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Attack on Titan Fanfiction – The Storyteller: Chapter 3

Warning: NSFW. Contains graphic depictions of sex, including non-consent/reluctance.

Pleasure and Pain

The blazing fire was now just warm embers, the room softly illuminated by the moonlight pouring in through the windows. 

Her long golden lashes fluttering as she came to, Historia looked around in a moment of confusion. Where am I? What the…

She was on the bed, on her back with her arms forming a V, wrists tied to the bedpost. Her knees were folded so that her thighs touched the sides of her breasts. Various silken fabrics were used to tie her in place. Her pussy was vulnerably open, fully exposed to the person gazing down at her naked, helpless body. 

Eren Jaeger.

Straining against her bonds, she thinks of how easy it would be to break out of them. Her hands were small and supple and Eren made sure not to fasten too tightly.  

As if reading her mind, Eren warns in a low, teasing and yet menacing voice, “You said I could, Your Majesty.” The mortified expression on her face makes him chuckle in remembrance. 

Historia stared at him, trembling, remembering the conversation they’d had just a few hours earlier. “Armin said we should try something totally new,” he’d told her when they took a break from horseback riding, dismounting and standing on top of a hill overlooking the orphanage. “Hah!” she had reacted, in as light a tone as she could muster, before blurting out, “What does he want you to do, undress me and caress me all over?” She’d meant it to be a casual, mocking, rhetorical question. And then, completely mortified by the lewd suggestion that slipped off her tongue, she covered it up with a forced, jovial laugh, unable to look at Eren but expecting to hear him laugh along with her. But he remained perfectly quiet.

“Will you let me?” he’d asked instead.

“What?” she’d pretended not to hear.

“What you said.”

As nonchalantly as possible, she had shrugged her shoulders. “I’ll be all sweaty and smelly…wanna gross yourself out? Go right ahead!” And with that she laughed again, blithely, putting on a playful, insouciant act. Surely he’d understand that she was merely joking.

Or was she?

Now, in her bedroom at nightfall, his green eyes rake over the bound Historia from head to foot, clearly admiring his handiwork. “You’ve joyously given me your permission,” he reiterated.

Historia was aghast, but a part of her felt something else. What she was feeling was a scintillating mix of pleasure and relief in giving herself up to his decisiveness. Yet the proper, good girl Krista part of her knew she ought to resist. She tugs at the ropes to test their hold, but they were tied firmly. She could pull harder but she somehow knew that the harder she pulled, the tighter the knots would become. She gapes wordlessly at Eren.

“The ascot and scarves holding your beautiful arms and legs in place are precious to me. Each one given by someone important: Hannes, Pixys, Erwin Smith, my dad. Break a thread and I’ll turn you into mulch for your garden.”

She stares at him, willing her body to hold still. Her cheeks flush in shock and embarrassment.

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As the titan shifter was speaking he ran his warm, rough hands over Historia’s soft inner thighs. 

“Do you know, Historia,” Eren says, his gaze intense, “how you provoke a lust in me so profound I could barely contain the animal urge to conquer you? But I won’t. I’ll only caress you, like you said I could.”

“Eren, untie me this minute,” was all Historia could manage, squirming softly against her bonds, fully aware that her mouth was saying one thing but her body another. She could feel her heart pounding in anticipation, her lips parting for a kiss, the wetness between her legs so copious she was glistening under the light of the bedside lamp. 

“I’ll only do what you told me I could, no more, no less. I promise.” Eren’s eyes swept hungrily along her naked body and he could see the flush of her skin, feel and smell her wanton arousal.

Blushing redder than the reddest sunset, Historia was torn between submitting to him and resisting him. “I said, untie me right now,” she tried to snap at him with an authoritative tone, shooting him a commanding glare. 

Unhearing, Eren starts a slow, steady seduction, sucking one taut nipple and then the other. He nips and bites and rolls each nipple in his mouth until Historia was writhing and gasping shamelessly. His hands continue to knead her breasts as he kisses her neck, then renews his assault on her nipples.

She was moaning and thrashing. More, please, more…wait, no, Krista, help me.  “Eren, I said no…” She could feel the heat spread from her breasts all the way down to her gaping pussy. Touch me there, please… 

Eren begins to stroke her knees, her legs, the outside of her thighs before moving to the tender flesh of her inner thigh. His strong hands massage her body up and down, tracing circles on her flushed skin, touching her thighs and legs everywhere, ignoring the one place she wanted to feel his hand on. Historia’s moans grow more frenzied as she feels her hips begin to move and thrust on their own accord, seeking the touch of his hand on her pussy. Eyes shut tight, her body was losing all inhibition, her face a picture of pure longing. Touch me there, touch my pussy, please, please, please…

His fingers gently comb and then pet the golden fleece between her legs. “No?” he asks her, eyebrow cocked. But his voice was soft and inquiring, as if he were willing to stop anytime.

