Attack on Titan Fanfiction – A Night to Remember: Chapter 3

[Warning: NSFW]

Mikasa was incredibly nervous as she tugged at the hem of the silly outfit she was wearing. It was a baby doll nightie made of navy blue lace, blue being Jean’s favorite color. It was so sheer it left nothing to the imagination; when she turned around the hem barely covered the cheeks of her firm, rounded ass.

She struggled with the device Hange had given her but felt so much better after using it. She felt cleaner, the thought of anal sex being too dirty to even think of now somewhat lessened as she diligently administered the enema on herself. She couldn’t wait to see the look on her husband’s face when she tells him his birthday present was his biggest fantasy.

Jean, on his way home, sensed something major was going on. His wife was secretive the entire week, shooting nervous glances at him. What could she possibly be planning? Today was his birthday, and when she questioned him about what he really wanted, he tried asking for something that was beyond her comfort zone. “Anal sex would be fantastic!” he grinned at her wickedly. But he said it as a joke, knowing that the very thought of anal sex shocked the living daylights out of her. Will she really go through with it? Probably not, but whatever she had planned he’ll love just the same. Starting next week they’d be deployed again and won’t be seeing each other for months. He hoped it was big enough a surprise to tide him through the long days of sea duty when he missed her more than anything. 

The look on Jean’s face was priceless when he opened the door and there she was, her back turned to him, silky black hair falling over her shoulders, legs for days looking even longer under the short nightie, and best of all, her gorgeous ass peeking at him as she held onto the back of an armchair, leaning over a little and jutting out her bottom at him in what she hoped was a sexy pose. She turned her head to look at him. Mikasa was blushing like crazy, but her eyes sparkled with mischief. His eyes nearly popped out of his head. 

“Happy birthday, darling,” she said in a seductive purr, poking her ass out further. She wore no panties. Jean’s cock immediately stood at attention.

“Sea gods be praised, Mikasa, you look ravishing!” He went inside, locking the door. Candles lit the house in a warm, dim glow, the scent of dried flowers filling the air. He went to her, wrapping his arms around her waist as he embraced her from behind. Stroking her hair to one side, he exposed the back of her neck and tenderly kissed the sensitive flesh. He lifted one hand to caress her breasts and the other to rub her belly. Her hair smelled of lavender, her porcelain skin glowing in the candlelight as Jean gently nibbled on her ear, trailing kisses down her neck, showering soft love bites on her shoulder. The big, rough hand on her belly was now caressing between her legs, rubbing and stroking her pussy lips, his fingers delving into the already wet folds. Mikasa moaned as she ground her bottom into his crotch, feeling the extent of his arousal poking between her ass cheeks. 

“Jean, my love, tonight…,” she turned to face him, wrapping her arms around his neck and standing on tiptoes. “Tonight is your birthday, and your present is this,” she took his hands and moved them to her ass cheeks. He squeezed the firm round mounds instinctively. 

“You mean…?” Jean wasn’t sure what he was hearing. He stared quizzically at his beautiful wife.  

“Yes, darling, what you’ve been wanting all these years. My birthday gift to you.”

Jean was beside himself, his cock twitching, eyes large as saucers. “You’ll finally let me fuck you in the ass?” he asked slowly, voice trembling. It was his great fantasy for so long, to fuck Mikasa in the ass. Thank the gods she finally changed her mind. But he had to know for sure.

“Yes, my love,” she nodded, smiling up at him. Holding his face between her hands, she gazed up at him. He’s so handsome, Mikasa thought, so striking to look at. She loved his body, the chiseled muscles on his chest, the wide shoulders and taut abs that sculpted his torso into the perfect inverted triangle, and the long, toned, well-muscled legs that he liked to tangle with hers. But she liked his face best of all, the way the hazel eyes burned her with the intensity of his gaze, the way his mouth curled up on one side in a smirk when he knew she was picking fights with him because she loved how the fighting made the make-up sex mind-blowingly amazing. That was merely the physical part. What made him the entire package was his intelligence, the air of authority he carried, the way he was regarded by many as a natural-born leader which he denied, of course. “I grew into my role. It’s the people around me who give me authority,” he’d say, whenever anyone made a remark over the way he so unaffectedly shouldered the burden of leadership. He could be arrogant at times, but there was a natural sweetness and kindness and boyishness to him that she found endearing. 

