Attack on Titan Fanfiction – I Need to See Your Face: Chapter 2

[Warning: NSFW]

There was none of that. Instead Eren kissed Jean’s nape and back, kneaded his ass cheeks until he was squirming, and then knelt down to lick between his thighs, coat his balls with his spit and fondle them until the blond started to buck his hips. Eren held him down to lick his puckered hole, using his fingers to open him up so he could spear his wet, warm tongue inside. Jean could only groan helplessly as long, lubed fingers slid in one after the other. Eren expertly fingered him, pressing on that tender pleasure spot and bringing him to the brink of orgasm again and again before withdrawing his digits and aiming the head of his cock toward Jean’s now snapping butt hole. 

“You’re a fucking hot, handsome bastard, Kirschtein. But you already knew that, didn’t you?” Eren’s breath was hot against his ear. 

“Shut up, you prick,” the young man at the bottom growled. But he was secretly pleased. It annoyed him whenever Eren called him “horse face” or some version of that. Now he knew what Eren really thought. Still, being Jean being Jean he fought against Eren’s seduction. “Just stick your dick in and get it over with quick,” he demanded.

“Rut into you like the wild boar you think I am? Nah, that’d be boring,” Eren declared. And what he proceeded to do was much worse than Jean feared. 

Positioning his cock against the pink and wet butt hole Eren moved in slowly, tortuously, savoring every inch of his cock invading Jean’s tight ass. Slowly, oh so slowly he bottomed out, getting balls deep into Jean all the while kneading his ass cheeks with sure, strong fingers, leaning over to press kisses on his back, reaching under to roll his nipples between thumb and forefinger.  

“Move, goddamn it,” Jean demanded through gritted teeth. This time Eren obliged, but he didn’t just pound in blindly like a dog. He rolled his hips slowly, looking for that particular angle that Jean found most pleasurable. 

“Unngggh,” the young man at the bottom groaned as Eren hit that spot. “There, Eren! Right there, just right there…”

Eren held that angle, his cock hitting the blond’s prostate, caressing him there with the tip of his penis before moving in and out, slowly, in quick, short but powerful strokes. 

Jean couldn’t help but moan in pleasure, and then groan loudly as his top switched to long, deep, leisurely strokes. He could feel Eren’s pubic hair rub against his ass and for some reason this really turned him on. The orgasm was building and building. Jean closed his eyes to prepare for what would surely be a shattering release. 

But just when he was ready to come Eren stopped stroking. He stood still, his cock deep in Jean’s ass, and started to tenderly knead his bottom boy’s ass cheeks again. 

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“Eren, for fuck’s sake, move!” Jean commanded. But he was completely ignored. The brunet simply massaged his ass cheeks before slapping them hard one after the other as Jean yelped in pain. Slapping then rubbing, slapping then rubbing. 

His penis painfully hard and ass cheeks feeling raw and violated, Jean tried to buck his hips to feel that pleasurable friction of Eren’s hard cock inside him, but the top held his hips down. “Today you’re my submissive bottom, Kirschtein,” Eren purred into his ear.

“Fuck you, Jaeger,” Jean spluttered. “Quit teasing and just bloody move!”      

It began again, the short, quick pleasurable strokes that teased his prostate, followed by the long, deep strokes that massaged it again and again. Fast and quick, slow and deep Eren fucked him. His freshly smacked ass was now highly sensitive, heightening every sensation. Jean knew he was going to come in one gigantic powerful release.

But no. Eren stopped again, stood still, went back to the kissing and ass cheek kneading, teasing Jean until he was screaming in frustration.

“Goddamn it, Eren! Just fuck me already. Fuck me! Fuck me! Eren, for heaven’s sake!”

“Ah, our tall, cocky, manly leader being a desperate little bitch,” Eren whispered vexingly into his ear. But Jean didn’t care anymore. All he wanted to do was climax. 

“C’mon, you jackass,” he growled at the brunet on top. “Just fuck me. Hard. I’m begging you.” 

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Grabbing him and flipping him over so that the taller boy got a good view of his top’s muscular front, from the ripped abs up to the long, beautiful face, Eren leaned over to tongue fuck him. But Jean, reddening with embarrassment, turned his face away. “For fuck’s sake just take me from behind,” he half-ordered, half-pleaded. 