“No, please, I mean yes… I mean no, no, yes…no, meaning yes, not no…,” she whispers, blushing hard, unable to stop the stream of nonsensical words coming out of her mouth. She pauses, tries again. “Please just touch me there already…”

But Eren ignores her. Instead he let one finger graze the bare skin of her outer labia, rubbing up and down slowly, gently, over and over. He spreads the other hand on her belly to hold her down as Historia bucks convulsively, damp heat emanating from her dripping pussy, her desire evident in the musky fragrance that filled the room. She could feel Eren’s smouldering eyes on her body, could see how he enjoyed seeing her like this. Historia shudders at the complete power he had on his fingertips, making her writhe and buck and squirm as he plucked the chords of her desire. 

“Eren,” she moans, “please, I beg you…” Historia was filled with a longing so deep she didn’t care how pitiful she sounded, begging him like this. She wanted to feel his hands all over her body, his rock hard cock buried deep inside her. 

Eren spreads her legs as wide as she could manage, exposing her glistening, pouting pussy lips and pink, swollen clit to his hungry gaze. Tracing his fingers along the inner edges of her pussy lips, he slowly let them trail over her wetness. Her pussy juices coating his fingers, he rubs her sweet honey up and down her slit, varying the pressure from gentle to firm, driving her crazy with the tenderness of his touch. 

Historia was mindless with need. “Please, Eren, I need you,” she begs him shamelessly. “I need you…” She is bucking, writhing, sweat beading on her breasts as Eren teases her mercilessly.

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His intense gaze pinning her to the bed, he coats his fingers with her honey then lightly, very lightly touches her clit. Historia’s body jerks and arches against his hand as he rubs her clit up and down, back and forth, tracing circles, then coating his fingers again with her pussy juices to repeat the torturous motions. 

“Eren, oh, Eren, ooooooh,” she could only moan. Through half-lidded eyes heavy with desire she searched his face and saw how much her moaning and sighing charged him with power. He was enjoying every minute as he made her body hum and sing with his hand. Was it her helplessness that he enjoyed? The feel of her body in complete submission to his ministrations? 

Historia’s body jerks again as his fingers become more forceful, caressing and tweaking, pulling and stroking on the now red, blood-engorged, ultra sensitive clit that would force her to completely surrender to him. 

“Please, Eren, I need to feel you inside me,” she blushes harder as she finds herself going mad with this agonizing need to be filled.

Historia feels a wet, hard finger slip inside her pussy and nearly faints. She could feel her vaginal walls contracting, sucking, pulling on his hot, calloused finger. So good, so good, so good… He raises his other hand to her mouth and she eagerly suckles on his fingers. She feels senseless, weightless as he finger fucks her steamy vagina. She gasps when she feels him insert another finger, then another. She groans in pleasure. 

Eren finger fucks her for a few moments, then uses his thumb and forefinger to spread her pussy lips art. He lowers his other hand that was now wet with her suckling and rubs a finger on her clit, making the swollen nub pop back and after across his finger. She was writhing sexily now, completely uninhibited.

“Oh Eren… Eren, please,” Historia whimpers. 

He began to spank her clit lightly with two fingers, watching the engorged nub swell and turn a pulsing red, throbbing and sensitive. Historia bucks up to meet his hand and in one swift motion he grabs her pussy, one hand enveloping her entire mound, palm against her clit, fingers curled into her vagina. He begins to vibrate his hand swiftly, pressing in a downward motion. Historia feels her vaginal muscles spasm, her pussy hole snap open and shut as they clench around his fingers. She knew she was about to climax.

“Don’t stop, Eren, don’t stop…”

He stops.

“Nooooohhh,” Historia wails in shock as her body jerks in frustration at the feel of his hand leaving her pussy. Oh gods, why!?! I was so close…

Historia’s mind was racing. Fuck the cravat. Fuck the scarves. Break the binds and force him on his back and fuck his brains out.

In a flash she feels a hand crush her jaw and painfully squeeze her cheeks together.

“Don’t you dare,” Eren warns. 

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Historia grimaces. He’s reading my mind! Oh gods!

“Your eyes are too expressive in the moonlight.” Eren leans over her, making sure she felt his hardened cock hover over her dripping pussy. He supports his torso with an arm on either side of her as he looks into her eyes and says, “Why did you push me away like a filthy beast the other day, when we bumped each other in the hallway?”

