Attack on Titan Fanfiction – A Night to Remember: Chapter 4

[Warning: NSFW]

It was true, everything he said about making her beg for his cock up her ass.

Jean poured glasses of cold water for them to drink, from a pitcher Mikasa thoughtfully prepared on the bedside table; all the panting and screaming left their mouths dry and parched. Toweling the sweat and cum and tears off his wife’s spent body, and then off his own, Jean took her in his arms, kissing her gently, one hand softly caressing her back and the other tenderly stroking the long black hair that he loved so much. She rested in his arms with her eyes closed, her breathing still heavy. She snuggled deep into the cove of his biceps and muscular chest, reveling in his warmth, hearing his heartbeat. They stay like this until their breathing return to normal. 

“How many times did you orgasm, angel?” he asked, a wickedness in his tone.

Mikasa shook her head weakly, murmuring, “Don’t ask, my darling. I’ve lost count.”

“Well, I only came twice,” he said in mock complaint. “I need to come one last time. Where do you want me to come?”

Mikasa knew exactly what he wanted to hear. Her body felt like softened butter, utterly yielding and pliant, completely at her husband’s mercy. Her mind felt the same way. As she luxuriated in the warmth of his skin pillowing her cheek and his strong arms wrapped tight around her all she could think of was how much she loved him, how much she wanted to make him happy. Long lashes fluttered open as she looked up to meet his gaze. When she opened her mouth she meant every word.

“Fuck your naughty wife, Royal Navy Admiral Jean Kirschtein,” she said slowly, seductively. She looked deep into his eyes. “Fuck her in the ass. Fuck her ass senseless, Jean. Fuck her ass hard. Fuck her ass raw. Fuck her ass deep.” Lifting a hand to tenderly cup one side of his face, she begged him, “Please.” 

Jean was so turned on by her words he fought the urge to brutally slam his cock into her ass then and there. Go slow! Don’t you dare fucking ruin this first time for her. “Get on your hands and knees, my slutty wife,” he commanded her. When her husband had her all weak and unraveled like this she was ready and willing to follow all orders. She rolls on her tummy, trying to get on all fours but was too weak, sighing thankfully when she feels him help her by putting pillows under her hips. Now her ass was jutting up, displayed lewdly for him, the cheeks round and firm and perfectly shaped. His cock jerked at the sight of them offered to him like this, then jerked some more as he took in the sight of her red and swollen pussy lips, still puffy and glistening with her pussy juices and his cum. 

“Show me where you want my cock,” he demanded.

Mikasa moaned in embarrassment but she obediently takes an ass cheek in each hand and grasps them to either side to reveal her butthole. “Good girl,” he praises her. She moans again as she hears him take a deep, shaky breath. From his rapid breathing she knew he was incredibly turned on and was fighting to keep from wildly plundering her ass.

Instead Jean kisses one hand after another, taking them and laying them by her sides. He uses his own hands to pry her ass cheeks apart so that he could tongue fuck the pretty, tiny rose bud peeking between them. He ran his tongue delicately along the rim of her hole, then probed firmly into it with his tongue. Mikasa could do nothing but moan at the new sensations, then gasp as she felt him spear the pink, wet muscle deeper into her ass hole. He rimmed her, licking and probing, taking his time, testing the tightness of this new frontier with his tongue. 

Jean’s cock was so hard it was almost painful for him. The sight of the love of his life courageously offering her virgin ass to him was nearly too much to bear, his cock drooling a steady stream of precum. He sucked on her butthole as gently as he could, reveling in the sounds of her moaning and the feel of her trembling body. Running a finger along her wet pussy lips, he slowly eased the moistened digit inside her tiny butt hole. Gently he finger fucked her, himself moaning at the feel of her ass muscles tightening convulsively around his finger. He licked all around his finger before adding a second. Then he gently finger fucked her again, licking and adding a third finger. Mikasa just kept on moaning. He was trembling with desire as he watched his fingers disappear inside the precious hole that had been forbidden for so long. 