Jean was grinning so hard he thought his face would split. He could see the love shining in her eyes and he felt he’d died and gone to heaven. Already he felt inflamed. “At last, at last,” he groaned as he put his hands on either side of her face, lifting her lips up for a deep, penetrating kiss. He kissed her hungrily, the way she liked to be kissed, his large hands cupping her face and brushing against the sides of her neck, peppering tiny kisses on her forehead, eyes, cheeks and chin, and then going back to her mouth, prodding her lips open so he could tongue fuck her. 

Mikasa moaned as his mouth devoured hers, squirming closer to him as he pressed his raging erection against her belly. Her pussy was wet and she moaned again. He had her up against the wall as he palmed her breasts and bit and suck on her hardened nipples through the lace of the nightie. She liked the sensation of the lace rubbing against the soft skin of her breasts, so she arched her back, entwining her fingers in his hair, wanting more of his kisses. Soon she felt her husband’s hand caressing the entire length of her pussy. 

She knew how much her words turned him on, so tonight she made a special effort to try hard and talk dirty without his urging. “Jean, please, I want your fingers inside my cunt. I’m so wet for you, all day long, thinking of you touching me everywhere.”

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This time it was Jean who moaned. He continued to suckle on her breasts as his fingers found her pussy hole. He slid two, then three fingers in, curling them as he slid them out. His other hand fondled her breasts, palming them one after the other and then pinching the nipples one after the other. He finger fucked her until she came, moaning and shaking her head from side to side, her knees starting to tremble and give way. 

“I need to eat your sweet pussy,” he said, pushing her onto the armchair. He draped her legs on either side of the chair’s padded arms, admiring her gaping, glistening cunt. “You’re so fucking wet for me, Mikasa. Look at you, drenched like that. You’re my hot little slut tonight, aren’t you?” he said, that familiar wicked look in his eyes.

“I’m your slut, Jean,” she replied, “Your wanton little slut.”

Licking his lips, Jean knelt in front of the armchair, caressing her soft inner thighs with both hands as he kissed all around her cunt lips. He spread the lips apart with his fingers then licked the entire length of her pussy, sucking her clitoris gently into his mouth, releasing then licking again from her pussy hole to her clit. He licked and sucked, first gentle and tender, then hard and relentless. Soon Mikasa was bucking her hips, her clit red and raw. She was ready to burst. Again.

“Jean, please, I need to come,” she begged him.

He shoved his fingers inside her vagina, rubbing the sensitive spot under her pubic bone and at the same time pinching and pulling on her clit with his lips. Mikasa put an arm over her mouth and screamed out her orgasm, the wave of pleasure unfolding from her belly all the the way to the tips of her toes. Hot pussy juice flooded Jean’s fingers. He caught the wetness in his hand, then slowly spread it over the rose bud beneath her cunt, massaging and pressing firmly. All the time he watched his wife’s reactions. Her face was a conflict of emotions.

Mikasa whimpered at the new sensation of his fingers rubbing circles around the puckered hole on her bottom. She blushed as he dipped his tongue and licked her there. She was incredibly embarrassed but she loved him so much she bit back the protest dancing on her lips. His face was a picture of happiness as he licked and probed her butthole with his wet tongue. Then slowly, gently, he inserted a finger into her ass hole, just up to the first knuckle. Mikasa sucked her breath at the invasion. But to her surprise, it didn’t hurt. 

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, his gaze intense. 

Mikasa shook head. She watched as he slowly, tortuously inserted his finger to the second knuckle, then the third. All she could do was squirm and blush in embarrassment as he held his finger inside her ass and then lean in and kiss and lick around his finger. 

“Does this hurt?” he asked her once more.  

She shook her head again. She gasped as he slowly finger fucked the hole on her bum. He watched her face closely. There was no pain in her expression, only extreme embarrassment. She scrunched her eyes shut, unable to meet the intensity of his probing gaze. 

