy cunt lips, and with the other he caressed her huge belly. When he usually gave her head, before she was pregnant, he’d kneel and pull her upside down against him and drape her legs over his shoulders, raising her pussy to his mouth. Historia sitting on his face was rare for them, and it excited him. He stuck out his tongue and went at it, exploring every crevice, marveling at the musky new taste of her at this late stage of her pregnancy. Circling her pussy hole before spearing his tongue inside, he lapped at her juices, top to bottom, licking for all he was worth. He could hear her moan, feel her plump thighs begin to tremble. Raising his head he sucked her clit into his mouth, tonguing the bud and making it pop back and forth in his mouth. All the while his hand made gentle circles on her pregnant belly. Then he nipped and sucked hard on her clit and she came.

“Aaaaargh,” she pressed her arm to her mouth to muffle her scream as her body convulsed, crushing his head between her thighs. Eren licked and licked, drinking every drop of her pregnant girl cum. When he surfaced his entire face was shiny with her wetness. 

This time it was her turn to lick him clean. They take turns toweling each other’s bodies, showering gentle kisses on the other’s skin. 

She got up on her knees and took his hand, aiming to put him to bed. “Get some sleep, my love,” she said. The truth was she was dripping between the legs and she needed him once more. But he really had to get some sleep, and she considered his rest more important than her need for cock.  

But he wouldn’t budge. “Doubt I can get any sleep tonight,” he said, grinning a wicked grin. “Look,” he guided her hand between his legs. He was rock hard. Again. What was it about her rounded, buxom body that turned him on? The feel of her shapely curves molding to his hands was like an aphrodisiac. He couldn’t have enough. 

“You look gorgoues,” he said, eyes raking over her plump and heavily pregnant body. “Let me watch you.”

“But I’m so chunky,” she protested. 

“You’re luscious. Absolutely delectable. You know you are.”

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So she straddled him once more, reaching between her legs to position herself over his throbbing shaft. The head of his cock was inside her once more, and she held out her arms. Eren clasped her hands to his, supporting her balance. Slowly, for his benefit, she wantonly gyrated her hips, taking his length inside her hot channel inch by inch, looking straight into his eyes. 

He was panting now, enjoying the show. But he needed more, so he unclasped his hands from hers and reached out behind to grab her ass cheeks, pulling them to either side. Then he raised his hips up and they moaned together as he slid his entire length to the hilt. From below he began to pound up and down into her tight wet cunt, and she matched his rhythm, closing her eyes at the incredible sensation of his stiff cockmeat filling every inch of her.   

Using their height difference to his advantage, Eren raised his upper torso so he could bend over her and take a heavy preggo tit into his mouth. He bit softly at the nipple, and he heard Historia sigh with pleasure, stretching and holding her heavy breast and offering them to his mouth. Licking and sucking eagerly, he squeezed the soft mound and swirled his tongue all over the hardened nipple, enjoying the sound of his woman whimpering and moaning. One huge teat, then the other. All the while he pounded and pounded his cock into her heated pussy, the wet squishing sounds getting louder and louder, the smell of sex wafting throughout the entire cabin.

Soon Historia straightened her back and was lifting herself up and down his shaft like a madwoman, huge bump moving with her, massive tits bouncing all over. “I’m so close, Eren, so close,” she gasped. Reaching down between her legs she rubbed her clit, gathering the cream they churned together and spreading it to her swollen belly all the way up to her red-tipped breasts. Because she knew he loved watching her, she pulled at her nipples and then squeezed the massive melons together. She kneaded them and he licked his lips, enjoying the offering. He sucked hard at the nipples one last time before reaching down beneath her huge belly and finding her engorged clit, flicking it back and forth, and then gently pinching it between his thumb and forefinger. 

Her huge jugs bouncing up and down, Historia moved her cunt up and down his pole, rotating her hips, her swollen belly moving with each circle she made on her lover’s cock. Up and down, left and right she bucked and groaned, reveling in the feel of him stretching her, filling her up, reaching the very depths of her womanhood. 

Eren loved it, eyes popping, fascinated by the frenzy of her movements, feeling the depths of her need for him.

Leaning backwards and planting her palms on his thighs, she arched her back, displaying to him her heavily pregnant body in all its magnificence. 

Gods, she’s absolutely gorgeous. 

“Are you ready, Eren?” she asked, panting hard, lids heavy with desire. 

“Like never before,” he said, lifting himself up and holding down her hips, slowing her movements to a deliberate grind, before rubbing his hands up and down her smooth thighs. “Slow down, my queen. Give me the reins now,” he said, preparing to take her.

“No, my love, lie back. Let me please you. Let me love you, Eren,” she insisted, pushing his shoulders back down. She reached behind her back to insert a finger into her butthole, while the other reached down to pluck at her clit, fingers reaching a feverish pitch. 