“Am I hurting you, angel?” he wanted to know. He prayed he wasn’t, because his engorged cock was much thicker and longer than his three fingers.

“No, my love, no. It doesn’t hurt. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she answered. Mikasa had to admit she was surprised about it not hurting. A little uncomfortable, but not painful. She tried to show him she was telling the truth by pushing her ass to meet his gentle finger fucking. It was Jean’s turn to suck in his breath at this encouragement. Slowly, gently, he slid his fingers in and out of her tight orifice, in and out and back and forth until he felt her muscles relax a little more. To his delight he felt his wife wiggle her ass at him.

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“You like this, don’t you? My sluttly wife.” It wasn’t a question, so Mikasa simply whimpered in reply.

Sweat beaded his brows as he positioned himself behind his gorgeous woman. He kneaded her firm ass cheeks roughly, stretching and squeezing them until they were rosy and soft. “You have the hottest ass in the world,” he said, admiring the view. She gasped when she felt the head of his cock prod her bottom, but willed herself to keep still.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass, Mikasa,” he declared, reaching for the jar of jelly she had put on the bedside table in preparation. He lubed up her puckered hole, and then his straining cock. Mikasa tensed as she felt his cock head start prodding her ass once more. “Are you ready for cock meat now, my sweet angel?” 

The panic was back. Cock meat. Jean’s was big. It was huge. So huge. She started to cry softly. “I want you, Jean,” she whimpered, “but please go slow. Please…”

Poor baby, Jean thought, of course she’ll panic. He himself would dread the thought of something the size of his own erect penis ramming into his butthole. He willed his raging cock to keep still as he leaned toward her, wrapping his arms around her waist, showering her back with kisses. “Shhh, it’s okay, Mikasa. I’ll go slow. Really slow. I promise. We have all weekend. I won’t force you. Will you trust me?” 

She turned her head so her tear-filled eyes could meet his burning gaze. “I trust you.”

“Good girl,” he said, repositioning himself. “Relax, angel, breathe deeply and relax.” Slowly, he pressed the head of his cock into her butthole. “Yes, that’s it, I’m going in.” The tip of his raging cock was inside her tiny orifice. Jean groaned at the sight of his rod invading her virgin ass hole. The tightness was maddening. He didn’t know what was more pleasurable, the tightness or the sight of his cock finally breaking into her ass. 

Mikasa steeled herself for the crashing pain but to her surprise, none came. Her husband must have prepared her body well. 

“Are you alright, angel?” he queried. She noted the concern in his voice and it gave her resolve. She wanted him to enjoy his birthday present, wanted herself to enjoy what he enjoyed. Her love for him gave her courage. 

“I’m alright, my darling. It doesn’t hurt at all. I think I could learn to like it,” she said shyly. “Please go on, Jean. Please fuck my ass.”

That was all the prodding he needed as he slowly, agonizingly pushed into her a bit more, the head of his cock now fully inside her butthole. He moaned as he watched it disappear. Hands gripping her hips, he moved in slowly until he felt the head barrel past her sphincter muscle. His cock head felt the walls of her ass. Her steady moaning was music to his ears.

“Gods have mercy, angel, you’re too fucking tight,” he groaned, eyes shut in ecstasy. 

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Mikasa strained her neck to look back at him. Seeing the look of intense pleasure on his face made something inside her snap. All of a sudden she wanted him to fuck her ass hard, wanted to feel his huge cock fill her tight ass tunnel. She wanted her husband to stretch her there, fill her up with his cock meat. 

“Jean, please, fuck my ass hole. Fuck it hard, Jean. I want you to! Just ram your cock in my ass. Fill my ass, Jean, please!” she cried out, feeling ready to explode at the mere thought of it. She pushed her bottom against him, showing him she meant it. All she wanted now was for her ass to be impaled on her husband’s cock.