“Mikasa, you’re my sweet slut tonight. Open your eyes and look at me,” he demanded. “I’ll insert two fingers up your ass. I want you to look at me and relax your muscles.”  

She opened her eyes like a good little slut, watching him in fascinated horror as he probed her butthole with two fingers wet from her pussy juices. He held her gaze as he slowly, gently moved his hand in and out. 

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“Jean, oh, Jean,” was all she could say. Her cheeks were flaming as she fought to adjust to the new sensations.

“Now I’ll finger fuck your ass with three fingers,” he said, “Tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop.” His three fingers were in. Slowly, gently, he moved his fingers in and out, back and forth, wriggling them when they were in, loosening her up. Her eyes were wide and she was biting her lower lip.

“Does it hurt?” Jean remembered the first time he fucked Mikasa’s pussy, three years ago. She was a virgin and eager for sex, but despite all the foreplay nothing could really prepare her for just how huge his engorged penis was. She could barely walk the day after. Anal intercourse will be even harder for her. He willed himself to go extra slow, be ultra patient. They were deploying again next week but had the weekend to themselves. If it took two nights before she could comfortably take him up inside her ass then so be it.

Mikasa answered his question honestly, “No, my love, it doesn’t hurt. It’s just that, it’s so embarrassing…so nasty…so dirty. I’m too nervous I can’t relax…” She blushed again.

Jean’s heart melted. He pulled her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her. He bent his head until his forehead rested on hers. “Listen, my sweet angel, here’s what I’ll do. First I’ll fuck your pussy, I’ll fuck you real deep and hard just the way you like it,” he told her, that familiar naughty gleam in his eye. Her blushing made him want to tease her even more. “Do you like my cock slamming into your wet cunt, angel?”

Her arms were wrapped around his shoulders. She stroked the nape of his neck. “I do like it, Jean. Very much.” 

“Like what?”

“I like the feel of your cock deep inside my pussy,” she admitted, blushing, whimpering.

“I’ll fuck your delicious pussy until you writhe in pleasure, until you scream for mercy,” he continued, leaning over and whispering hotly in her ear. “And then I’ll try to fuck you again, but your cunt and clit can’t take it anymore. So you’ll beg me to fuck your ass instead. By the time I’m done with you you’ll be a total slut, wanting me to fuck all the holes in your body.”

Mikasa shuddered in anticipation, feeling her pussy contract at the mere thought of what he would do to her. “Yes, Jean, please do that,” she whimpered again, pressing her body hard against his, clinging to him. “Please do just that.” She felt her pussy become even wetter as he talked dirty. She loved how cocky and wicked and smart and handsome and tall and fit he was, how toned and sleek his muscles were. How he wanted her so. How he made her want him.  

Their tongues battle in midair as they kiss. He lashed his tongue into her mouth as he took an ass cheek in each hand and kneaded them not so gently, his fingers digging into the plump flesh, squeezing and squashing the firm globes until they were pink and tender. All the while he ground his turgid shaft against her belly. He could feel his wife straining to raise her pelvis to meet his cock. She was on tiptoes, wanting to feel the friction of his movements on her cunt. 

“Darling, please, I need to feel your cock against my pussy,” she pleaded. Jean doesn’t bother to go to bed, undressing there and lying on the floor, his huge cock standing tall and proud. Mikasa straddles his hips, wanting his penis inside her, but her husband stops her downward thrust. 

“No, angel, I want to see you cum by rubbing yourself on my cock. Is your clit real sensitive now?” he asked. Mikasa nodded. He continued, “I know you can cum hard just by grinding on me.”

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Moaning, Mikasa started to move her hips back and forth over his rigid length, grinding her slick pussy lips over the heated hardness. Her vulva was slippery wet, his shaft wedged between her smooth labia as she glided back and forth. She gasped each time her clit touched the ridge of his rock hard cock. What he suspected was true. Her clit was raw and ready to burst.

