Attack on Titan Fanfiction – I Need to See Your Face: Chapter 3

[Warning: NSFW]

But for all his humiliation good sex was good sex so whenever Jean wanted some with Eren he’d initiate a fight. The fistfight became a form of foreplay. Eren was game as ever, enjoying it as much as he did, reveling in his power to make this self-styled rival of his groan and writhe and beg in his arms. Sometimes it was Eren who initiated the fight. Jean eventually figured out that whenever Captain Levi was away for a few days Eren felt neglected and horny making their chances of hooking up much higher. Unlike Jean, who slept around, Eren was a lot more choosy with his partners. Jean was secretly pleased because he took Eren’s desire to hook up with him not just as a sign of physical attraction but most importantly, trust.

As the months went by and they grew and grew–physically, mentally, emotionally–things started to change. After Moblit died Jean became Hange’s right hand man. The more responsibilities he took the stronger and more confident he became. Soon he was promoted to platoon commander. No longer just the peer-recognized, de facto head of his group he was now their official leader. He grew out his ash blond hair as his body got taller and bigger and his face, now with carefully trimmed facial hair, grew more handsome as the days went by. His physical transformation along with the undeniable intelligence and leadership abilities made him a hottie. He began to ooze sex appeal. Propositioned by both men and women he had more hookups now, and the more experiences he had the more he realized he had a dominant streak. While he agreed to switch once in a while he strongly preferred being on top, leading and being followed. Just like his colleagues and comrades-at-arms his sexual partners expected him to lead and Jean was always more than happy to do so. 

There was just one person, one guy who enjoyed hooking up with him but refused to be bottom, ever: Eren Fucking Jaeger. 

“C’mon, Eren, you selfish bastard, let’s take turns being top.”

“Nope,” was the uncompromising reply. “You either get on your back or bend over, else you get none at all from me.”

Infuriated and frustrated but relenting in the end because Eren was good in the sack and he really enjoyed hooking up with him, Jean grit his teeth and took the brunet’s pounding. He finally got his chance to reverse the tables when Hange got a hold of new semi-automatic rifles and they all got to practice with it.

“Bet you bottom I can outshoot you two to one,” he challenged the titan shifter.

“Challenge accepted,” Eren grinned. But it was really a mistake on his part, for while he was better than Jean at unarmed combat, Jean was a head over the rest of them at weapons and ammo. As long as the target was not a human being, Jean was a crack shot who was second only to Sasha, the hunter girl who could shoot accurately in the dark. There was a reason Captain Levi Ackermann chose him to handle the rifle when they were being attacked by the interior MPs. He failed spectacularly then, but that’s another story.

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Eren bent over but twisted his head to shoot venomous glaces in Jean’s direction. “Be fucking gentle or I’ll shift and blow you to smithereens,” he threatened.

Jean smirked, admiring the view of the shapely, sexy ass reluctantly offered to him for his pounding pleasure. Finally! Finally the chance to top Eren and punish him for all the times he was made to plead for cock. Now it was his turn to make Eren beg and scream. 

But sometimes good intentions end up with unexpected results. Jean was extremely excited, totally turned on that every minute he spent inside Eren lead to one of the most powerful orgasms of his young life. Eren, on the other hand, all the while grimacing in pain but not wanting to be outdone and determined to be a power bottom, rolled his hips and fucked Jean back, valiantly meeting him thrust for thrust. When it was over Jean’s face was a picture of bliss while Eren was biting his lip to keep from groaning in agony.  

Sitting up and leaning his back against the wall Jean gazed at the unmoving brunet sprawled face down on the floor. “Dammit, Eren, come here. Don’t lie there like a dead man. You’re making me nervous.”

To his surprise Eren crawled over to where he was but didn’t prop himself beside him like he usually did. Instead he crawled between Jean’s legs, getting up to a sitting position to lean his torso against him. Eren noticeably grimaced when his butt touched the floor.

“It hurt that much?” Jean queried, trying to hide his alarm as he wrapped his arms around the brunet to prop him up. 

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Emerald eyes shot him a withering look. “With that monstrous dick of yours of course it did, idiot! Try shoving a log up your ass!”