Jean let out a shout as he shoved his cock all the way up her butthole. Now he was deep into her ass, his balls slapping onto her pussy. Her ass muscles gripped his cock like a burning hot, unbelievably tight fist. He groaned loudly as her little hole stretched wide to accommodate his breadth. It was totally obscene, the sight of his enormous cock penetrating such a tiny hole. The tightness was insane, the thought of his beautiful wife wholly and eagerly taking him in her ass was just too much. Jean gritted his teeth, willing himself to keep from coming, willing himself not to rut into her like a crazed animal. 

She was whimpering, moaning his name as she forced herself to adjust to the huge cock all the way up her bottom. “Jean, oh Jean, oh Jean…”

He pulled out very slowly, all the way to the tip, and then pushed back just as slow. “Mikasa, you’re incredible. So beautiful. So hot, so tight.” He repeated the pistoning motion, slowly, gently. He was sweating, his entire body tense as he fought for control.

Mikasa felt the tension in his body, heard his labored breathing. He was trying so hard to keep still, to let her get used to the feel of him inside her ass. Her heart melted. She felt so loved by him. She wanted to show him just how much she loved him in return. 

“Please, Jean, fuck my ass silly. Fuck your nasty wife, Jean, fuck her ass deep!” she cried, pushing her bottom hard against him. It felt so good making him feel good, she started to really get into it. She wanted her ass to be filled again and again with his cock meat, to feel him cum inside her. She jerked in pleasure when he started to move, this time without reservation. 

Jean needed no further reassurance. He started plunging his rock hard penis into Mikasa’s tight bottom. Groaning loudly he grasped her hips as he slammed into her ass again and again. In and out.

“More, Jean, please, more…don’t stop, don’t stop…” Mikasa moaned, encouraging him, reassuring him. 

From the tip of his cock all the way to his balls he rammed into her. The heat enveloping his shaft was so intense, the muscles gripping him so tight he was lost in agonizing pleasure. He prided himself in being able to hold off his orgasm until his wife came, but this time he felt it would end in defeat. Scrunching his face in concentration he continued his steady ramming into Mikasa’s ass, hard and fast and slow and hard he slammed his huge cock into her tiny hole. 

“Fuck me, Jean, fuck me…fuck me…fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she cried out, really getting into it.

But the tightness was punishing. It was too much too soon. He reached underneath his wife to palm her pussy, pulling her bottom toward him as his fingers found her engorged clitoris. He slid his hand along the length of her pussy, moving in circles, rubbing and gently pinching her clit as he heard her scream and felt her ass muscles grip and squeeze and suck on his raging cock. Then he inserted his fingers inside her dripping cunt, rubbing that sweet spot beneath her pubic bone. 

“Aaaaaaah!” Mikasa screamed in pleasure. The feel of his turgid shaft going in and out of her tight hole made her pussy wet and her clit harden, and now with his large hand expertly fondling her she was writhing in ecstasy, her muscles contracting and clamping down hard on Jean’s cock. 

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They were riding a wave, he lunging forward, she rolling her hips and fucking him right back. Mikasa and Jean were no longer two bodies, but one single entity, one sensation building toward a glorious climax.

The pleasure was too much for him, the savagery of his desire overwhelming him. “Mikasa! Aaaaaargh,” he bellowed, his entire body coiling and then releasing, hips pumping forcefully a few times as he shoved his huge cock as far as it could go, shooting stream after stream of hot cum deep into his wife’s ass. 

She felt him shudder against her, felt his thick cum coat the insides of her ass in long, hot spurts and it made her own body jerk and buck. Her orgasm was triggered, suffusing her body in a warm heat. She wailed at the pleasure of it. “Jean, Jean, Jean,” she cried out his name over and over.  

Her husband had collapsed on top of her back, panting hard, gasping for breath. She loved the feel of being filled by him and feared he would soon pull his cock from her ass. So she said gently, “Darling, please don’t pull out, I want you inside me like that.” She carefully removed the pillows underneath her hips so that both of them now lay on their sides, he curled over her back, the big spoon to her little spoon. She pushed her ass against his hips to keep his softening cock in place. They crane their necks for a kiss, then lay spooning for long moments. 