Jean lay back and enjoyed the view of his beautiful wife as she unabashedly rubbed her pussy on his cock, working herself to an orgasm. He knew Mikasa liked it a little rough, not too much, but enough to hurt just a bit. She liked it when he took control and overpowered her with the force of his desire and the dirty words that came out of his mouth. “Your ass will get a good fucking tonight,” he said, watching her face. She moaned as she ground her cunt harder over this thick rod. He felt her wetness on him, felt her need. “I’m gonna make you beg me, beg me to shove my cock meat up your tight virgin ass. You’ll beg so hard you’ll cry,” he said slowly, taunting her. He felt his cock twitch and jerk as her movements became more frenzied.

Mikasa heard his words and shivered. She bent forward, laying her head on his chest while she continued to grind her pussy over his shaft. Kissing his chest, breathing him in deeply, she lustily inhaled his scent. It was of sweat, of the salty sea, but to her an aphrodisiac. She loved that now familiar smell, along with the feel of his large hand as he tenderly stroked her hair. The other hand gently caressed her nape, her cheek, her lips.    

Just when she felt ready to cum he ordered her, “Turn around, my beautiful wife. Turn around and show your husband that smooth backside.”  

Mikasa gasped, fighting to keep the orgasm at bay as she turned her back to him and straddled his hips again, this time with her derriere facing him. She felt the intensity of his gaze on her back, felt his hands grip her ass cheeks, squeezing and mauling them, encouraging her to move along the length of his turgid penis.

“Cum for me, Mikasa. Grind that sweet, hot cunt on my cock. Soak me with your cum.”

“Aaah! Jean, Jean, I’m coming!” she cried. She trembled and jerked as the orgasm swept her up again in waves. Just as he’d commanded, she drenched his cock with her hot pussy juices. Her clitoris was now so red and ultra-sensitive she couldn’t stand it if she were touched there again. Thinking quickly, she shifted and knelt beside her husband, gripping and stroking his still hard cock with both hands. It was huge and soaking wet, glistening with her cum. She bent her head and licked his cock from base to tip, tasting herself mixed with his precum. But Jean’s cock was big, and as much as she wanted to swallow the entire length her lips were only able to reach a third of it. She sucked hard, working her tongue on the underside of his cock head, but she wanted to give him more. 

As if reading her mind he said, “Get on the sofa and suck my cock for real.”

It was their secret cock sucking pose. It humiliated Mikasa no end but tonight she wanted to do it. She laid her back on the sofa seat, legs stretched vertically and over the sofa’s back. She tilted her head down off the edge of the sofa, opening her throat and reducing her impulse to gag. “Come, my darling. Let me deepthroat you,” she said invitingly, licking her lips and opening her mouth. Jean needed no further prodding as he slowly fucked her in the mouth. He loved this position for it enabled him to enjoy the sight of his wife’s gorgeous legs and fondle her breasts, all the while shoving his cock deep into her throat. Back and forth, in and out, slowly but surely. Mikasa’s relentless sucking and tongue action made him gasp and moan. Soon it was too much. 

“My god, Mikasa, your mouth feels good. So good, so good…Uungh!” he threw his head back and groaned, shuddering and jerking, shooting his cum deep into his wife’s throat. Mikasa moaned and swallowed and continued to suck, this time gently, her mouth milking him. His grunts of pleasure and ministrations on her breasts turned her on. She felt her own pussy juices flowing, felt the overwhelming desire to be filled by him. She needed one thing.

He had helped her up and now they were kissing and cuddling on the sofa. Gently massaging her jaw and neck with his hands, his look was loving and grateful. Mikasa had admitted once how his size made her jaw very sore, so for her to offer to take him all in was always a real treat. She sat between his legs, tracing his shoulder and chest muscles with the pads of her fingers. “Jean, my darling, please…please fuck my pussy,” she begged him, brushing her fingers through his ash blond hair, looking into his eyes, unashamed. 

“Fuck your pussy with what?”

“Your cock, Jean. Your big, beautiful cock.” 

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Soon Mikasa felt her pussy juices soak her thighs as Jean’s turgid shaft pumped in and out of her sopping wet cunt while he took her from behind. They stood against the wall, she supporting herself with her arms as he rammed deep into her. She felt the pleasure building quickly, but when he reached for her clit she caught his wrist. 