His throbbing shaft was now pressed along the length of her vulva. She feels the heat from his cock and she bucks, wanting to feel more of him. Not grinding on top of her but inside her. Just fuck me, Eren. Please just fuck me.

“Please, Eren…I won’t push you away like that again, I promise. Please, please…”

“Why did you jump back as if I had a contagious disease?” he rasps, his breath hot against her skin.

“There were people watching and I…I got distracted…”

“Distracted by what, your palace guards? Do you take me for a fool?”

All the while he talked he moved his hips in a deliberately slow, grinding motion so that his turgid shaft went back and forth over her pussy lips. She writhes underneath, wanting, no, dying for more friction. Dying to feel him inside her. But Eren wouldn’t give. 

“I pushed you away because I wanted you!” Historia wails, blushing hard, confessing her shame.

“You liked the feel of my body against you?” he says in an amused drawl.

“Yes! I did, I did, Eren…You were so hot, so hard…” Historia replies with wanton frankness, her body bucking under him with a will of its own as he continues to mercilessly tease her with his controlled hip movements.

“A lot of us soldiers are hot and hard. You feel like that each time you brush up against one of us?” he sneers cruelly.

“No! No, Eren, not just anyone. I felt that way only with you. I would never, not with just anyone…” Historia was crying now.

“For someone who wants me so much you make a great show of yelling at me all the time,” he points out in a merciless tone.

“Eren, I’m sorry…”

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“Oh are you now. Why does wanting me make you feel so wretched?”

“Because I’m hurting you!” she wails, unable to stop the tears from falling. “Loving you means hurting you…can’t you see? I mustn’t want you, Eren. My loving you will just make it harder for you when the time comes to…to… “ She couldn’t say the words about his cursed fate.

“I’ve wanted you since that day in the cave. You think you’re the only one suffering? You think you’re the only one trying hard not to fall because doing so would make everything hurt a million times over?” Eren snarls through gritted teeth, his intense gaze burning her, all the while gently, oh so gently rocking his unyielding, pulsing rod over the length of her pussy. She could only beg, sob, writhe with unquenched thirst. 

“Eren, please… I just didn’t want to add to your burden. I didn’t want to burden you with my love, my heart. It’s just one other thing you’d feel responsible for. You carry the weight of the world on your shoulders already. You hold the lives of millions of people in your hands. What kind of monster would I be to make you suffer more than you already do? Please…I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…” she was babbling now, crazed with desire, shedding tears of shame and frustration. 

“Don’t you ever say again that your love is a burden.”

“I won’t, Eren, please…” 

“Swear to me,” he commands, piercing green eyes drilling into her bright blue ones.

“I swear!” Historia cries.

In one swift motion Eren buries his rock hard cock deep into her pussy, brutally driving in deep, to the very hilt, his strong, calloused hands painfully gripping her ass cheeks and lifting her hips violently against him as he rams his shaft into the very depths of her. 

“Eren!” Historia screams his name. He didn’t even need to move when she began to climax, the orgasm so massive and fast it rippled over her belly all the way to the tips of her fingers. A fiery blush suffuses her entire body as she screams, the cords of her neck standing out as she flings her head back against the pillows. Her pussy clenches, clamping down on Eren’s cock as the orgasm pulsates through her vagina down to the muscles in her legs. She arches her back, vaginal muscles fiercely gripping Eren’s rigid, throbbing shaft. She feels the juices gush out of her pussy, soaking his cock and enveloping him in her silken heat. Wave after wave of pure, burning pleasure washes over her, seeming to last forever. 

“Eren, Eren, Eren,” she gasps and weeps as the orgasm takes her breath away.

When it was over, Historia blacks out, her spent body going limp.

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I think this might be my favourite chapter 🙊 I definitely see Historia wanting Eren and to make sure he doesn’t know, pushing him away and even yelling at him. Yup, erens the type to hold grudges for sure! He would bring it against her especially when he’s horny and wants some action LOOL he was being a little cruel here and I couldn’t help but feel bad for Hisu! But it was such a turn on anyways and I guess it was the best way to get the truth out. I see them going head to head and fighting over not uncovering memories! It’s so realistic and again, beautifully written. All your stories here are such a pleasure to read! You have such talent 🙂 I love this fic so much


The chapter was phenomenal! I really liked it 🙊. You’re right about Eren post time skip- he has a new air around him. He’s definitely more cold & brutal. I see him being cruel sexually especially if she’s yelling & pushing him away in public lmao Eren would so hold onto things! The Hange scene made me sad initially seeing at how they changed 🙁 but he did get more peeved at her for bringing up Historia so that was a nice bit for us EH’s!