Finally he could speak. “That was the best birthday present ever. Thank you, Mikasa.”

“You deserve all the happiness in the world, my darling,” she smiled from the heart, happy that he was happy. Already she was thinking of the next step: Hange had been very thorough in their lecture, and now Mikasa was considering butt plugs and fingering and anal beads, all the things she can do to Jean’s body, to heighten his pleasure even further. Now that he had conquered her ass she was determined to do the same for him. It would be so, so much fun!

Growling stomachs prod them from their post-sex inertia, and the couple finally manages to get to the kitchen. Mikasa re-heats the meal she had prepared earlier, and Jean was effusive in his praise. She cooked his favorite dishes for tonight; his famished state made everything taste even more delicious than it already was. When it was time for the cake he gets Mikasa to sit on his lap. It was one of his favorite positions because it made their conversations feel more intimate, plus they can feed each other. Mikasa sang for Jean before feeding him his birthday cake with her fingers, deliberately smearing icing on his lips, chin and cheeks so that she could lick it off. They eat and giggle, eat and kiss, Jean licking the icing off her fingers. 

When they finish with the dessert Mikasa asks inquisitively, “What’s the difference, between my pussy and my ass?” 

“Well, when I’m in your pussy it feels like being caressed with warm silken gloves. With your ass it feels like being gripped by hot, tight fists.”

“Which do you like better?”

The question floors him. “Both! I’ll have both as often as possible, if you please, thank you!” he says, laughing merrily but giving her a curious sideways glance. “Is something the matter?”

“I’m afraid you’ll like my ass so much you won’t fuck my pussy and mouth anymore,” Mikasa confesses her fear. 

“No, baby, never! I’ll fuck your sweet pussy and your pretty mouth everyday, whenever I can!” Jean reassures her, grinning, kissing her cheek, hugging her closer to him. “And what about you, what did it feel like?”

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She couldn’t find the words. “It felt unbelievably full…so filled to the brim I thought I’d burst, literally. It felt strangely intimate. As in, I’m giving you everything…all of me.” Pressing her face against his shoulder, she inhales his scent. “I’m really, truly yours now, aren’t I?” 

“Yes, yes you are, Mikasa. You are mine, fully and completely,” he says with sudden intensity. “I’ll never let you go.”

“I don’t want you to,” she says, turning her lips to his for a long, lingering kiss. “I was thinking…next time, can we do it with me facing you? You know I love to see your face when you come.”

“Absofuckinglutely!” Jean exclaims, joyfully. This is bliss, he thought. This is heaven. An arm possessively around her waist, he buries his face in the silky strands of her long black hair. “I’m the luckiest man in the world.” 

“And I,” she says, “the luckiest woman.”

“I love you, Mikasa.”

“I love you, too, Jean. Always and forever.”

“Always and forever,” he says, echoing her words. They wrap their arms tight around each other, clinging together.

As the stars twinkled in the deep indigo of the night blanketing an unpredictable world full of violence and never-ending conflict, Jean and Mikasa knew one thing for certain: that they will fight and strive and confront every enemy and every foe, for another moment like this, for the right and freedom to hold a beloved in their arms and listen to the sound of their breathing.

A war loomed in the horizon, and they swore to each other in their hearts, “I will protect you till my last dying breath.”

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bless the naked angels up in heaven this was sooooooo hot you actually managed to make anal sex sound insanely good when we both know thats not the case in real life mwahahaha still havent found the guy worthy of my ass if you know what i mean ill have jeans cock though pretty please and thank you youve written such a fantastic au its got to be my fave jeankasa smut so far and ive read tons believe me mikasas so genuinely in love with jean it makes me melt i love it so much wish it would happen in canon even just a little teeny weeny bit you know the epilogue where they feed each other its too sweet i just cant i think ill read again from the start when i get home ill tease one out for sure <3


i creamed oh yes i did <3 it felt veryyyyyyy good <3 pant pant pant <3

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