“No, my love, have mercy. Please just make me cum with your cock. Please, I beg you,” she pleaded. Her clit was still too raw and overly sensitive it would hurt to have it touched. Jean showed mercy on her clit but not her pussy. Her legs trembled as he pounded brutally in and out of her dripping heat, making sure to rotate his hips, hitting her vaginal walls in all the right places, slowing down only to tease her. “Jean, oh Jean, oh Jean,” Mikasa could do nothing but babble and cry out his name over and over again as he took her. She felt the familiar tightening up in her belly, felt her vaginal muscles grip his cock as she pushed her hips back hard against him and came, bathing his cock with her pussy juices. 

But Jean was relentless. He draped her body across the sofa, hoisted her legs up around his waist and mounted her, fingertips digging into the soft skin of her hips as he lifted them high in the air to meet his thrusts. A shudder swept her entire body as Jean rutted into her, all the while holding her gaze steady. She felt so vulnerable and helpless and exposed when he forced her to look deep into his eyes as he slammed into her gripping pussy. He lifted her hips to angle her vagina so that he hit her sweet spot. Again and again he plunged into her drenched cunt, hard and fast and slow and deep. The heat and friction from his cock were simply divine. Mikasa was breathless as the nerves inside her tingled, sending electric waves crackling through her body. “Jean!” she screamed his name as she arched her back and came again, her pussy flooding, the silken muscles grasping his cock, her body bucking convulsively. 

Mikasa whimpered when she floated down from her climax to find that Jean wasn’t done with her pussy yet. He still hadn’t come, and she cried at the thought of him doing that thing he did when he wanted to punish her: holding off from coming and driving into her pussy unceasingly until she apologized. He had so much stamina he could hold it for great lengths of time. 

He had carried her to the bed. Her violet eyes were liquid pools of amethyst as she cupped his face in her hands, begging him, “No more, Jean, please, no more.” Her vagina was now bruised and aching and stuffed with his huge cock for so long she feared she was unable to take another pounding. 

“I need to come. Where do you want me to come?” he asked a question that demanded only one answer.

“I…umm,” she gulped, hesitating, knowing what he wanted to hear but still too shy to say it out loud.

“Wrong answer,” Jean scoffed. He moved her body so that she lay on her side, thighs together. Then he positioned his big, unbelievably hard cock to ram inside her cunt from behind. 

Mikasa screamed. Her cries were nonsensical now. When she finally found the strength to form words all she could say was “No more, Jean, please…no more, no more…if I come one more time I’ll die…” But he ignores her, knowing she was riding a wave of pleasure and pain and could still take him. Their safe phrase to stop was “have mercy” and she wasn’t saying it. He knew she cried out “no more” to turn him on, her way of telling him she was about to break and actually wanting him to break her, to tame her. With one hand palming her breasts, pulling hard on her nipples, he wrapped the other hand around her waist and splayed his palm onto her belly, keeping her stretched alongside him. His brutal rod was plunged deep into her vagina as his hips moved in short pulses, keeping his thick length inside her as he angled his thrusts a little on all sides. 

Mikasa was writhing and moaning and shaking, tears flowing down her face as her painfully raw, painfully tender pussy took another beating. Small, choked sobs tore away from her throat as his hips smacked against her bottom. A deep shudder rolled up her spine when suddenly he withdrew his shaft all the way to the tip and then brutally plunged all the way back in. 

“Aaaaaargh!” Mikasa screamed again as she felt the searing, liquid pleasure of an orgasm unfurl inside her, screamed even harder when she heard him groan and pump his hot cum deep into her pussy. She came with him, weeping, totally spent, her spirit defeated, her body completely unraveled.

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ughhhhh hot!!!!!!! fanning myself whew whew makes me long for days of old when there really was a hot young guy with all that stamina now im lucky if he manages to get it up at all lolololol really though all that pounding wouldve been painful but this aint real life its what we fantasise about isnt it love the little thing about the code phrase i dont think jeans the type to force himself on mikasa plus shes the stronger one anyway she could just kick him out of the bed its smut you wrote still somehow its ultra sweet <3 love it cant wait for when mikasa *begs* for jeans manhood in her virgin ass <3

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