Shit, Jean thought. Was he really that big and painful? Not enough foreplay? Images of him hooking up with Marco flashed before his eyes. Sweet, kind Marco, always at bottom and taking him all the way in with nary a complaint, only making gently-worded requests and soft sounds of protest when Jean’s huge pounding cock was too much for him to bear. Had Marco been in pain each time but gamely kept up because of his fondness for Jean? What a total bellend I must’ve been, Jean looked back with a tinge of regret. I’m sorry, Marco. My sex drive was off the charts and I didn’t even think of your feelings.

He cupped a hand to Eren’s cheek, tilting his face up so that their eyes met. “I’m sorry,” he told him. 

It must have been the guilty look on his face because Eren’s expression visibly softened. It was Eren who reached out a hand behind his head to pull his lips down for a kiss. Their tongues tangle in a deep lengthy kiss that Jean enjoyed every second of. Eren was such a good kisser. 

“It wasn’t bad,” the titan shifter grudgingly conceded right after their lips unlock. “Painful but in a good way. Just that I’m not used to a massive junk like yours inside me. Need to learn to relax my sphincter muscles a lot more. It’ll take a while to get used to,” he explained. Noticing the hopeful look on Jean’s face he tacked a warning, “But I don’t intend to!”

“Why not?” Jean protested, not bothering to hide his disappointment. “I just don’t get your refusal to be bottom. You’ve been bottom before, I can tell. I’ll add more lube next time, add an hour of foreplay, go much slower, angle better, whatever you like. Anything to please your asshat highness!”

“It’s not you…”

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“Then why not?”

With his face pressed into Jean’s chest Eren, sighing, mumbled, “‘Cause your enormous dick will stretch my ass like crazy and he’ll notice…he notices every little thing, you know. Doubt he’s gonna like it…”

Finally, with that honest admission things started to make sense to Jean. Now he knew for certain where Eren learned his mad bedroom skills. In Eren’s list of sexual partners Captain Levi was the hardest to please. He wanted to be tight as fuck for him. A light bulb lit inside the blond’s head. The captain had been long-term partners with Commander Erwin Schmidt, may the gods rest his soul. Jean figured he was now of similar height and weight as the old commander. At eighteen both Jean and Eren had grown, the latter six feet tall and the former a couple inches taller, both of them lithe but well-built. With Erwin being the epitome of alpha maleness surely the captain had been bottom at some point in their relationship. Whether they took turns or not didn’t really matter. With Levi’s age and experience surely he’d be far more flexible than this hot piece of shit he was hugging to his chest. Jean can top the captain while the captain topped Eren, then they could all switch and…

“What if the three of us…” Jean ventured, but before he could continue he felt Eren’s hand cover his mouth. It wasn’t the punch in the face he anticipated. The fingers were warm and gentle. 

“Do shut up, Kirschtein. I’m in no mood to talk,” Eren said. Hearing Jean sigh he added, “Can we just stay like this for a while?” There was a pleading note in his voice.

“Alright,” Jean acquiesced as Eren burrowed deeper into his arms. He tightened his embrace, enveloping the titan shifter in the warmth of his expansive chest. Soon the exhausted brunet was snoring softly, cheek pillowed on Jean’s pectoral, long dark lashes fluttering amidst the endless nightmares that seemed to forever plague him in his sleep. 

Jean gazed at the dark head nodding off to a slumber. Reckless, impudent, peevish, dangerous Eren, snoozing peacefully in his arms. The foolhardy wild boar looked so defenseless like this, cuddled up to him and not saying a word. He held him close and stared into the darkness. Something was wrong with Eren. He couldn’t put a finger on it but something just wasn’t right. 

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It was the loud ringing of the bell–ten minutes till curfew–that made them both jump to their feet. When Jean woke up he had his nose buried in Eren’s hair. How long had they been dozing like this, an hour or so?

As they made their way to the door to head for the barracks in opposite directions, Jean called out to him. “Hey, Jaeger.”

The brunet turned his head to look at him. “What?”

“You’re an epic shag,” Jean decided to tell him the truth.

Eren smirked. “I know.”

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