“No,” was the resolute reply. “I need to see your face.”

“But you don’t even like it. You call me horse face all the time, remember?” Jean replied, trying to twist away. He felt gentle fingers brush the bangs back from his face.

Eren looked chastised. “Sorry,” he began, “I honestly do like your face. Envious of it, even. That’s why I… Everyone says I’m pretty like my mother. Your face looks manly, and grown-up…I like it a lot…” 

This disclosure took Jean by surprise, and he stopped struggling. The clumsy confession filled his heart with joy. As if to apologize for calling him “horse face” time and again Eren went on to kiss him tenderly, then moved along to lick the delicate skin on his neck before plucking and pulling on his nipples with gentle teeth and lips. Jean was writhing and moaning on the ground as he felt Eren’s hands caress the taut muscles on his chest, abdomen, belly, thighs. He wanted to bury his fingers in the thick dark locks on Eren’s head but he’ll be damned if he had to beg the other guy to untie his wrists.

“What do good boys say?” Eren’s tone was mocking as he wrapped the blond’s legs around his trim waist. He was clearly enjoying himself as he stroked in and out slowly, very carefully, this time making sure his cock head was only a hair’s breadth away from the Jean’s sweet spot.

Jean was undone. Sweat beaded his entire body and he was going crazy with need. All he wanted to do was orgasm right there, right now. He’ll kill Eren later. “Please, Eren, please,” he beseeched him in pure agony. “Make me come, please, please…”

“Good Jean-boi,” Eren replied wickedly. With a triumphant grin he pounded his rock hard cock into Jean’s ass at the exact pre-approved angle, with such force and speed and depth Jean would have slid across the floor had Eren not been holding his hips in a vice grip. Eren rammed him hard, in and out, relentlessly, in a confident, maddening rhythm, grunting like a wild animal as he plunged his rock hard shaft deep into Jean’s spasming hole. In contrast to the brutal lunging Eren’s hands on Jean’s cock was warm and tender and comforting, dexterously stroking him to the point of no return.

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“Aaaaaaaaargh!”Jean bellowed and came in a powerful and voluminous orgasm his entire body shook, the hot indulgent waves washing over him, cum scattering all over the place, his mouth opened wide in a silent scream of pure pleasure making the chords of his neck jut out as he felt Eren shoot his load deep into his ass. “Eren…Eren…Eren…” he heard himself moan as he road the waves, body trembling and jerking uncontrollably.   

How long did it take him to recover? When he finally got his bearings Eren was lying next to him. Propping his head on an arm the brunet gazed down at him with an inscrutable expression on his face. Still panting and gasping for breath Jean angrily met his gaze.

“So, was it good?” Eren asked in a droll, lazy, infuriating manner it made the taller guy even angrier. He could feel his face flushing. 

“You slapped me! You made me beg, motherfucker. Damn you! I’m gonna kill you! I swear to the gods I will!”

“But was it good?”

Jean reddened even further. “Fuck you!” he spat.

“If you want me to kiss you you’d better tell me if it was good or not.”

“Go to hell, Eren,” was the snarled response.

“Like, that’s not an answer.” 

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Jean gave up. “Good’s an understatement,” he answered honestly, face red with humiliation. “Just kiss me already. Imbecile!”

The kiss was brutal at first but settled down to long and deep and languorous: classic Eren. When it was over Jean, to his own horror finding himself aroused once again but not wanting the other guy to notice, scowled at him, “Get out of my sight, you sonofabitch!”

Eren looked completely amused, eyeing the blond’s growing erection and licking his lips lasciviously. Jean flushed in shame. Me and my uncontrollable libido. He had two choices: swallow his pride and beg the beautiful bastard to suck his cock again, or keep what was left of this pride and make him leave. His body wanted the former, his brain told him otherwise. 

“You bastard, fucking scram! Piss off!” 

“See ya later, Jean-boi,” Eren laughed as he got to his feet.

Jean stared at the retreating back, the muscles of which just minutes ago he clawed onto with his fingers as they shared an intoxicating kiss. “I hate you, Eren Jaeger! I bloody hate you!” he called out.

Emerald eyes filled with mirth met dagger-shooting hazel ones. A smirking Eren simply winked at him. Jean, incensed more than ever, wanted to disappear.

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