Eren watched, keeping himself from humping upwards, tenderly caressing all over her swollen belly with his rough hands. Historia’s talented fingers were causing her pussy hole to tighten, like a snug fist. Moaning, she opened her eyes and gazed at his handsome face. He was so hot and handsome he could make her orgasm just by drilling those intense green eyes into hers. “Come with me,” she begged him, and then her body began to shake uncontrollably. 

Feeling her strong, hot, wet pussy muscles gripping his shaft in forceful pulses, Eren groaned, unable to stop the rocking of his hips as he felt her cunt climax on his turgid cock. He saw her gasping for air, throwing her head back, her pussy muscles clamping down hard on him. Soon he was shooting his spunk deep inside her.

“I can feel your hot load inside me,” she was all but screaming. “Fill me up, Eren, fill me to overflowing!” With that she arched her back, making her massive tits jut out, then reaching with both hands between her legs and spreading her slick cunt lips underneath her rounded belly, revealing to him her dripping wet pink pussy and engorged bud, the rose split wide open by his raging cock. 

Eren groaned, taking in the provocative sight and let loose, bucking and shooting one massive load of cum into her grasping, spasming pussy, emptying his balls into her. 

After a while, he carried her to the bed and they collapsed together, panting into each other’s faces, kissing deeply, tongues dancing. She reached between her legs once more and came up with cum-covered fingers, and she licked them in front of Eren, cooing all the while. “I love the way you taste,” she breathed.

“The way we taste,” he corrected, flicking out his tongue to lick along with her. “You’re amazing, Historia. Just incredible.”

Shaking her head, she smiled at him, “You’re the incredible one.”

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“No, you are.”

“No, you are.”

They giggle, cuddling, embracing, kissing, letting out sighs of sheer contentment. That this might just be their last night together Historia blocked out of her mind. This was no time to cry, to lament, to mourn. Grief comes hand in hand with love, she reminded herself. 

We love and then we grieve. We grieve because we love. One cannot exist without the other. I love you, Eren, and I shall spend the rest of my life grieving for you. But it is worth it. Loving you is a joy and an honour, making the pain that comes afterward worth it.

“Go to sleep, my love,” she finally said. 

“Hmm, don’t think we’re done yet.”

“I’m happy and content as a clam. Please get some sleep. You’ve a long day tomorrow.”

“A while ago you told me to fill every hole in your body,” he reminded her, helpfully.

“Didn’t mean it literally,” she said.

“Ah, no, you absolutely did.”

“Did not!”

“Did too.”

“Oh, Eren!” she sighed, feigning exasperation. 

“Sorry, little one,” he spoke softly to her bump. “Your mother still has one more hole that needs to be filled.”

Historia smiled at him, thrilled, feeling his long, talented fingers wiggling inside her butthole, preparing her. So. Much. Joy.

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I actually liked the pregnancy sex! I thought it wouldn’t be that steamy but it was ? I mean it’s Historia and Eren were talking about so those gorgeous people would look good doing anything. It was so sweet he wanted to see her body first and how embarrassed Hisu was! Kudoos to you for going outside your comfort zone, you did great 🙂 it was a beautiful read, they seem like a true married couple here ?


aww thats so true! I mean, we know Erens well aware of a pregnant ladies physique as he saw the pregnant lady in marley and thought of his mum. But he’s probably been wondering just HOW hisus been looking lately. I dont blame him shes a goddess :p Eren doesnt seem to care about looks all toomuch, its definitely the personality. I think yams mentioned he likes blonds? But either way I can see him being impressed with Hisu :p

the nonconsent role-playing… thats a huge turn on for me. I have this idea in my head to write about actually … its with Floch! And, an Original Character. The reason being is I want there to be a girl captured with Gabi and Falco that Floch jails – and in doing so some stuff gets out of hand. 😉 i’m not saying hes going to r*** her but i have a few scenes in my head that I really want to play out. Im a little shy to write it and not totally confident with my sex writing but you’ve given me inspo to take it up possibley!

Ouu I read the last few chapters and teared up.. will be commenting my detailed thoughts..

Sara Granja

So horny! xD You’re making me too! XD


to be honest this is the first time reading preggo sex, i thought it was going to seem strange to me, but it wasn’t like that! xD

btw i’m proud of you because you said it was going to be difficult for you and it’s getting out of your comfort zone so well done!


We love and then we grieve. We grieve because we love. One cannot exist without the other. I love you, Eren, and I shall spend the rest of my life grieving for you. But it is worth it. Loving you is a joy and an honour, making the pain that comes afterward worth it.

gaaahhhh made me cry now am remembering all kinds of dead people am crying n hating you lolol


What was it about her rounded, buxom body that turned him on? The feel of her shapely curves molding to his hands was like an aphrodisiac. He couldn’t have enough. 

aaahhhh hot hot hot all the girls n boys are so skinny in aot its nice for our hero to appreciate a curvy beauty for once <3


oh myyy preggo sex from you that was unexpected mustve been hard to get out of ur comfort zone props to u for trying am giving you a+ for effort wink wink


Naughty but nice. They try to one-up each other, but in the end they both wins 😀

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