Haha nope, EH’s are pretty open! And I love this kinda stuff. The idea of repressing your feelings to only have them uncovered by the very person you don’t wish to be naked in front of us sooo hot. Like *fanning myself* I loved it. Eren is a little bit of a sadist, & I think you captured his carnal desire here perfectly. From him demanding to a more engaging kiss to taking it that far, I see it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) if He’s matured in so many other ways I’m sure he’s in tune with his sex drive a bit to say the least!

I agree with your point. Their relationship is extremely misunderstood and only they truly understand each other. The parallels they have, are astounding! Everyone seems to gloss over the detail of him telling Historia his plan but she’s the only one who knows the real plan. And, right now he’s the most likely father candidate of the baby! They would walk through hell together bc they have the same drives. They want to protect paradis 🥺. Eren being so over protective of her goes against his principles, he hated it when Mikasa did it with him but he protect her blindly not thinking about it. There’s a lot going on there & I love the way you portrayed their relationship 🙂

Yess please never take any of these fics down! It’s nice to come back and read them. With only one chapter left idk what Yams has planned for Eh but I just really want to see her POV and understand the true need for the baby! As well as the extent of her involvement in Erens plan. We all know she knows something! Thank you again for this super fun and hot read 👀


IT WAS SO HOT WHEN HE GOT MAD!! Like he’s the ONLY one who cares for her:p But damn, Hange definitely noticed Erens feelings for Historia. I mean I kinda saw her as a mother figure for Eren in some ways .. she cares alot for him pestered him the way a mom would :p

UGH. IF Isyms did that and just through all his foreshadowing and plot out the window Idk what i would think of the show. i would be extremely disappointed. Isyms loves his hinting and parallels and they typically are not without reason. He’s insane with his attention to detail. I mean, both of EH povs have been hidden for so long and if H wasnt important he would’ve debunked her and E in 130, but instead, he brought up the Krista book to remind us AND, showed her going into labour as the rumbling was happening. It seems super unnecessary for Eren to end up with the barnacle lol. Isyms built EH romance slowly, and steadily over the years. It was natural and healthy.. EM doesnt really compare in that way. Did you read chap 138 btw? I wanted to bring something up but dont want to spoil!!

Ahhh I agreee! I fall in love with chars sometimes and when I search their age and see that their 15 I just die. Like why do u have abs and are so developed? Animes in general like having their leads quite young, I think Japan likes the middleschool/highschool age groups. I dont see too many mature animes, like Nana (their only like 19 there not even that old!), whereas korean dramas, alwaaays focus more so on adult life. I find that clash interesting.

hehe i love the SM stories!! You’ll need to write a full blown one for EH, you already know I’ll read it :p Thank youu!


so hot, love this version of eren. didn’t find it out of character at all, actually i think it’s very in-character. lots of things must’ve happened during the timeskip. eren didn’t become dangerous out of the blue. your take is a valid one, making eren not only dangerous in his political views but also during sex. there aren’t many fanfics like this out there, yours is truly a gem. can’t wait for more, you’ve become my fav quarantine writer.

Sara Granja

Ugghhh! What a dangerous man, this Eren! Somewhat out of character but (wtf!) so hot! So, you want to turn on your readers, oh bad girl! XD. I’ve enjoyed the reading very much. Thank you!

Last edited 4 months ago by Sara Granja

“Do you know, Historia,” Eren says, his gaze intense, “how you provoke a lust in me so profound I could barely contain the animal urge to conquer you? But I won’t. I’ll only caress you, like you said I could.”

omfg this line were you eruri inspired or something its reallllllly good


ugggggh hot hot hot hot love the reluctance thingy love the buildup love the initial holding back the no piston orgasm love the everything this is your best smut yet methinks


omfg erennnnnn that was incredible who fucken taught him all that i know it had to be levi amirite amirite


omg eren punishing historia *fans with my hand* this chapter was so hot, he really took poor hisu to the edge, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t enjoy that hahaha

this chapter was amazing! i think i should crown you as my favorite smut writer xD


Okay, I see you steamy hot EreHisu 👀

LOVED how you portrayed their role, I’m with you in thinking that Eren is quite wild and Historia is a totally bossy demand submissive, I wish I could see a scene where she will complete dominate him like the one where she made him totally crazy with a bj 🍌


I’m glad I read this alone *fan self furiously*

I think your potrayal of Eren and Historia is very spot on. I always see Eren as the agressive one, especially after the timeskip. He doesn’t let go of grudges easily, which very well shown here. I love this sadistic side of Eren. I could practically see him corrupting Historia that way lol. I’m glad you include Historia’s thought. She’s somewhat a good girl gone bad and all she needed was a little push (go, Eren!)

This was awesome! Seriously, can’t wait for tomorrow!

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